on ze:a's lee hoo taking to twitter

these articles by allkpop and koreaboo were published on the issue with the translated tweets before they were deleted; 

ZE:A’s leader Lee Hoo (Junyoung) reveals he’ll be revealing explosive secrets about Star Empire’s CEO

Please stay behind ZE:A and their leader. This company is home to 9Muses aswell, for those of you who don’t know, but you’d know that 9M is constantly revolving members.The idols of Star Empire need help of the public because the company will try to shut them down. It’s really so heartbreaking to see a leader at his breaking point, enough to turn against the CEO. 

All these groups deserve better treatment, they’re all so humble and talented and you don’t know this because of the company. They’ve been neglected and abused, and it’s really time for it to stop.

(*he also discusses Taeheons fight)

these are the tweets translated by allkpop:

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REPORT: Star Empire CEO Shin Joohak reported past abuse of 9Muse in documentary


ZE:A's leader Lee Hoo (Junyoung) tweeted a huge message waging war against his CEO earlier today, causing fans to question the reasons and meaning behind his message. 

Koreaboo looked into the story more, to find information about the CEO of Star EmpireShin Joohak. While Lee Hoo (Junyoung)’s message is vague, it’s also very clear that the situation is extremely serious and at a breaking point after several years.

Take a look at the report below.

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ZE:A's Lee Hoo pleads help from reporters and fans, "Don't ignore this situation."


Earlier today, ZE:A’s leader Lee Hoo, formerly known as Junyoung, tweeted a chilling message in regards to the group’s situation and Star Empire’s CEO. He then pleaded to the public to help him spread the truth about Star Empire’s corruption, after which the company commented that the issue seems to be financially related.

Now, the leader has released more information through Twitter.

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Lee Hoo (Junyoung) you are so brave...Who knows what kind of horrible things happened to you that made you explode like this and reveal the true dark side of kpop and even admit to wanting to comit suicide...I hope your CEO pays for everything...I know there are still no evidences and that these are just Lee Hoo's words but I 100% BELIEVE HIM AND WILL SUPPORT HIM because those tweets were so full of anger,sadness,pain...You can't fake that,not like that...Please stay safe...All the horrible things are coming to my mind-I hope he wasn't abused by the CEO but I feel like he was...And that is just one of the many horrors kpop idols experience...#Ibelieveinyou