Strange Empire is a dark, gritty drama set in the 1860s, but in this western the men have disappeared and the women are in charge 

Guys. Canadian TV is rocking it this fall. 

Lady Cowboys. Living, surviving and protecting their own city. 

Written by Laurie Finstad Knizhnik who brought you Michelle Forbes in Durham County. 


i’m still perplexed everytime i read shit on the internet about queen bee empire being about 1. my fantasy 2. teenage girls and about it being exploitative of sex workers and that its just an excuse for me to have sex with everyone it in.

so i just want to clarify:
it was not at all my choice what sex acts or role playing scenes happened as that was 100% dictated by those acting it out.
i had meetings with the cast to write dialogue and a storyline around what they wanted to do.

no one in the cast is or was at the time of filming a teenager.

i actually find it fucked that people are completely dismissing the autonomy of the cast members and making statements that they were being exploited when that is not at all how any of them have described that experience.

i dont star in the film, and ive never had sex with anyone it in on or off set.
if i were to make a film about what i am into sexually or a film that would turn me on it would be nothing like queen bee empire or best slumber party ever. (this is my no means a disrespect to people who star in the porn they direct or are turned on by the porn they direct. i just personally dont have that relationship with the porn ive directed)

maybe people are giving me wayyy to much credit for these films. i art directed them and wrote dialogue, filmed it and edited it but the sex scenes and the sexuality that is being represented is not mine, it belongs to and comes from those that are actually in the film. i thought that was very clear. the sex scenes are totally genuine and organic, but it seems like some people are speculating and making statements as if it was played out really differently to how it was.
and i get that i have haters and that things should be critiqued but all this intense shit talking people are doing online about the film (and my “role” or “intention” for the film) is actually really horrible for the real life people who wanted to be in the film and chose to be in it and share parts of themselves (i dont just mean that as their bodies but also share their sexuality and their fantasies) and care about the project and the film.

by saying that the film is my fantasy and that im exploiting people you are saying that the cast (whom by the way is almost exclusively queer women) didnt have control over their bodies, that they were powerless, that they were unable to make choices for themselves and that they were victims. now imagine if you did this film with your friends for fun and you felt positive about it (and maybe you even did it cause you really wanted and cared about having certain representation in porn) and all these people you didnt even know were saying all that other stuff about you, it would be so fucked!

also this film isnt even online, is anyone that has all this speculation and crap to say about it even seen the film?


Baron Sigismund Freiher von Herberstein, ca. 1517.

Герберштейн в жалованном русском платье, полученном им при втором посольстве (с рисунка того времени) Сигизмунд Герберштейн. Записки о Московитских делах. СПб., ca. 1908.

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Yesterday, we went to the Mall of America! It was a blast, we conned Cathy into taking the log chute ride with us, haha. Look how terrified we all are! I was also holding Cathy’s purse under my hoodie, so I had a major case of Purse Gut, lol.

Today, for the first time ever, we play in North Dakota in Fargo at the New Direction. We are very, very excited!


Главный фасад отдела Всемирной выставки в Париже в 1878 г. Арх. Ропет. / Павильон для продажи русских газет, папирос, сигар, табаку, чая, кумыса и проч. в Париже в 1878 г. на Всемирной выставке.  Арх. Ропет. — Из альбома «Мотивы русской архитектуры»

Valentina Cervi as Maria Bolkonskaya in War and Peace (TV Mini-Series, 2007).