To our dearest Park Jinyoung,

Thank you for inspiring other people.
Thank you for always giving us happiness.
Thank you for staying humble, lovable and kind-hearted person as you are.
Thank you for being YOU.
Knowing such a beautiful person like you is a blessing.

I hope that you’ll be more successful in the future,
that you’ll always be happy and always have someone to lean on,
that you’ll stay strong no matter what hardships you’ll go through,
that you’ll always stay healthy
and that you’ll always have the best.

Please keep smiling and always remember how beautiful you are inside and out.
I love you and Happy Birthday ♥

(Obviously I’m not good with words so feel free to remove my message ^^)


"Beneath the Cute" (´ー`)

Hi all! I know you’re used to my positive-vibed artworks~ but for now let me post something a little bit darker. Haha I know, it’s not really very obvious in this drawing, with all the baby pink hues, roses, laces, and all, but if you look closer you’ll see that there are things here that normally do not fit well with the whole picture. ヾ(^ ^ゞ

As many of my readers know, my friends and I founded Kawaii Philippines last year. I admit, I was a bit new to the kawaii culture (well newer compared to my friends and teammates) when I joined the team. Well, sure, I LOVED drawing cute things, collecting adorable stuff, and dressing up in kawaii outfits way before that, but still, most of the “whats” and “whos” about the kawaii culture, I learned from joining the Kawaii PH team. :3

In the first few days of being totally immersed in the culture (thanks to my very enthusiastic teammates, haha!), it was a total kawaii overload for me. I fell in love with the kawaii culture even more (and in a more deeper level)! I (along with my teammates) began to see “kawaii” as a fun and positive way of living, and it inspired me to express myself more.

It was no longer just an aesthetic. I’d like to think it’s a lot more than that. This might not make sense to everyone, but as far as a ‘newbie’ like me is concerned, this “fun/happy and positive way of living” should reflect in the inside of a person as much as it does on the outside (something related to “inner beauty”, haha I just suck at explaining sorry :p)

So a series of recent happenings and revelations (which I have sworn to myself NOT to divulge hehe (゜▽゜;)) inspired me to work on this drawing. What’s beneath the cute? What’s behind all these princessy make-up, kawaii clothes, quirky accessories, and cute poses?

Is it a naturally awkward human who enjoys being able to express itself? Is it a sincere heart? Is it happy and/or positive?

Or is it a strive for perfection, a hunger to be better than everyone else, a thirst for acceptance? Is it loathing, is it hate, is it loneliness? Is it insecure, manipulative, malevolent, envious, boastful, extravagant, or unkind?

I’m absolutely not saying that being “kawaii” means being perfect. Actually, I think that’s what some people need to realize, that it’s not.

I just wanted to express how nice it would be if people reflect the positive light that the kawaii culture inspires in them. Let it affect them in a deeper level; beneath the surface, beneath the cute. (◡‿◡✿)

(PS: Sorry for my suck-ish writing skills, wrong grammar, and misplaced punctuation marks hehe O(≧∇≦)O ♥ I was nervous while typing this, I don’t know why *cue ominous music* (゜-゜) )

Edit: Thank you all so much for your feedback here and on FB/IG! (TдT) I’m not really perfectly “kawaii” inside as well (sometimes I just really..lose it? haha) but I do strive to be positive whenever I can, and remind myself to do things with a happy heart. >3< ♥

And sorry for all the “kawaii” words hahah I know I used it too much here
(゜▽゜;) But but how do I even rephrase it lololol

majorr- said:

haha okay lemme rewrite it, you live in korea but you visiting the U.S for a week or two and you leave them behind and your their girlfriend~ is that better? ^-^ hehee

ok i got this! (sorry honey! ^^’)

so, you’re dating a member and you leave them for a week to visit the USA… how do they react?

Zico - "Have fun! I’ll be working~"

Kyung - "Are you sure I can’t come? Fine… say hi to American BBCs for me!"

BBomb - "I’ll send you selfies every day if you’ll bring me back a burger."

Ukwon - *posts cute things on IG for you while you’re gone*

Jaehyo - "Take lots of pictures!"

Taeil - "It’s only a week, don’t worry"

PO - *meets you at the airport at the end of the week with balloons*

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°˖✧saturday sleepover!✧˖°

I hope that, at one moment in the manga, Aladdin will meet one of his parents, especially Solomon. I need to see a father-son bonding time when we’d get to see Solomon’s concrete love for his son and Aladdin regretting to not have his dad by his side.

If it’s Sheba, I want to see her hugging him and telling him she’s proud of all of what he’s done so far and that everything will be alright..


I’M SO SORRY… 6 selcas from 2014, tagged by layhantaoris (OTL th…thank you…)

I tag: arigataou, fuckhaja, so-very-bana-ish, cup-of-exo and everyone who sees this! (FOR SEEING MY FACE, YOU MUST SUFFER WITH ME) and yes, im not kidding. like, if you saw this post, seriously do the selca thing and say i tagged you. legit. do it.

jessyu2 said:

So my niece is 3 months old and the other day was really fussy in the car. Nothing was helping, even her mom singing. I turned on some block b and she stopped crying! It was amazing. funny thing is another group came on a few songs later and she started crying again. The only songs she liked where Block B and BAP. She is a mini BBC already, my sister wants a Block B cd now too! I really think she liked the deep voices! Just thought I would share!! Hope your having a great night!!

aah, very cute! i love how many of you guys have babyBBCs in your families! c:

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°˖✧saturday sleepover!✧˖°