I don’t know how to draw tbh.

Star belongs to missalials, <^^3

Also, don’t look at the tags unless you want to hear the amazing story of how me drawing this monstrosity happened.


Song問うてはその答え / Toute wa Sono Kotae 
Music/Lyrics: 古川本舗 
Vocals: ちびた (Chibita) 

くだらない事問いかけ 少し黙ったまま
答えられない 淀んだ温い空気
カーブ描いて 消えて行くのは

Kudaranai koto toikake sukoshi damatta mama
Kotaerarenai yodonda nurui kuuki
KAABU egaite, kieteiku no wa
Kimi to hanashita asu no koto dake de

When I asked you about some trivial matters,
you remained silence for a little while,
unable to give me an answer
The atmosphere, lukewarm and stagnant
The tomorrow I talked about with you
drags a curve and vanishes into the thin air

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I’m reminiscing about my myspace-sceney-bopper kid days.

Everyone of these myspace boys thought they were dinosaurs and wore purple American Apparel hoodies and a trillion beaded craft bracelets, writing songs about how they want to get out of their Midwestern town and girls. Some looked like my 15 year old crush from high school and others had Korg keyboards and did Vanessa Carlton covers, And then there were the Christmas songs. And the side projects. Oh, we can’t forget those.

But littler me loved it. “Cute” was my jam. And, I think I find it funny more than I find it embarrassing. Maybe, I’ll meet a friend who will laugh and bond over these funny musical memories with me.

Also, this is the worst song ever. It was hard to share this link with you because I almost peed my pants from laughing so hard. I remember this one girl in high school showing it to me, including it in a mix CD she made for me. I think my angsty self just loved the sass in it. I took it so seriously then, but now it’s just plain funny. It’s just not a good song.

I’ve put away the Hot Topic pants and the pins, Paramore and dinosaur shirts for now. It’s funny to think that two years later, at 17, I’d be picking up my first real theology book, Surprised By Hope. (I mention this because I’m baffled by my ability to be so dorky and immature and serious at the same time. Teenagers are amazing).

But… I still carry my Jack Skellington wallet and a love for teens of this demographic. I believe in those kids and I don’t want to underestimate who they can be like I’m tempted to. Because they are littler me.

Anyway, I had fun writing this post and finding the videos for the links. Now you know a little more about me.


someone explain to me what the fuck i just watched




Happy 38th birthday, Benedict Cumberbatch! (19 July 1976)


I’m in the details with the devil so now the world can never get me on my level.

pete version: x


Haruka: How could you tell?
Makoto: I just can. Do you know how many years we’ve been together?