Imagine Clint adopting Pietro and Wanda as his own.


requested by anon

You’d been here for a while now; trapped. You hated Ultron with a passion, he seemed to admire you in a way - he wanted you on his side. You hadn’t counted on there being two others as well; twins, Pietro and Wanda Maximoff. They were wary of you since you were an Avenger which meant you knew Tony and they hated him but soon, they trusted you. They grew extremely fond of you and even became really protective.

“If any of them bother you, let us know.” Pietro told you in a hushed whisper.

“We’ll make them pay.” Wanda spoke, “We won’t let them hurt you.”

Wanda using her powers to their fullest extent

Wanda going to hospitals, surrounding those dying and alone with images of their loved ones, of a painless life

Wanda going to the same orphanages she spent time in and being able to draw ambition deep from the mind of the most closed-off

Wanda looking into the eyes of bigots, and putting into their hearts how it feels to be on the other end of society

Wanda wanting to bring out the best in people, who weren’t lucky to have a sibling that always challenged and sustained them

Wanda using her powers on herself. Sometimes seeing her brother and really believing he’s there is the only way to fall asleep.


Pietro Maximoff Imagine- Request #4

Anon: This isn’t my idea but I’d love to read an AU of Pietro with a caffeine high. I took the idea from a post I saw on tumblr. (sorry, my English is bad)

A/N: You guys don’t have to be sorry for anything, you didn’t do anything wrong! I hope you enjoy it! xox

You regret everything. Earlier today you were having a nice, calm, morning drinking your coffee and reading a book waiting for everyone else to wake up. Pietro, much to your surprise, was one of the first ones to wake up. He had convince you somehow to allow him to have some of the coffee you were drinking. It had been six hours since those three little sips and he was still bouncing off the walls. Literally. If his shoes were dirty you would see his footprints EVERYWHERE! He went from jumping on the couch to playing video games while his hands moved at a rapid pace to just running up and down the stairs of the 92 floor building. Right now he was talking really fast, too fast for you to comprehend while running all over the room looking at books then quickly switching to flipping through the channels then moving on quickly to the kitchen. You sighed and just sat down on the couch. You had tried to calm him for the past three hours and so had the other avengers. Wanda even tried using her powers but he moved quickly enough to avoid all of her attempted hits. Stark sat down next to you.

“You had to give him caffeine.” He sighed rubbing his temple.

“I’m sorry I thought a little bit couldn’t hurt. Or at least couldn’t last this long.” You defended yourself.

“I even thought by now it would wear off. Well at least we know we can give him coffee before a battle.” He joked.

Everyone silenced finally when they heard a loud thump and a groan that quickly followed it. You stood up quickly rushing over to the source of the noise. You, along with Stark and Wanda behind you looked at a whole in the wall and Pietro lying down on the floor holding his head and groaning. You ran to his side and moved his hand to see if he was bleeding. Luckily he wasn’t.

“Well now we know how to stop him.” Stark commented, earning a glare from both you and Wanda.

“Tough crowd.” He raised his hands in defense.

“Pietro si neumen fant.” Wanda scolded as she got ice and handed it to you. You placed it on the quickly bruising side of his face.

“I’m sorry this happened to you babe.” You said as you lifted his head and set it on your lap. He grabbed your wrist gently and rubbed his thumb in circles.

“Don’t be printessa, it’s my fault. I shouldn’t of tested how much faster I could have gone in such a small place.” He mumbled. Wanda handed you medicine for him to take and some water.

“Thank you, Wanda.” You smiled at her and she returned the smile back. She had left soon after that, knowing that her brother was in good hands.

“Take this.” You told him and you helped him sit up and lean against the wall. He grabbed the pills and the water and took them one at a time, drinking large amounts of water in between each pill. He finished the large glass of water and got up. He helped you up as you grabbed the ice pack. You took his hand and guided both of you guys back to your shared bedroom. You sat up on the bed and had him rest his head on your stomach as you set the ice pack on his head. You turned on the television for the both of you to watch.

“Thank you.” You heard Pietro mumble. You moved the ice pack from Pietro’s head and left a gentle kiss.

“I’m never giving you coffee again.” You told him, as he fell asleep in your arms.

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