Everythings all packed!
Booze, cosplay, spare clothes, y’know the essentials. B)

Tomorrow I will be at toues-happy-trail's house, so uh I'll be inactive cause I can't really fit my laptop in my suitcase. I might be on my phone though, granted it'll only be used to update where I am. Pfff.

But goddamn I’m so pumped, I’m gonna be with my senpai and sitting with him in person and good lord, I’m pretty much bouncing with excitment and I probably won’t be getting much sleep tonight. This’ll be my second con this year and I can’t wait to make new friends and meet fellow dramatical nerds.

Ahhh, I’m literally shaking I’m so excited.
Oh yeah, don’t forget to tune in to the livestream tomorrow, I’ll be with Ren as Morphine! Sly.

Okay, I’m shutting up. Heh.

— Ajá… Muy interesante. —Escupió sarcasmo a la jovencita detrás del cajero. — Pero yo ya te he pagado, me importa muy poco tú vida y lo único que quiero de ti es mi café. — Sentenció pausadamente, la fila detrás de él se estaba haciendo infinita con cada anécdota que soltaba la parlante mujer. ¿Acaso no se callaba nunca?


i know you want me - 2



A week of being alone was starting to get to you, you thought you could hear things, see things and feel things. Creepy, spine chilling feelings that wouldn’t disappear. Like something was watching you or someone known as Luke Robert Hemmings. You had done your research on his smart ass, he was the son of the infomous demon William Blakeston the bastard that killed your Mother and Olivia Hemmings half fairy, half demon cross. It did expalin how Luke was so breath taking having a little fairy in you would do that.

"How did William die? No living creature knows how or what killed him…"

~hehehehehe~ whispered in the back of your head.

"A child’s laugher really?" you sighed laying back in your four poster bed.

Suddenly, two little creepy girls that looked like dolls appeared at the end of your bed, smiling covered in blood. Then they flashed away, making you shiver. “Luke just come out of the shadows..”

Luke then appeared in the center of your bedroom with an evil blood stained grin. “Princess” he nodded, flashing his eyes from blue to black then back again.

"T-Tha-" you tried to speak but were startled by the demon actually showing up.

"Yeah, yeah that’s not your name but I do like how you called me by mine though" he smiked at you creating one large dimple. Fuck, he got you. "So why did you call me in here, Y/N?"

"I-I didn’t think you would actually show up.."

"Well I did" he said crawling onto the bed next to you making you shuffle so far up you were practically sat on the pillows. Angrily he laughed. "You’re not scared of me, why pretend?"

He was right you weren’t affraid of him you were afraid of why you weren’t scared of him and Luke knew it but he wanted to act innocent. Luke could never be innocent.

"Look at me, Princess and answer my question."

"I’m not scared, I just don’t trust you."

For a moment he genuinely looked hurt then he flashed back to the demon glare as he laid on your bed propped up against the pillows. His baggy black vest and ripped skinny jeans standing out like a sore thumb against the floral bed sheets. “Don’t you want to know why I’ve stayed?”

"Not really" you lied.

Rolling his eyes he let out a short laugh, smelling the lie in your words.

"You amuse me, Y/N" he nodded turning on to his side "but that’s not the only reason I’m here, I came to tell you to stop looking into my fathers death. It’s not worth the hassel."

"No" you spat "I need to know he died in as much pain as my Mother."

"Trust me on this, I assure you he did. Probably, even more so."

There was an awkward slience as Luke made himself comfortable on your bed, while you were still sat in a ball. He knew he was making you uncomfortable so he rolled on his side to face you, proping his head up with his hand. Grinning evilly, as usual. As his eyes tavelled your body and face his fingers slowly crept up to the hem of your silk jumpsuit. Immediately you grabbed both of his hands and twisted them around his back, you were both on you knees in the middle of the bed with your head at the side of his. The freak started laughing.

