Meet Russell and Lori, Rin’s homestay parents & Haruka experts

Haru: How do they know that?
Rin: Uh, well...

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im craving percabeth!!!

ah well i may as well make it a full group

  • i love the height thing with these two because we saw them go through puberty so annabeth shot up while percy took a little longer
  • now i think he’s a couple of inches taller than she is
  • and he’s so fucking smug about it until she wears heels and he’s like nooo that’s cheating stopit
  • (she doesn’t care)
  • he’s so goddamn lazy about getting his hair cut and annabeth has to put reminders on the fridge and the bathroom mirror and ends up dragging him to the barbers herself because otherwise the moron would just never get it cut
  • she steals his sweaters and looks adorable in them
  • idk i think one of my favourite things about these two is just how in sync they are. so when they’re fighting, they just know each other’s next moves and work so well together
  • i like to think this transfers into regular life
  • like cleaning the house or the bedtime routine or putting groceries away or changing nappies etc etc
  • percy’s mentioned that he hates sleeping during the day and this made me think of what they do on those lazy sundays where you have absolutely nothing to do
  • they play lava floor in their apartment
  • and make up really extravagant games which involve bonus points and possibly alcohol
  • they teach it to the rest of the seven but the others are usually pretty lost
  • morning cuddles happen regularly
  • followed by morning sex
  • they go back to CHB at least for a while after the war (THEY SURVIVE SHUT UP)
  • they still do chores together
  • when i was reading SoM recently, there’s a bit where annabeth sits on percy’s table and everybody is horrified like they’re snogging in a period drama
  • anyway, i had this headcanon that annabeth did that a couple of times after they started dating and percy was all blishing and like annabeth, if you don’t leave now i think mr D will turn you into a grapevine
  • but she’s a rule breaker so
  • speaking of, they break the no two campers alone in a cabin rule a lot
  • heh

i finally watched the episode of la ink where frank iero gets the portrait of his grandfather done and he’s such a patient understanding darling he’s so cute kill me i’m seeing him next week do you hear these sobb s