Wild Flowers and Wild Hearts

by muchachos

Harry loves flowers and he doesn’t really know what he’d do without Louis.

Words: 1275, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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A Puppy, A Boyfriend and An Awkward Mistake

i suck at titles wowee

Genre: fluff

Word Count: 977 (oneshot)

Warnings: pretty sure its clean :) pizza overdose is implied

Summary: Dan and Phil have a puppy, Dan watches Phil’s live shows and Phil says something he probably shouldn’t have.

A/N: okay so this is the first fic i’ve posted, like ever✹∘✹ (feedback is v much appreciated thank u)  hope it’s okaayy B)

Spoilers: “Phil- did- did you actually just call yourself a sugar daddy live on the internet in front of 12,000 people.”

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Saturday Night

More than often, Lilith’s mind got darkened by her past, by the memories of everything she’d been through, of everything she’d done and even with everything she would never get to do. It wasn’t hard to fall into that abysm of gloom, but it only took a word of her best friend, hell even just a smile from him to make everything go away, and that’s why Saturday nights were important. With Lilith working night shifts, and Calen going to school and working as well, they barely had time to see each other during the week for more than a couple hours, so not long after the girl moved in, they’d settled Saturdays to have this kind of diner night. Not only because those days were the only ones Lilith got off work early, but it was also the end of the week, it was something to look up to from Monday to Friday and it definitely helped her get through with everything. They’d always go to the same place, and pretty much always ordered the same food but it wasn’t boring. Even when there was nothing special in what they did, for them it was. And it felt that way, which was more important. 

Lilith was wearing her work outfit, which she totally hated since it involved a light pink shirt with white shorts and nurse sneakers, but it wasn’t like she could do anything about it. She sat in one of the booths and ordered some tea as she waited. The clock marked twenty minutes past seven, and even though it was late, Lilith didn’t have to worry about him not making it. She stirred the warm liquid with her the tip of her finger and only looked up when a familiar tall figure approached the table. “I thought I was being stood up. ‘was all ready to put my best puppy eyes and get free dinner and all.”

Alright bovrilcat, I saw the post made that you mentioned me in. I’ma try it for you! ^.^ (Y’all go check out bovrilcat. She’s awesome!) This turned out a little more graphic then I thought, but looking at the prompt, I think it fits. Enjoy. (?)

Disclaimers: I do not own Teen Titans. I need to remember to do disclaimers. I suck at titles not even gonna try.

“Robin.” Raven’s communicator’s screen wavered, but she saw Robin’s face. “Something happened to Beast Boy. You sent us into a trap.” Raven didn’t mean to sound as if she blamed Robin, but in a way she did. There were two potential places where Slade could have been, and she, Cyborg, and Beast Boy had gone to an abandoned warehouse while he and Starfire checked out some factory. The minute Beast Boy had stepped through the doors, a Slade-Bot had fired a needle. Beast Boy was now crumpled on the floor with Cyborg ripping off his sleeve to see what was going on. 

“What? What happened?”

“I don’t know!” Raven said, looking at Beast Boy. “He-”

“Raven! Get over here!” Cyborg called. Raven snapped off her communicator and hurried over.

“What is it?” she asked, then gasped. In just two minutes whatever Beast Boy had been shot with had inflamed his entire bicep. It was red and bloated, but where the needle had lodged in his skin was bleeding and oozing pus. “Oh my gosh.” Beast Boy moaned.

“What’s it look like?” he said, turning his head to look. Raven’s hands grabbed the sides of his head and turned it. 

“No. Don’t look.” she looked at Cyborg. “We need to get him to the tower. That needle will kill him.”

“We don’t have time. I have a medical kit here, but-”

“But what?” Beast Boy’s head was going limp in her hands.

“I don’t have anything to numb the pain. We’ll be going into that wound without anything to help him.” Raven bit her lip, nervous.

“Beast Boy?” she tilted his head up, then nodded to Cyborg, signaling him to get ready. “We gonna get that out of you, okay?” Beast Boy’s face was blank. “Okay?” she said more force, willing him to stay awake. “It’s gonna hurt, I’m not going to lie.” She put her hand in Beast Boy’s palm. “If it hurts, just squeeze, okay? It’ll make it better.” she ripped off part of her cape and put in Beast Boy’s mouth, told him to bite down. and turned to Cyborg. “I can open it, or numb the pain. I’m guessing you’ll need a better view.” Cyborg had pulled out a pair of long, thin, sharp tweezers and a cooling pad. Taking a breath, Raven put her free hand over Beast Boy’s wound and began opening it, the flesh splitting apart. The minute she started Beast Boy tensed, biting hard on her cape and cutting off the circulation to her fingers. 

