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“≈” //haHA

Send me a “≈” and my muse will react to yours shoving them into a body of water.


"T-Therith no—!" Krory fell face first into the pool, attempting to try and break his fall by putting out his arms to catch himself.  That of course didn’t work, what with the thing he was falling into being water.

The Epitome of ADHD
  • The Epitome of ADHD
  • Alex McElwee
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The Epitome of ADHD - Alex McElwee

I just kinda…let myself be an idiot on this one. This is what happened. If it just had drums (and better recording skills) It would be a jam. I’ll do a ‘live’ video if anyone asks for it 

Even if you don’t like the beginning just listen till the second verse I guarantee you’ll laugh

Download link 

[TWITTER UPDATE] 140829, SungJae and Eunkwang conversation

@BTOB_6SJ: 으흐흐흐ㅜㅜ한시간 내내어색하진 않을까 너무 긴장하면서봤다…노력해서지금보다 더욱 매끄러운 연기보여드릴게요!본방시청해주신분들너무감사드려요!ㅎ아홉수소 화이팅!강민구화이팅!! | TRANS: Hehehehehe ㅜㅜ I spent the last hour very nervous, next time I will try to let everyone see smoother performance now! Thank you for it! Nine Boy Fighting! Kang Mingu fighting!!

@BTOB_SEKwang: 아 육성재 그렇게 멋있기냐 와 본격 같은 팀 남팬 만들기?? ♡ | TRANS: Ah Yook SungJae so handsome and nice, did I became a fan even though we are a group and then?? ♡

@BTOB_6SJ: ㅋㅋㅋㅋ취향저격? | TRANS: ㅋㅋㅋㅋ What is your true interest? | ©trans:btobnews