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"Lost Boy" performed by Derek Klena from Ryan Scott Oliver's new musical, Darling

can we talk about raven reyes for a second?? this is the girl who has been let down by everyone in her life. she’s learned to trust no one but herself.  she pushes everyone away before they can hurt her. she’s guarded and cautious. she also fierce and independent and shows no fear.

tonight we saw her realize that she’s scared. really truly scared. scared of dying. scared that she’ll fail the people she cares about. scared of being alone. and in what is certainly the most vulnerable state we’ve ever seen her in, she utters the line “please don’t leave me.”

in that moment raven was also the strongest we’ve ever seen her. strong enough to push past her insecurities. strong enough to admit her feelings. strong enough to put herself out there with wick, not knowing how he’ll respond. 

and in return, wick stays. for once, someone doesn’t let raven down.