re: follower counts;

hey, you. 

do you know how many friends you have on facebook, right at 
this moment? offhand. even an approximation. no? maybe?

one might unfriend you now. does that make you unhappy?

perhaps if  we treated a tumblr   follower count  the way  we do
facebook friend counts,    we’d all be happier. less stress. put it
out of sight,    and out of mind. get a script to block the number
from your dashboard.  that one or any one of your choosing. so
you can only access it deliberately.

if you want, check on it once in a while. your interactions aren’t
likely to change much. you make new friends when   
you follow
new      people and approach them. and there’s really very little
point to a collection of followers  you’ll never interact with. and
even less of one in counting them.

getting stressed about a stranger and pleasing that stranger so
they don’t leave you? fuck that.   it’s your blog. if forgetting the 
follower count will help you do that,     then fucking do it. those 
who matter stick around. those who want to stay and want you
to change things will tell you. but giving yourself pressure to be
good because of a number doesn’t make any sense.

Let me explain to you all a thing, and it’s something that’s become a large turmoil for me as a Stiles roleplayer. It seems like everyone in this fandom thinks that the sun shines out of Stiles’ ass - news flash: it does not. Stiles is sick, yes. He looks at murder photos he shouldn’t have in the middle of school, he talks to people with mental disorders and who’ve had trouble pasts like they’re contagious. He’s an asshole, and people seem to forget this.

He’s an unsociable asshole, who gets jealous and territorial, which in my point of view, is why he’s so mean, and rude, to Isaac, because Isaac was closer to Scott then he was. The twins tried getting close to Scott & Lydia: he hates them. Liam is Scott’s first, actual bitten beta, of course he and Scott are going to have a bond that Stiles and Scott do not, and he takes out his anger about this by insulting the boy with the anger/mental disorder. Do you see the pattern here? Try to get close to Stiles’ friends, he hates you. It’s a recurring pattern that we see every season.

Stiles is clingy, and needy, and desperately insecure himself, so when the people he grasps to to help keep him from becoming a sociopath, psychopath, whatever, he snaps and takes an instant dislike you. For example: Stiles is now very intimate and close to Malia, yes? In the first episode, when people were bitching about Stiles being ‘ooc’ because he was rude to Lydia, like do you know why? Because Stiles is infatuated with the woman. There’s no in between from like, and infatuated with him. Lydia stopped him from running after her, so he was cold and stand off-ish, because the new love of his life could’ve been hurt, or worse, and she was in fact hurt, so of course he was even colder to Lydia, because he blames her. If it had been a season ago, and Lydia had run off and someone had stopped Stiles from chasing after her, he’d have been the same. I see a lot of mis-written versions of Stiles, who paint him as this really caring, lovely, teenage boy who would lick your asshole at a command, but he’s not that person. Stiles is manipulative, angry, and actually pretty evil still, I’m not gonna lie.

Whilst we’re on the subject of him being evil, angry and manipulative, like are we going to talk about the fact that Stiles got Derek wrongly charged with murder, twice? He’s not a nice boy, he’s not a sunshine human, there’s something wrong in his mind, and if you lot can’t figure that out, if you can’t realise that Stiles is the biggest arsehole on that show - even more so than Gerard, and Kate, and Peter, then we’re clearly not watching the same show.






and then he dies oops