everyone’s jumping on this kevin bandwagon but i rihfuse to take part in it until i get more drs from him and can have it certain he’s gotten out of that annoying ‘protect the bros!!’ mentality he had in the first episode

Saturday evening doesn’t mean eating chips & beer; it means eating colorful, shaping your sprouts like a heart and having fun! Cumartesi akşamı cips ve bira akşamı demek değildir, rengarenk, kalp şeklinde filizlerle süslenmiş yemeklerin ve eğlencenin akşamıdır! #sprouts #lentils #carrot #cherrytomatoes #cabbage #oliveoil #iyiye #foodporn #eatclean #cleaneating #healthy #diet #vegan #alkaline #alkalinediet #form #instafood #beauty #cleaneats #nutritious #salad #greensalad #crunchy #detox #greens #sexygreens #alkali

gettin’ into that time of year where all I want to draw is Halloween stuff but really don’t have all that much time to dedicate to Halloween stuff

and by Halloween stuff I mean drawing quick character designs that turn in to Harry Potter fanart which someone insisted I post so here you are

sorry for all the inactivity I’m just working on schoolwork mainly uvu;;


A woman can fight just the same as a man can fight, a woman can do magic just as powerfully as a man can do magic and I consider that I’ve written a lot of well-rounded female characters in these books. - JK Rowling


wrt tht post abt what psychosis rlly means as opposed to ‘evil person’, HALLUCINATIONS ARE NOT THE ONLY SYMPTOM OF PSYCHOSIS!!!! there are lot more!!!!

psychotic symptoms are split into two main groups, positive and negative symptoms.

positive symptoms = hallucinations and delusions. hallucinations are experiencing sounds, smells, sights, tactile sensations, etc, that aren’t actually there (i.e. seeing humanoid figures made of light/shadow); delusions are strongly held beliefs that are unrealistic and objectively false (i.e. russians are poisoning my water supply)

negative symptoms are a lot more complicated but include a flat/blunted affect, catatonia, social withdrawal, lack of speech, memory impairment, etc, and are often overlooked despite being considered the more debilitating part of psychosis in many cases

the point is: please stop perpetuating the idea that psychosis = hallucinations, not all psychotic ppl experience hallucinations and psychosis is WAY more complicated than just hallucinations. thank u