'it was stolen'


Some photos from #SayHerName a vigil in remembrance of Black women and girls who were murdered by police. The event was brought together by Kimberlee Crenshaw and the African American Policy Forum. Stop Patriarchy was an official sponsor of this event, along with many other organizations. The program was incredibly moving, emotional, and powerful. Representatives of the sponsoring organizations accompanied family members of those whose lives were stolen by police, and read pieces on what these people were like in their lives, and the circumstance of their murder. Many of the families had never done anything like this before. They were all extremely grateful to see so many people out there standing with them, and fighting to STOP murder by police.



The Sailor Moon brooch being used in the first image is my work that can be found originally HERE on my DeviantArt page, in which I did NOT give permission to use nor was I asked. I also think they’re are stealing other artists sailor moon work such as the ones in the second and third image. I’ve always had problems with people stealing my work but this is by far the worst I’ve ever felt about it and I’m sure the other artist wouldn’t feel too happy about it either. I’m deeply sadden by this considering Dolls Kill is one of my favorite shops but favorite or not this is unacceptable. Please pass this around so others may know and I hope this gets to all the other artists Dolls Kill is stealing from. Also feel free to add more info that you may know about, I’ve never had something this bad happen before so I’m completely lost and all I can do is tell people about it.


Please help me find the company that is printing my artwork on shirts without my permission. 

My friend spotted a person wearing my artwork on a shirt at Psych Fest in Austin, TX this weekend and sent me this photo. I never licensed this design to any companies to manufacture or sell. This is very frustrating as this happens so frequently with my artwork. In the above photo you can see that I posted the art 3 years ago on Tumblr. This image circulated around the internet without credit via imgur and other sites like that. I have caught many companies over the years printing this image and others without my permission. This really saddens me as I would love to be able to sell my artwork on clothing and other products but don’t have the money to invest to make it happen. I make very little money from my artwork and other companies are able to sustain themselves off of my art. This is really unfair.

Please visit my shop and buy something if you like: shopfunkycatsterz.com. I will have new iphone cases and nail art and other products in the next couple of weeks! Please help me out!

Thank you <3


Here we go again.

The first image is my original art, “The Cat of Oz” that I created around 2011 and posted on Tumblr. 

The second image is a rip off of my artwork by Lexi Carek the Art Manager at Rage On! in Ohio. I contacted the owner, Michael Krilivsky, asking for the removal and discontinuation of sale of the sweatshirt. He claims that it is not copyright infringement as Lexi Carek used a different cat and background. It’s quite obvious that she saw my artwork and copied it to create this sweater. I’m upset that they are not even admitting that they copied my design and are refusing to remove it from their shop. Please do not buy this sweater and pass the word along that they stole my artwork!

In the third image is a newer version of “The Cat Of Oz” that is legal that I created you can buy here on a cell phone case from HHprint. And the third image is a newer version that you can buy here as a print. Please support Funky Catsterz!