High - Definition Watercolor by Jonathan Frank

Jonathan Frank born in Grand Junction, CO in 1962, is an watercolorist artist currently lives and works in Moab, Utah. He spent his earliest years playing in the canyonlands of western Colorado, and out of that experience, he developed a life-long passion for western lands and the desert. His subject matter is clearly a direct outgrowth of that, but his distinctive style was the result of an early experiment for a high-school art class. As Jonathan tells it:

The outline has since become much more stylized and refined, as well as poignant. I now use a Rapidograph pen with India ink for precision and permanency. The outline also helps to give the whole piece a clean, unified appearance, as well as to emphasize the sheer strength of my subjects. This all results in what I call High-Definition Watercolorvia

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Everything Is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer

“[A] dazzling literary high-wire act … brilliant … The payoff is extraordinary: a fearless, acrobatic, ultimately haunting effort.“ – Janet Maslin, The New York Times 

Jonathan Safran Foer’s debut semi-autobiographical novel Everything Is Illuminated was published when he was 25 years old. As a freshman in Princeton University, he attended Joyce Carol Oates’ Intro to Writing class, in where she told him that his writing possessed the best quality a writer could showcase: energy. Nevertheless, Foer displays such energy, charisma and wit in Everything Is Illuminated. It follows the story of Jonathan, who hopes to meet with the woman who might have saved his grandfather from the Nazis fifty years ago in the Ukraine along with the help of his translator, Alex.

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The trailer for “Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell.”


New Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell trailer!

"I have a question about hockey"
  • expectation:I don't really understand off sides and how they decide when to call it or not. Same with icing, is there a pattern or is it up to however the ref is feeling at that moment?
  • reality:do you really think Tazer has a tattoo? I mean if he did the only place it could be is on his ass right? Like we would have seen it otherwise.