The Disney Sci-Fi Curse

Whenever Disney steps out of their fantasy comfort zone and tries to make a science fiction film/franchise/property to call their own, it ends up doomed because Disney’s connection with fantasy is so connected to its legacy that general audiences are taken aback when Disney goes against the grain. Which is unfortunate because many of them are actually pretty good or at least decent. Hell, handful of these are on my favorite Disney films list.




Freakazoid and Neil deGrasse Tyson made jokes about it decades later-tier doooomed

Poor bastard didn’t even stand a chance-tier doooomed!

Justified execs killing one of the best unbuilt Disneyland attraction ideas-tier doomed

Downward spiral since the 90s that has resulted in a gradual transformation into Islands of Misfit Cartoon properties.

And now unfortunately, another member has joined the club.

And they ended up bringing a friend down with them (and Tron was already skating on thin ice considering Legacy’s mixed reception and Uprising being pretty much condemned to die on XD)

Like the only in-house exception to the Sci-Fi curse I can think of is this. And even then, look how Lilo and Stitch was originally sold: Using the fantasy legacy.

WIth Tron 3′s cancellation, Bob’s definitely steering the company further into becoming dependent on acquisitions. After all, who needs in-house Sci-Fi when you have Marvel/Superhero films and Star Wars? 

Support Disney Science Fiction kids.


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