Ghost Gang Network!!

Below is the list of people who made it into the network! Thank you to everyone who applied it was so much fun to read all the applications with spaceplantt and it hurt so much to have to chose.
mightbegay renpai ghostykiid solarroyal anchors-sinking prince-sprout cool-ghouls solarfae forest-ghoul vamprex littleleafie faundoll polterqeist bean-senpai spaceytears catghostie 8bit-babe pinkfuneral plutokiid kawaiimoonelf CONGRATS!!! u.u’ welcome to the net!

gettin’ into that time of year where all I want to draw is Halloween stuff but really don’t have all that much time to dedicate to Halloween stuff

and by Halloween stuff I mean drawing quick character designs that turn in to Harry Potter fanart which someone insisted I post so here you are

sorry for all the inactivity I’m just working on schoolwork mainly uvu;;