Remus -
loose tea leaves at the bottom of a mug, a loud crack of thunder, stained book pages, coffee cup rings on a wooden table, wringing hands, how it feels on those days where the sky is grey but it’s just not raining yet, old world maps, lazy music played from a phonograph, the ocean at its calmest

Peter -
wet dirt underneath bare feet, bundling up in a pile of blankets, dew on fresh leaves, scraped knees, walking through massive double doors into a warmly lit room, jumping into a lake in the summertime, calloused hands, freshly ground pepper, running through an airport to catch a flight

Sirius -
the sound of lighting matches, rolled back shoulders, fingers snapping, driving on a highway at midnight, cracked glass, cool marble, wind whipped hair, the sound of laughter echoing through corridors, a first sip of whiskey, arms wrapped around waists, recognizing a face in a crowd

James -
ice clinking in a glass, the cracked caramel top of a crème brûlée, helium balloons, surprise parties, untucked shirts, receiving a letter from a loved one, sneakers on wood floors, taking a bow after a show, dirty fingernails, learning a new language, the view from the top of a mountain at dawn

—  based off of this astrology post