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Io e la mia ragazza stiamo assieme da 2 mesi Sono stati 2 mesi magnifici, ma negli ultimi giorni lei mi sembra diversa, litighiamo tutti i giorni Io la amo come solo un matto può amare, ma non ce la faccio più così - V.

Parlale, chiedile quale sia il problema, falle complimenti, regalale qualcosa ogni tanto, abbracciala in pubblico, tienile la mano. E mai, MAI prenderla in giro. Manco per scherzo. Mai. Falla sentire una regina.


request; Can you draw the Mekakushi Dan as babies, with Shin and Ayano as their guardians (maybe Takane and Haruka too?)

ahh THIS IS AN OLD REQUEST BUT I DID IT AHAHA have the mekameka school with guardians ayano, shintaro, takane and haruka. bonus pic with their mean pet snake kuroha.


Edison’s Famous Quote in 8,000 Map Pins

“None of my inventions came by accident. I see a worthwhile need to be met and I make trial after trial until it comes. What it boils down to is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.” - Thomas Edison

Using 8,000 colored and black map pins, designer and artist Dominique Falla recreated one of Thomas Edison’s famous quotes in this beautiful typographical project. On top, she used colorful map pins to demonstrate “inspiration” and on the bottom she used all black pins to show the “boring drudgery” or hard work we must all go through that make up the 99%.

The whole piece, called Ideas are 1% Inspiration … 99% Perspiration, took Falla about a week to complete with part of the time dedicated to driving from store to store to pick up all the map pins she could find. After gathering them up, Falla said that she first typeset the words on the computer to make sure they all fit. “I printed the sheets out and tiled them together, then taped it to the foam core and pierced around the edge of each letter with a pin to make a hole,” she told us. “When I had completed all of the letters, I removed the paper and then stuck pins in all of the holes and after that, filling in the blank areas with the remaining pins was easy.”

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