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuggggghhhh!” tears pooled in Raven’s eyes at the sound of Beast Boy’s cries. 

“I’m sorry.” she said. “Cyborg!” 
“I see it!” Raven looked away as he plunged the tweezers in Beast Boy’s skin. She felt her fingers squeezed more, she pressed her head against Beast Boy’s. 

“I’m sorry.” she whispered.”I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m-” 

“Okay!” Raven felt her hand being released and looked to Cyborg, who was applying the cooling pad as fast as he could. “Ok B. You alright?” Beast Boy moaned and looked at his friends worried faces and gave a weary smile. 

“I’m…Fine.” he began to stand up, and was caught by Cyborg, who carried him into the T-Car. Raven sat next to him in the middle, even though no one occupied the window seat. 

“We’re getting you to the Tower, don’t worry.” said Cyborg, driving off well over the speed limit. Raven felt Beast Boy grasp her hand. She didn’t look at him, she just squeezed it in return.

 Hope this was okay! What do you think?


So I tried to make a dress based on Doctor Who, I know it’s not very creative, definitely not beautiful, and not accurate but I like my dress.
Anyone can use this but since I did make this one myself I would like it if people didn’t take credit for it. In other words give me proper credit don’t say it’s your own design.
And I know the title sucks, also PGMV are my real name initials.

latching onto you

(alternate title: yeah it’s Kegare and Kegare still sucks)

title is from “La La Latch” by Pentatonix and actually inspired the parasite idea in the first place so yeah

Kegare = Desert Rose
(because they sometimes look kinda like a brain yknow??)

[original vid]

(warning for blood, gore, and death, even though it’s only one short paragraph)

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Happy Fanfiction Monday guys! Hope you’re all excited. As always, I’ma do some explaining about today’s fic. It doesn’t really have a ship, I just want to show how I think Raven handles situations where people are trapped/hurt, and her thing with kids and her Mom. So, without further ado, here is my fic! (A more fluffy one will show up Friday I do not own Teen Titans a work of fiction batteries not included I still suck at titles)


“Titans, the building will collapse soon! Let’s get out!” The Titans regrouped and began heading toward the exit when Cyborg stopped them.

“Robin, wait! My sensors show there’s still a person in here!” he said, looking at his arm. “Oh my-It’s a kid guys.” Raven’s eyes widened. She could imagine how scared the kid was, thinking she was alone-

“What direction?” she asked, tense.

“Towards the back.” all the Titans started searching. Raven was flying at top speed when she heard Robin.

“Over here!” he was in front of a closet, the door slightly cracked open. “She won’t come out.” Starfire walked forward.

“Hello Friend.” she tried, her usual tone. 

“Go away!” said a scared voice. 

“Move.” said Raven.

“Raven-” began Robin. She shot him a look between determined and I-know-what-I’m-doing. “C’mon Star.” He looked at Raven. “We don’t have much time.” Raven nodded and crouched down, peering into a closet.

“Hey.” said Raven, spotting a seven-year-old girl with overalls. “Hi. What’s your name?” The girl shrank back. Oh. thought Raven, taking off her hood. Not that it’ll help much. she told herself.

“Who are you?”

“A Teen Titan.”

“I’m scared.”

“Yeah? Can you tell me your name?” Raven needed to know the girl wasn’t in to much shock.

“Wren.” She looked up fearfully as the building shook. 

“Really?” asked Raven, ignoring the glances from her friends. “We must be destined to be friends.” the girl cocked her head.


“Because I’m Raven. We’re both birds.”

“Hurry Raven!” said Beast Boy. Raven racked her mind, searching for something to say.

“But hey, Wren, birds leave their nests. They all do.”

“Not chickens.” Raven sat back, trying to look calm for the girl.

“Your’e right. You must be a chicken then.”

“No I’m not! I’m Wren!” Raven smiled.

“Exactly. We gotta go Wren. I can take you back to your Mom, your family.” Raven opened her arms. “We have to leave.” Wren ran in Raven, hitting her like a bullet. She shifted Wren to her hip, turning to the Titans. “Let’s go.” They began to exit when the buliding’s beams starting raining down, making deafening sounds and dips in the floor. Raven shielded Wren, who was now crying into her shoulder. “You wanna see magic?” she asked. Raven cleared her mind to the best of her ability.

