los angeles times the taste event 8/29 at paramount picture studios.

this is the pre-event called cocktail lab that featured cocktail demonstration and vendor info.  it was basically a cocktail buffet for extra $50 with small plates olives, cheeses, crackers, nuts…

the small plate of cocktail food with distillery no.209’s watermelon gin cocktail.  ascendant spirit’s spicy american star ghost chili vodka.  lastly, suerte tequila’s cool buttons & stickers.  the cocktail was like sriracha tequila smoothie.

Springbank 20 year (special bottling). Ever wonder what it would be like to own your own cask, have it age in a renowned distillery for two decades, then get cases of the magic sent to you? Me too. Until a good friend handed me this bottle. Nose is slightly sweet, rich, a little spicy, and very deep. Taste is silky, slightly sweet (not saccharine, more like a light brown sugar), savory and stunningly delicious. This is the best Scotch I’ve ever tasted. And it’s entirely unpeated, making the feat even more remarkable. My scale is typically a 10 and I’m tempted to pull a Spinal Tap and give this an 11, but given the fact that this dram is quite literally impossible to find (less a handful of bottles), I’ll settle for a perfect score. Single malt Scotch whisky. 10/10

Danke nochmal an ESSEN ORIGINAL sowie das RAMASURI FESTIVAL. War geil bei euch. Und danke an Schlagzeuger Tobias für die Fotos.

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21.10. Stuttgart – Universum
22.10. München – Feierwerk
23.10. Weinheim – Cafe Central
24.10. Saarbrücken – Garage Club
25.10. Köln – Underground
26.10. Dortmund – FZW
28.10. Hannover – Musikzentrum
29.10. Osnabrück – Kleine Freiheit
30.10. Bremen – Tower
31.10. Lübeck – Riders Cafe
01.11. Hamburg – Headcrash
02.11. Berlin – Magnet
04.11. Leipzig – Distillery
05.11. Dresden – Groove Station
06.11. Würzburg – Cairo
07.11. Frankfurt – Das Bett
08.11. Salzburg (A)– Rockhouse
09.11. Wien (A) - B72
10.11. Graz (A) – ppc