To commemorate National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Marvel Entertainment and Susan G. Komen for the Cure® has created these brand new variant covers and advertorial to help raise awareness of breast cancer in men.

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In retrospect, I suppose I could have worded this differently. The 3% stat comes from several sources, including factcheck.org. “Focus” refers to PP’s services, of which, 97% are non-abortion related. Those services are finite, and can indeed be measured.

Why “Christian”? Well, I’ve never read about a group of Jews, Muslims, Lutherans, Hindus or even Catholics lined up with picket signs outside an abortion clinic. I’m sure there are a few. But I was, as it happens, focusing on the greater number of fundamentalist Christians to back my sentiment.

Then I jumped to the generic “religion” because that’s precisely what drives their decision in the first place. The same religion responsible for centuries of oppression and violence and appalling behavior they choose to ignore.

Hence the guy wearing blinders.

Donations to Planned Parenthood Skyrocket Past $650,000

After the Komen Foundation kicked off a controversy by withdrawing its funding from Planned Parenthood, Michael Bloomberg has announced that he’ll be donating up to $250,000 towards breast cancer screenings.

Mayor Mike aside, it’s not taken much time for Planned Parenthood to make up for the $700,000 that the Komen Foundation won’t be giving them. ”In the 24 hours since Komen announced its decision, Planned Parenthood has gotten $650,000 in donations, nearly enough to offset the losses from Komen’s funding,” says The Daily BeastRead more.

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Marvel has unveiled a slew of Breast Cancer Awareness Month variant covers. They are presented in partnership with ‘Susan G. Komen for the Cure’ and will debut throughout October.

  • Wolverine#315 - On Sale Oct. 24
  • Avengers#31 - On Sale Oct. 10
  • Captain Marvel#5 - On Sale Oct. 17
  • Fantastic Four#611 - On Sale Oct. 10
  • Invincible Iron Man#526 - On Sale Oct. 10
  • Uncanny X-Men#20 - On Sale Oct. 17
  • Captain America#18 - On Sale Oct. 10
  • The Might Thor- On Sale Oct. 17


However they are going to have to work hard to regain any semblance of trust. We all know that it’s only a matter of time before they try to do this again but try to keep it under the radar (like their defunding of stem cell research). You don’t single out an organization out of a pool of >2000 unless you have an agenda.

So good news, but stay vigilant.


Michael Bloomberg stands with Planned Parenthood

The NYC mayor is the most prominent figure to come out against Susan G. Komen for the Cure’s decision to strip funding for Planned Parenthood, dropping $250,000 for the controversial group. “Politics have no place in health care,” he said in a statement. “Breast cancer screening saves lives, and hundreds of thousands of women rely on Planned Parenthood for access to care. We should be helping women access that care, not placing barriers in their way.” Bloomberg’s donation comes on top of $400,000 in donations to the group from individual sponsors and a harshly-worded statement to Komen from 26 Senators. (photo by David Shankbone on Twitter)