I was tagged (like eight years ago) in the Six Selfie game by eisschirmchen wediecool and @l0chn3ss who I can’t seem to tag.

I kinda sorta cheated in that one of them is a shot of my hair from a wedding I was in back in May, but it was pretty enough that I wanted to include it.  I tried to include all pics I haven’t before.

I dooooon’t think I’m gonna tag anyone because I can’t remember who has and has not done this, but here you are.

I’m really just gonna learn how to do box braids myself because I went to a hair salon today and they were just so anti-natural hair. I’m so happy I prepared my hair for this, because if I had not took proper care of my hair before installing the box braids I swear I would have been bald the second that hairdresser touched my hair.

I’m really shy so I was happy my friend was there to tell the hairdresser to not do the braids too tight (she didn’t really care tho).

And she was combing my hair with the tiniest comb (even after I asked her not to) while also applying heat on it (because my hair is too nappy and not well detangled - bitch, I detangled my hair all night, just because you don’t like natural hair doesn’t mean my hair isn’t the baddest in the game)

Now I know my hair is strong and I will take good care of my braids of course but I’m sick of this hairdressers that are talking shit in your face about your natural hair (in another language ofc, but the y look you in the eyes so you know it’s about you). There’s a reason I don’t go to hair salons and I can definitely say, I won’t happen again.

Like what’s the point of being a hairdresser if you are not going to listen to what your customer wants you to do? Like I asked for ass-length braids and the bitch was like: I do not have time for that. Like???

But besides that I’m really happy about my braids!