tomorrow in one of my classes we’re having a discussion on whether saying sexist/racist/homophobic things is ok because of our freedom of speech and boy am I looking forward to it

So, things have become even more crazy here with my living situation. Point blank: we’re getting out and will be out by Thursday. Hopefully sooner if we can somehow, though that’d be hard to do, with Harold’s school and stuff. I will speak more details when I feel like I can freely in public, but for now I will say that I have come to feel our safety is in great danger, enough that my boyfriend’s mom offered to let us stay with her for a few weeks while we found a new place to go to. I will likely be pretty dang scared until we get it all sorted out.

We’ll try to stay safe. It’s all we can do.

i see a lot of ppl are talking about fics… but please don’t try to defend something that’s illegal!!! there’s probably a reason why it is illegal !