“Azarath.” Beast Boy and Cyborg disappeared.

“Metrion.” Robin and Starfire. Tucking Wren into her chest, Raven finished her spell.


Raven appeared on the sidewalk right before it collapsed, still holding tight to the scared little girl. 

“MOMMY!” Raven let Wren down as the other Titans gathered around her. 

“Wren!” a strawberry-blond woman in her early thirties hugged the girl. “Oh, thank goodness.”

“And Raven.” Wren walked towards the Titans. “Thank you.” before Raven said anything, the little girl jumped up, somehow managing to grab Raven’s shoulders. Raven grabbed her to keep her from falling, then hugged her back.

“Make sure your’e okay.” said Raven. 

“Thank you! Thank you!” said Wren’s Mother. Raven nodded. Robin gave his  wave, then the Titans walked back to the car. Raven felt a hand on her shoulder.

“Good job Raven.” said Robin. “That was good. You did good.” Raven nodded. 

“Thanks.” she said. She gave one glance back to Wren, whose Mom was making sure she was ok and continually hugging her. A Mom. Raven gave one last small smile.


Big Brothers, Panic Attacks, and New love

Request by xvickix: Hey Can you do an school imagine and Thomas is the reader twin brother & is best friend with newt. Newt likes the reader but he doesn’t want to ruin his friendship with Thomas. The reader is best friend with Sonya & Teresa & they keep telling her that newt like her & she doesn’t believe them as he is a popular kid. Can you do it where the reader has panic attacks & she is always cold and newt is the only one there when she get really cold and start having a panic attack & he try to comfort her. 

Hope you like it! :) (I know the title sucks hahah couldn’t think of one. If you think of a better title message me and i’ll change it!!) 


“We are going to be LATE!” Thomas your twin yells at you throwing your backpack at you.

“Alright I’m coming!!” You say struggling with your shoe. Someone outside keeps honking at you guys to hurry up and its getting bloody annoying.

“Can you tell that friend of yours to shut up. We’re going!” You say running back into the kitchen to grab some quick breakfast.

“Its Newt and we got to go!” Thomas yells running out the door. You stop in your tracks.


You run out after him trying to get to the car first. Breakfast would have to be sacrificed.

You wanted.

You needed!

To sit next to Newt.

You had the biggest crush on your brothers best friend, ever since the second grade when Thomas Newt and you had all been in the same class. One of the mean kids Gally had made fun of you and Thomas being twins saying that you looked just like a boy. Newt had stood up for you that day and here you are seven years later and you were head over heals for the guy.

You were determined to get to that car first. Unfortunately Thomas was captain of the track team so of course beat you to it.  

“Shotgun!” Thomas yells before you even have a chance and jumps in next to Newt.

Are you fricken kidding me.

Grumbling you jump into the back and throw on your headphones giving your brother the death stare.

He just smirks at you.

“Hey Y/n.” Newt says smiling at you threw the front mirror. You smile back and look down before the blood can rush to your cheeks.

Trying your best to avoid conversation so you don’t make a fool out of yourself in front of your crush you blast your music and look out the window.


Newt’s POV

Hurry up y/n. I think honking the horn for the third time hoping that she would run out before Thomas so she could sit next to me.

I watch as their front door swings open and to my dismay its just Thomas reaching the car just before Y/n.

Y/n groans and gets in the back.

Say something to her. I shout at myself.

“Hey y/n.” I say smiling. She give me a small smile back then throws on her headphones. I sigh if only she got here first.

The car ride consisted of Thomas talking about his next track meet with Minho and how he was determined to been the state champ. Minho had won that title every year, but Thomas was catching up thats for sure. Every once and a while when I new Thomas wasn’t paying attention I glance back at y/n.

She looks so beautiful with her headphones on leaning against the window as if she had no care in the entire world.

If there was one thing I loved best about her was how she never cared what anyone thought of her she was confident in who she was.

Finally we get to school and I park. Thomas sees Minho and goes running off after the kid leaving y/n and I by the car.

“Thanks for the ride Newt.” She says smiling I wrap and arm around her.

“No problem y/n! My pleasure.” I say pulling her closer. She giggles and turns away a bit.

Made things awkward good job Newt. I remove my arm and smile at her she just smiles back. Then I notice she’s looking behind me and her smile grows bigger.

“Teresa! Sonya! Over here!” She waves them over and then turns to me.

“Thanks again Newt see you after school!” She yells to me as she runs over to them.

Yeah see you later Beautiful. I think shoving my hands into my pockets and limping off after Thomas and Minho.

