etsyfindoftheday 1 | 9.22.14

‘darling, let’s be adventurers’ paper wreath by paperfoxla

i’d love love love to have this beautiful typographic and flowered wreath decoration hanging in my apartment or office - i can’t get enough of the colors, the varied blooms, and the wonderfully freeing sentiment <3

okay hi so this is meee my name is taylor, I’m a good friend of crystal’s :) selfie above because hey, she is the selfie queen herself ;) she may have mentioned me here or there or not at all idk ahaha. So basically I just got to her house, she’s at the hockey game (probably crying/screaming her face off) so I went on her laptop and thought i’d write a little something :)

I’ve known this wonderful human being since grade 6 sooo like 9 years now. And for those of you on here who love her, i don’t blame you. She is amazing. She is freaking hilarious for one and always has me laughing when i’m with her. she has a “i don’t give a fuck attitude” in the best ways possible as in go to the mall in pajama pants no makeup and a toronto sweater and not give two shits ahaha it’s actually awesome. 

Crystal is to me that one person who I can be my complete self around and have no worries. She’s there for me when I need her. And we’ve had rough times of course but we’ve also had some of the most amazing times of our lives. Our tattoo just shows that you are my other half and that we cannot live without the other.

I love you to absolute bits crystal and i consider myself so very lucky to have you in my life. i can’t wait to go to Cuba tomorrow to have another one of our adventures :)