Wow, that’s a lot of bugs in one page. So much different types of bugs!!

We got Roche’s redesign at the top, one when he still had his face legs, and the one after the incident, where he doesn’t. (In order for the enemies to get away from Roche’s scent tracer, they had to rip off the legs that contain his maxillary pulp, it kinda acts like a nose for bugs).

We have a friendly Lotus Mantis by the name of Nae (AE) owned by this amazing person.

Down below is Irileth Wyrm, a failure of a librarian because she couldn’t really see very well. Unfortunate. She spent the last drop of he cash on Roche’s bar, drinking her money and feelings of failure out, and is now bankrupt. Roche offered her a job opportunity in his bar, which is also going bankrupt.

And then the gorgeous and graceful Lady Black Widow who’s dancing her way to ballet history. A kind and understanding spider full of charms that will leave any person she talks to with a smile on their face. She is a character owned by Lacey, a super rad bud of mine that REQUIRES AN UPDATE FOR HER FELLOW 8 LEGGED OC!!

We go down to the last row and we find a refreshed design of Kelly Stagg, one of Roche’s old friends from before his fall. A stag beetle with a level head and down-to-earth charms who can take care of herself very well. For a long time, she thought Roche was dead, at the same time Roche thinks she was dead as well. Sad miscommunication.

Ohoho, who’s this mischievous Lunar moth who’s always up to no good? It’s Clair de Lune! from none other than this super Stellar gal! With a talent to match her humor, and a character that brings up that sexual tension to a boiling temperature!

And last but not least, it’s a redesign of the fabulous waxtail treehopper, Wendy Waxer, or at least that’s what people know her as. Who knows who she really is? She drastically cut her long hair and went under the radar residing in Roche’s bar. Her wit and cunning can bewitch any unfortunate beings to fall to her charms. Luckily, Roche is a tough egg to crack.

It feels good to draw these old characters and find improvements from their original designs (well the characters that I own).

It’s also super fun seeing other people’s characters in the mix! It feels like a really nice variety! (Just don’t notice the fact that there’s only one male bug and right now and it feels a lot like a cast for a bug harem.)

Nevertheless it was fun. I should dabble in my efforts to the Roche blog a bit more often…