To all my followers who have APs tomorrow:

Eat a good breakfast. Drink lots of water. Take a few deep breaths. Bring in whatever supplies is required of you. And freaking conquer those tests. Remember, the ONLY way for you to actually fail this test, is to leave it blank. Even if you don’t know the answer, if you write something down, you will get points.
You guys are freaking smart. Really freaking smart. 
Now get off of tumblr and hit the sack! 

- ̗̀ How to play Gamecube Games on Wii U  ̖́-

Step ➊ - Softmodding your Wii U

▶ If you are unfamiliar with what “softmodding” means, then it is basically an exploit which allows you to download the “Homebrew Channel.” With the Homebrew channel, you can receive much more accessibility when it comes to hacking, emulating, backup management, etc. 

▶ What you will need: SD Card ( ≤ 2 gigabytes), and a copy of Super Smash Brothers Brawl.

▶ Follow this five-minute guide.

Step ➋ - Gamecube ISO files

▶ In order to emulate Gamecube games, you will need the games themselves. The extension for Gamecube games is .iso, and you can download .iso files at emuparadise (you can also just google “[some gamecube game] iso download” and look through other results).

Step- Nintendont

▶ What you will need: A Wii classic controller / a USB controller.

▶ Follow this guide.

▶ You’re pretty much done! A couple things to note: As of now, you can’t use the Wii U gamepad’s controls to play the games. You can only play them using the controllers ^ that I mentioned earlier.

Keep in mind that there is minimal risk involved, but I will not be held accountable for any possible damage!