I had been in love with y/n ever since the day I met her. Ok well maybe a little after that because I don’t think second grade me could love anyone. It was in the sixth grade when one night me her and Thomas had spent the night on the roof of her house. Thomas had dozen off and it was just me and her looking at the stars.

Yeah that was definitely the moment.

The way her eyes admired the sky how she pointed out each and every constellation to me. That was the moment I realized I loved her.

I had been thinking about asking Thomas for a while if I could go out with her but there were a few problems about that.

One. Thomas was EXTREMELY protective over his sister. Even though they were twins he always acted like the big protective brother. Although it was funny y/n was technically older by one minute.

Two. If things did go wrong not only would I lose her I would definitely lose Thomas as a friend and he had been my best friend since the second grade.

Frankly I’m not sure what I would do without both of them in my life.

But I couldn’t hold it in any longer I needed her to be mine. Or I just needed her to know how I felt about her.  

“Hey limpy.” Minho mocks throwing an arm around me.

“I told you to stop calling me that!” I grumble. Ever since I hurt my leg last year in track I walked with a limp, the damn thing. I was the state champion till I hurt it now its the Minho show.

“Aww come on you know I’m kidding.” Minho says laughing and Thomas comes up on the other side of me also wrapping an arm around me leaving me sqished between the two jocks.

“Stop calling him that Minho.” He yells then turns to me smiling.

“See this is why Thomas is my favorite.” I say smiling.

“Wow! I’m offended truly.” Minho gasps pretending to be hurt.

Thomas and I both laugh.

“Oooo Brenda at six o’clock bye!” Minho spints off.

“Stay away from my girl!” Thomas takes off after him but I grab him before he can run.

“Newt.” He whines pointing at Brenda.

“I know I just need to ask you something.” I say begging him to wait a minute.

“Fine make it quick.” He grumbles eyeing Minho carefully.

“IReallyAmInLoveWithYourSisterCanYouPleaseLetHerGoOutWIthMe.” I ramble quickly

“What?” He asks clearly confused

“Look Thomas.” I say running a hand threw my hair. “I think… No I know I’m in love with your sister and I’m asking if its ok if I can go out with her.”

“My best friend.” He says pointing at me. “And my sister.” He says pointing at himself.

“Together?” He asks clearly in shock.

“Yes Tommy thats what I’m asking for.” I say tapping my foot.

“My sister and my best friend.” He repeats.

“Tommy Yes! Now what do you say?” I ask the suspense killing me.

He grabs my coller and throws me into a locker.

Ok I was not expecting that.

“Ok listen up. This is MY sister we are talking about. If you EVER hurt her I don’t care if your my best friend I will ruin you.” He spits glaring at me.

“Tommy calm down I’m never going to hurt her I love her to much.” He slowly lets go at me.

“MY BEST FRIEND AND MY SISTER!” Suddenly there is a huge smile on his face and he is… hugging me.

“What is happening?” I ask terrified. He just laughs.

“You should have seen your face.” He says dying of laughter.

“But seriously if you hurt her I hurt you. Ok?” He says patting my shoulder.

“I would never hurt her Tommy. I love her.” I say once again.

“Yeah you do!” He says beaming like a little boy on christmas morning. “Go get her you little rascal!” He ruffles my hair and i glare at him.

“Now where did the hoe go?” He says looking around.

“You mean minho?” I ask holding back a laugh.

“Thats what I said!” He says while he runs off to Brenda.

Time to go get my girl. I think to my self a big smile finding its way to my face.


Your POV

“Did you see the way he was looking at you!” Sonya exclaims jumping up and down.

“And the way he put his arm around you!” Teresa squeals clasping her hands together.

“Guys he doesn’t like me ok?” You say rolling your eyes. “He is Thomas best friend and can totally do better then me. Besides he is the most popular kid in school all the girls love him. He can have any girl he wants. I’m not that girl.” You look down.

“Girl are you serious!?” Sonya yells putting her hands on your shoulders.

“He is in love with you!” She yells in your face.

“Do I need to spell it out!” She shakes you and you laugh.

“Guys be cool.” You slip out of her grasp and Teresa puts an arm around your shoulders and the other over Sonya’s.

“Lets get to class. Newts there so you have something to look forward to!” She squeals in your ear causing you to wince.

Yes these two goof balls were your best friends.

Smiling you walk to class together.

English went on as a bore as everyone presented their projects. You spent most of the time admiring Newt.

His hair.

His face.

His god damn sexy accent.


