ɪ’ᴠᴇ sᴇᴇɴ ᴀ ғᴇᴡ rec lists floating around but i decided to make one of my own. let haru take us along on a magical journey of shipping and basking in glorious prose and flawless characterization and gut-pulling plot. the ship is alive. there is nothing to fear.

01, thrust your fingers into the surface and carve an opening

denial is not just a river in egypt by ad_astra | ao3 link

is this the makorin bible? probably? a+ rec for lung-busting humor, so much friendship magic and warmth that you will never need a blanket during wintertime, and the kind of rin characterization that you dream about even when you’re wide awake — not to mention an incredible portrayal of the iwatobis. if you haven’t read this fic, drop what you’re doing and go!

♦ loose ends by four_sweatervests | ao3 link

fav thing about this fic: rin and kou’s relationship, a delicately tread balance between experience and intimate adventure, makoto’s parents actually exist, plus some pretty awesome emoting stuff.

love thy neighbor by attemptsonwords | ao3 link

i can actually see this happening. ft. some of the best pacing + development ever, the right blend of swashbuckling humor and hot de-stressing action and domestic shenanigans in a too-small apartment in tokyo.

02, then slide your body through that opening

♦ bellyflop or dive by mangemouth | ao3 link

includes: a crucial factor that is missing in a lot of makorin fics: the nagirin dynamic. also includes: adorably tsundere-ing rin, amazingly accurate nagisa, unexpectedly strong and heartwarming emotions.

♦ his fate, tinted red by isuilde | ao3 link

a color (and sometimes blind) soulmates au, incredibly raw and emotionally written, esp near the end — one of those fics you end up reading over a lot while crying into your pillow each time.

♦ i saw sparks by lisettedelapin | ao3 link

like summer melting into a song.

♦ our earthly days by isoladea | ao3 link

really nice prose, a neat little episode that fits snuggly back in season 1. the kind of seed you plant in the minds of unwitting shippers.

quadrennium by risotto | ao3 link

the future fic OF YOUR DREAMS! olympic rin, slow build, incredibly satisfying 8)

♦ seven weeks & fourteen months by katjalaroux | ao3 link

this is also something that can actually happen; it’s really sweet, brings out a caring side of rin.

03, moving your arms, your head, your chest...

one thousand and one by risotto | ao3 link

this arabian au/scheherazade fusion is so beautiful your heart will ache — the language, the stories, and the development are all so elegant and subtle, not to mention dreamlike in its romance.

♦ flowers are too much of a hassle (but if you liked it, okay then) by isuilde | ao3 link

a fluffy flower shop au that makes you feel like the entire world is made out of daisies and there are screentoned roses inked onto the corner of every wall.

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