i witnessed henry telling cherche abt his first best friend who was a giant wolf and hee brought her to his village apparently and everyone killed her like im so upset about this i had to stop playing and lie down for a while im heartbroken by this fuck u henry

also i didnt realize until after i finished drawing this that maybe he didn’t wear those exact same clothes when he was a little kid. oh well


Breaking: Protesters just interrupted a US Senate hearing, attempting a citizen’s arrest of Henry Kissinger for war crimes. Chairman Senator John McCain called recess after he screamed at the protesters, "Get out of here, you low-life scum!”

As President Nixon’s Secretary of State, Kissinger’s legacy is a long trail of mass murder and suppressing democracy. He oversaw the bombing of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos which killed 3 million innocent people. Kissinger also played a role in the brutal coup against Chilean President Salvadore Allende on Sept 11, 1973, which killed 40,000 people. Pass this along if you agree Kissinger deserves to be tried at the Hague for crimes against humanity. Great action by CODEPINK: Women For Peace

Via US Uncut