claiming spoon theory

i get asks from time to time from people upset they can’t claim spoon theory to describe themselves, from people who say “able bodied people still have spoons, just a lot more of them than someone with an illness”.

i’m going to have to stop you right there, folks — spoon theory was CREATED to describe chronic illness. its origin and reason for existence is to give people with chronic ailments the ability to articulate their energy levels at any given time. 

reserving spoon theory for people with chronic illnesses is not othering able bodied people. it is empowering people with disabilities. the empowerment of a marginalized group does not mean the automatic demotion of a privileged one. 

healthy people don’t need spoon theory. healthy people get tired, yes. of course everyone runs out of energy eventually, yes. of course everyone needs rest, yes. but that struggle is not synonymous to someone whose life is defined by difficult choices, someone whose disease means choosing between cooking lunch and taking a shower, or whose flare-ups make it impossible to complete certain tasks. 

some things are simply not yours to claim. some terms belong to certain groups, because they were created specifically for that group to be used by that group, often in order to communicate their specific situation to someone who wouldn’t understand from the outside. be respectful. don’t take it personally. be compassionate to people dealing with chronic illness and disabilities and mental illness. it is the right thing to do. 

"Tyrion Targaryen": Don't do The Thing, George

reddit exploded with Lannisters-As-Secret-Targaryen theories because of the World Book, and racefortheironthrone asked for my opinion. I addressed the part about Jaime and Cersei here (short answer: no, the twins are not Secret Targs).

The purpose of this post is to address the new information presented in TWOIAF relating to the latest “Tyrion Targaryen” theories. Please realize that I loathe these theories with every fiber of my being. I have almost 60 posts on my blog speaking out against the theory that Tyrion is Aerys’s son. It is a gross, ableist, misogynistic theory and I do not support it in any way, so please do not take my discussion here as any form of support for your Tyrion Targ theory. 

Please write on my tombstone, "Tyrion is the trueborn son of Tywin and Joanna Lannister."

ok, here we go… Spoilers, obviously. rape tw, twoiaf negativity

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So if you haven’t heard this yet, well, you are now.

So if you all clearly remember, Bill smahsed the laptop back in episode four. At first we were all pretty upset that he would do something like that and not even hold up his end of the bargain. But he did.

He said, “Hows about I give you a hint?” NOT let me tell you the password.

Well he did. After smashing the laptop the McGucket labs tag was revealed

Bill held up his end of the deal. But, with a bigger purpose.

Even though he held it up and helped the kids to know that McGucket never wrote the journals, he also forced them to delete the BES Or Blind eye society. The only people keeping in check all the abnormal things in Gravity falls.

Where have we heard this before?
“Abnormal soon will be the norm, enjoy the calm before the storm.”

Positive vs. Negative

We each made up Positive (+) and Negative (-) energy. 

Positive Energy (+):

  • Intuition
  • Thought
  • Guardian Angels. 
  • Shadow Chakras
  • Higher Thought
  • Plants
  • Shadow Strings. 

Negative Energy (-):

  • Instincts.
  • Action
  • Spirit Animals. 
  • Body Chakras
  • Lower Thoughts
  • Animals
  • Light Strings. 

You are the Balance. 


Look at Oliver’s face when he finally sees Felicity.


You can see the relief in his face, all the angst of the previous events is gone. You can see it before he even turns around to look at her. You can even see it at the very moment he hears her voice. It’s like he tells her what he has been through that day with just a simple look. There was one Olicity scene (that was not even a scene) in this episode, just one Olicity look, and somehow it felt complete. Like, that’s all we needed to see, that’s what they needed. Because words are unnecessary when it comes to Olicity.

To be fair honest, i was quite disappointed of the lack of Olicity in this episode. But i don’t really mind now, knowing what the next episode will bring. Let’s just not forget what Marc said: “The lack of Olicity in Arrow Ep. 304 gets paid back — with interest — in Ep. 305.

Besides, the next episode is an episode for Felicity. Discovering Felicity’s past will be as interesting and shocking to us as it will be to Oliver.

In Season 2, we’ve seen him being angry, furious and teriffied when it came to save Felicity. Imagine what his reaction will be on saving Felicity now, knowing that he loves her. What should we expect?
I so can’t wait to see that. 



See you in hell, bitches.

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the re-blogs on my spoon theory post have already devolved into calling me a “power-tripping dickbag” because i believe healthy, able-bodied people shouldn’t use spoon theory to describe themselves

people can disagree with me — absolutely, totally, completely, always

but name-calling isn’t okay

it’s unnecessary

anon is off for now, lil’ chefs :( sorry

The OTHER Lost Member of the Mystery Skulls

I can’t believe I’m actually posting a headcanon/theory about a music video (thanks a lot tumblr), but I just wanted to throw this idea out there because, so far, I haven’t seen anyone mention this.

First off, it is obvious that ‘Arthur’s (orange/yellow) left arm was possessed in that cave flashback, so it’s technically not his fault. He even grabs it with his other arm in fear/shock right after shoving ‘Lewis’ (pink/purple).


But, why? Why was his arm possessed by a green force? 

Before answering that, we have to go back (well, technically forward in time) to Lewis’ mansion. 


Everything in Lewis’ mansion is pink/purple, just like him. The little ghosts, the candles flames, the portraits, the wallpaper, etc.

In that flashback, everything in that cave was green


I think that colors are important. Each of the members are represented by a different color.

So, what am I saying?

I’m saying that there was once another member of the Mystery Skulls gang.


Let’s look at Scooby Doo, which this is clearly influenced by. Comparing the casts, there’s one character missing: Daphne.

What happened to the Mystery Skulls equivalent of Daphne? Who knows, but I believe it was her that controlled that entire cave the same way Lewis did with his mansion, and she was the one who possessed Arthur’s arm. 

But why did green-Daphne-girl do that? Perhaps jealousy. Maybe she was angry that Lewis was interested in ‘Vivi’ (blue) instead of her.
For an added bonus twist, maybe Arthur liked green-lady and misses her dearly.


But yeah, there you go: My Mystery Skulls - Ghost fanon. 


And if somebody out there already did post similar theories to this one: Sorry I missed it! D:

edit: Fixed a few things and added an extra detail.

Aw, Little Germany is so cute...


But he looks kind of familiar…


Yes, I’ve seen him somewhere before, but I can’t quite put my finger on…





“In nine weeks there was no let-up for him. We had to keep going until the very last minute. Eddie was stretching himself, elongating himself, collapsing himself in different ways every day. He was cracking his voice, doing these violent throat clearings in a way that would allow his voice to be ruined afterwards. And every day he was reckoning with mortality and decline, and there’s a psychological element to that too. As an actor his repertoire is almost non-existent by the end: it’s eyebrows, cheeks, a bit of a smile, nothing else. But he is so alive from start to finish. What Eddie did, not only physically and mentally but emotionally, is at the far end of what an actor can achieve in a performance.” - James Marsh