Everything about him was perfect…

“Y/N!” You snap up and see the teacher looking right at you smiling.

“You ready to present?” She asks and you freeze. Looking around everyone is staring at you.

You glance over at Teresa begging for help with your eyes.

“I’ll go Mrs. Smith!” Teresa says raising her hand.

“No y/n will go.” The teacher insists looking at you once more. Teresa looks at you worry in her eyes. Slowly you get up and walk to the front of the room.

Public speaking was never your thing.

You couldn’t do it you panic every single time.

Taking a deep breath you try to start but when you open your mouth nothing comes out.

“I…” You squeak. Everyone’s eyes are on you and you feel your throat start to close up.

“Looks like the little boy’s scared.” You hear Gally mock, him still using that nickname from the second grade.

Everyone starts to laugh.


Tears start to form in your eyes.

The teacher is yelling at them to stop but they won’t.

You glance at Newt who looks at you pure pity and worry written over his face. You look at Sonya who is desperately trying to get people to shut up along with Teresa…

Its all to much.

You run out of the room. Tears come the minuet you leave and run outside.

You shivering. It so cold all the sudden, freezing cold and you can’t breath. Finally unable to move any further you clasps on the ground behind one of the trees in the school yard.

Crying uncontrollably and fighting for breath your shaking like crazy.

So cold. So cold. You think the world is spinning and you feel like your losing everything. You can’t feel, see, or hear anything.

Then, you feel something a hand on your shoulder and warms is slightly radiated threw your body.

“Y/n. y/n! Calm calm love.” You look up to see Newt crouched down next to you.

“Newt…” You able to croak out but it hurts to much to speak.

“Y/n oh God calm love. Breathe with me.” He pulls you onto his lap and you are overloaded with senses.

He is warm. His warmth penetrates through the cold that penetrated your body. He wraps himself around you like a blanket and rubs your arms.

“Breathe with me love. One in. Two out.” He says his voice is fuzzy and he is all blurry.

“It… hurts…” Is all our able to manage.

One. In. Two. Out.

You try. So hard but you just start to hyperventilate instead.

“Breathe love please.” Newt says his face against your neck.

You heart is hurting and your lungs are screaming from the irregular breaths.

All the sudden you feel something on your lips and you hold your breath.

Its Newt. He… He’s kissing you.

Once you realize this you kiss back the panic starts to slip away and its just him and you.

Soon your lungs fail you and you pull away taking one deep breath in the process.

“There. Breathe love. breathe with me.” You stare into his eyes his beautiful eyes and breathe in and out in rhythm with him.

“There you go y/n. Thats it.” He whispers to you stroking your cheek and whipping your tears away.

“Thank you.” You whimper burying your face in his neck.

The shaking stops and your sense return.

You can hear his heart beat.

See his arms wrapped around your fragile body.

Feel his warmth, his touch.

Your aware of everything he is doing to you.

Slowly you lift your head up and look at him. His cheeks are a light shade of pink and he reaches up to place a peace of hair that had fallen in front of your face behind you ear.

“You ok?” He whispers as if not to break you.

“I’m ok.” You whisper back. You sit there staring into each others eyes.

“Newt?” You ask him.

“Y/n.” He says continuing to stroke your cheek.

“The kiss.” You say wondering why he did it.

“I didn’t know w…what to do. I…It seemed like the only w..way to calm you d..down.” He stutters his face now a bright red.

He was just being nice. Just trying to help.

“Oh.” You say disappointment filling you. “I understand.” You shoot up quickly out of his embrace and you feel cold once again. You turn to walk away.

“y/n what? Wait!” Newt says standing up and following you.

He runs in front of you and stops you from going any further.

“What…Whats wrong?” He asks.

Tears are threatening once again but you won’t let them fall the last thing you want is to let him see you cry… twice.

“Its nothing. Nothing at all. I just thought it meant something to you. Maybe like it meant something to me. But it didn’t and thats fine.” You snap and turn to walk in the other direction. But you feel him grab your wrist and turn you around to face him.

“Newt let me…” All the sudden his lips are back on yours. You hesitate for a moment but then melt into his touch. His hands on either side of your face his thumbs stroking your skin. Your hands find the war to his hair and you twirl your fingers in it.

You feel your heart skip a beat and your stomach is doing flips but you’ve never felt happier in your entire life.

He pulls away and whispers against your lips. “I love you.”

This time your the one to pull his lips to yours. You kiss him again and never want this moment to end.

He pulls away and leans your forehead against his own.

