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I’m back!

London was everything I needed and more, I forgot how much I fall in love with that city and the people every time I go back there. The whole place is so alive and bursting with culture and endless energy, and strangely enough it always has a very calming effect on me. It’s my home away from home and I already want to start planning our next trip. (my bank account tells me I’ll have to wait a bit though!)
I feel like a different person than I did before I left, and I needed that!

I’ll try and upload some more pics this week ;)

Now, I’m ready to get back to the fangirling, what did I miss?

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Chris Evans - on set filming Captain America: Civil War

pictures taken 5/18/15


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Could You Put A Black Hole In Your Pocket?

Black holes are notorious for their strange, somewhat counter-intuitive, nature. However, not all are created equal. For instance, we’ve seen many that outweigh billions of Suns, some that shouldn’t exist at all, and others that simply defy explanation. The strangest type theorized to exist is the micro (or primordial) black hole. As the name suggests, they are very, very, very small (microscopic, even), and quite unstable.

Since the strength of a black hole technically hinges on its size (deciding the boundary of its event horizon), could we possibly put one of them in our pocket without consequence (or at all)? See: http://bit.ly/1FMKCyN