I pretty much just want to talk about Star Wars right now, but after my onslaught of nerdy elation all weekend I’m sure some of you are tired of that. ;) So… Here is an adorable photo of Banjo (although we can all clearly tell he is thinking about Captain Rex and Commander Wolffe and wondering what the story is behind how they escaped the GAR.) Hehehehehe…. #bugluv #spider #jumpingspider #phidippus #phidippusmystaceus #macro #macrofreaks #macrophotography #starwars #clonewars #captainrex #commanderwolffe #becauseclones

gaypixels I was just talking about how much I love saying ur name in the possessive because it sounds like Reeses and then nick goes “you could play chess with them and someone asks ‘whose chessboard is this?’ You could say ‘oh, the board is mine, but they’re rhys’s pieces’


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★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (heheheheh)

oh my god. okay. 20 FACTS ABOUT ME:

  1. a cowboy once called me vertically challenged
  2. i got sister-zoned by a hungarian
  3. i managed to make myself bleed with my harmonica by being a dork
  4. everyone at work thinks i am pregnant (99% sure i am not)
  5. i volunteer at two different youth centers and i fucking love it (look at how great of a role model i am)
  6. i interrupted myself in the middle of answering this to run amuck outside with a little boy i used to babysit because he was alone and wanted to play with me. we had so much fun and everyone should be jealous. 
  7. my job is shitty, but the people i work with are awesome
  8. i ordered let it bleed by the rolling stones on vinyl last week and it came today and i got way too excited
  9. i’ve been watching mad men like a mad man
  10. i probably compliment people way too much
  11. i always find something i like about everyone so i can focus on that and be genuinely kind to everyone i meet. 
  12. i love taking pictures of people while they talk. especially when they’re talking to their best friend and laughing really hard. 
  13. i love reading, but i never have the time for it. i’ve been trying to finish on the road by jack kerouac for probably a year now
  14. when i do find the time to read, i always highlight my favourite lines. you can tell when a book has been owned by me, haha. 
  15. i walk around forests a lot. it’s so calming for me and i love love love being outside. i just need a forest companion and it’ll be perfect. 
  16. i can play baby got back on my ukulele
  17. i teach a writing class (which i’ve mention at least once i think) and the youth i’m teaching are awesome and i brag about them to my friends all the time ;] 
  18. i love ray lamontagne. i describe it as “music you fall in love to.” honestly, his entire discography could be the soundtrack to an epic, fairytale romance. that’s cheesy, but it is true.
  19. i’m awful at talking about my emotions, but i’m getting a little better at it. it’s still incredibly difficult, but i’ve mad a lot of progress in the past year and it’s really nice.
  20. you are the light of my life for sending all these hahahaha. this was a blast. thank you :] 

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Unicorn Hehehehehe! Love your tumblr feed btw! :)

thankyou but you have to be off anon to get a shoutout ^.^