"Don’t fucking touch me" you warned in a harsh whisper. Again he just laughed whilst sharply shrugging you off him and grabbing you by your arms before you fell off the bed. Smirking he placed most of his weight on top of you.

"You know you want me to, Princess. Especially, last week when we were.." he said as he slowly began to grind his crotch into yours, you bit you lip so the suprised moan couldn’t escape your lips making a short laugh leave his "I know you want me, Y/N. Imagine it, me a powerful demon" he said flashing his eyes black for a second "and you a Verita, the Princess."

You shook under him, trying to get him off of you. “Get off me, demon.”

"Y/n, y/n, y/n I’ve told you that’s not my name. So don’t call me it."

"Get off me" you repeated.

"Get off me, what?" he smiled not so sweetly.

"Get. Off. Me. Luke."

With that he got up and pulled you up with him. Unlike the natural grace both of your kind shared in your genes you accidentally hit off each other. Your chest pressed against his and heads practically nuzzled into eachothers necks. His breath was surprisingly cold but then again he wasn’t a warm hearted creature, you shivered at the fact. Luke on the other hand moved closer to feel your warmth. As you moved away his faced screwed and he shook his head avoiding your gaze, in that moment he looked as close to human as he could get.

"Thank you" you mumbled as you sat back down comfortably "Luke why are you here?"

Snapping back to reality Luke sat in front of you.

"To tell you to stop looking into my family… or else" he smirked staring in to your eyes. It actually made you laugh for a second.

"I can’t stop, I need revenge somehow. Don’t you of all creatures get that?"

"And you should have killed me by now but you haven’t" he replied ignoring your question.

"I know" you sighed "and I certainly shouldn’t be talking to a demon."

Anger rose in every fibre of Luke’s being as the word escaped your lips again. Black eyes staring back at you as you were suddenly slammed against the flowery wall of your room.

"Why? Because my kind refuses to change their nature and live by the rules set by the Verita’s? Because we’re from Hell we have to be the worst things imaginable? And if that’s true then why the fuck haven’t you killed me?” he snarled at you.

"It’s not my fault you hate what you are."

He moved you up to his level and slammed his lips against yours because he didn’t know how to handle that accusation. You knew you shouldn’t kiss back but you did, again. Wrapping your legs around his waist Luke held on to your ass to carry you back on to the bed. The kiss grew harder and harder, you were sure he drew blood on you but there was no pain because you had accidentally bit him instead. He smirked at you with black eyes as you pulled away in surprise at your own actions. With lips touching yours he whispered.

"I told you, you want me."

"Shut up and kiss me, freak."

With a growl you found yourself slammed into the mattress with Luke in between your legs, vigorously kissing your neck. However, his hands gently stroked down the silver silky material of your pyjama’s.

"Princess, Princess! We’re here" two familiar voices echoed behind the huge wooden doors of your room. "Can we come in?"

EXO reaction to listening to a sexual song with you

Anon said: Can you please do EXO reaction to when they’re listening to music with you and a very sexual song starts playing? Thanks love! :) <3


Suho: Hehehehehe


Baekhyun: oh yeah, work it


Chen: This is my favorite song


Chanyeol: I need you. Now.


D.O: Baby close your ears


Kai: Let’s dance




Lay: /you start dancing sexually/ *luhan approves*


Xiumin: Omg babe why do you have this on your phone?!


Tao: Not this song again




also… /dancing his way to the bedroom/


924inlegend said:

Oh please don't mention the idea of Skyeward hooking up very soon. If they do in Ep 8, you REALIZE that is like a parallel to season 1 ep 8 especially if it'll involve a hotel room. I bet mid season finale is the earliest we'll get Skyeward frick frack. Until then, our sanity is not safe. Just sayin...


I was thinking that while I was writing that post what if they actually hook up in episode 8 as a sort of parallel to season 1 episode 8 where they could have had the chance but Ward didn’t take it but now they have the chance and omfg, they do parallel it I swear I won’t stop screaming and freaking out it would be such a perfect set up you got to admit.