O’Hara admits she’s “not very specific with her fashion,” but she does recognize her style choices often tend to be influenced by the character she’s playing at the moment. When she was doing Light in the Piazza, she gravitated toward sundresses, and during Nice Work, she wore combat boots, skinny jeans, a vest, and a newsboy-type cap in her daily life. While she’s not wearing a hoop skirt offstage now, she does admit she’s dressing more maturely and wearing dresses more often while playing Anna.

…Our interview needs to wrap up soon, as she has to pick up Owen from school. They have a tradition on Friday afternoons where she will take him along with Charlotte out for “Fri-dates.” They’ll go to the park or out for what O’Hara calls “a civilized date” to Le Pain Quotidien for hot chocolate. Some remaining crew members are still breaking down photo equipment nearby, and she gives everyone a hug and starts walking up Broadway, toward home.


The Country Girl (directed by George Seaton) came out in 1954, as one of five films Grace Kelly starred in that year. It earned seven Oscar nominations, including Best Motion Picture, which it lost to On The Waterfront. Grace did win her Oscar for her role as Georgie Elgin and George won for his adapted screenplay.

Grace Kelly as Georgie Elgin in The Country Girl (1954).