“I didn’t just kiss you to calm you down. I was scared yes. But scared of losing you. I love you y/n and you were barely breathing. But it wasn’t just that I’ve always wanted to kiss you ever since the sixth grade I was just scared. Of your brother. Of you rejecting me…”

“You were scared of my brother?” You ask laughing tears of joy dripping down your face.

“I know its stupid.” Newt says laughing as well.

“I love you to Newt. So much.” He smiles at you and wraps his warm strong arms around you and spins you around.

“I love you Newt. I love you.” You repeat your head buried into his neck.

“I love you to y/n so much.” He kisses you one last time before taking your hand in his.

“Come on.” Together you walk hand and hand back to the school.

“Well look at this!” Thomas yells as he sees you.

“My best friend and my sister.” he says pretending to cry. “I’m so proud.” He runs up to you and you laugh hugging him close.

“Good job man.” You see Minho pat Newt on the back and he is beaming.

“Well look who is back. The big baby. I didn’t know you were gay Newt?” You turn to see Gally and his friends laughing at you. Once again he refers to you as a guy.

You didn’t look like a guy. Gally was just stupid and loved to say you and Thomas looked “exactly” alike, cause you were twins. Gally was an idiot, but… his words still hurt

“Gally shut up. How old are you?” Thomas says his arm wrapped around you.

“Look boys at the resemblance. She looks just like Thomas, you know with all the masculine features.” you look down ashamed.

Bang! You snap your head up to see Newt slamming Gally into a locker.

“Shut up you shank! Y/n is the most beautiful girl in this entire school your just jealous you couldn’t have her you ugly good for nothing shank. If you EVER say anything horrible like that to her again I will kill you! Good that?” He asks shoving him one last time.

A smile plays at your lips and Newt strides over to you placing his lips on your once again.

“Your beautiful never let anyone tell you otherwise. You hear me.” He says stroking your face.

“Yeah.” you beam kissing him again as Gally storm off.

“Enough with the kissing in front of me! She is my sister!” Thomas says pretending to gag and I laugh.

“Grow up little brother.” I smirk.

“Lit..Little! By one minute!” He yells.

You and Newt laugh.

“Come on love lets go for a drive yeah?” He asks his arms wrapped around your waist.

“Yeah.” You beam at him.

“Get it Y/n!” You turn to see Teresa and Sonya laughing and fangirling over you and Newt you blush and burry your face in Newts neck.

“Your so cute when your embarrassed.” Newt whispers into your ear and you smile against his skin.

“Come one love.” He kisses your lips once more before walking hand and hand with you out to his car.

Your not sure where he is taking you but you don’t care as long as your with him you know everything will be alright.


Hope you like it!! :) Thanks so much for requesting. If anyone else wants one just message me :)


Cora had a dull ache in her skull, something a sip of water and a handful of painkillers would cure if only she had drawn up the motivation to leave the comfort of her bed. Enveloped by countess duvets and a bed full of pillows, she sat up using her forearms for support. “Fucking Christ—” She spat, her crystallized orbs absorbing the light from the drawn curtains. The back of her hand resting to her forehead as the hangover got the best of the blonde. Falling back against the stack of pillows, she reached at her bedstand for her phone. Notifications lighting up the screen as she checked the time. Almost late in the afternoon, she concluded. The name Shawn accompanied by a message caught her attention, her index finger sliding to open it. “You’re late.” The message read, causing the girl to almost immediately jump from her spot. Almost completely forgetting about the day she promised to the male. Getting out of bed, the blonde looked completely disheveled. Hair cascading past her shoulders, in front of her face, almost in every direction possible. A groan leaving her lips as she ran her fingers through her blonde waves. Ditching her pajamas for more fitting attire, she slipped her phone into her back pocket before making her way towards the boy’s room. The dull ache grew with each step into the hallway. The fluorescent lights causing an agitation. Counting down the doors, she finally arrived in front of his room with a sigh. Her dainty hand went up to knock softly, waiting patiently. “I’m late, I’m late for a very important date.” She said, mimicking Alice in Wonderland. “It’s not a date, but I’m hoping you get that reference.”


im required to give these a  name / title

and i suck at those (this is for 2d art class)


anonymous asked:

Like your title. DC can suck my metaphorical dick.

I forgot what it was and thought you meant DC comics when I first read this lmao. But yeah he can.

book cover illustrators/designers: did you know know you can use more than two colors???? 

also it’s acceptable to not just stick some person who could possibly be the main character on the front of the book

monochromatic people on dark misty backgrounds will only get you so far