Hi Mei I don’t know if you’re still taking the honest submissions thing but I just wanted to say that you are a really sweet person. I know things at college have not been going very well but I believe that you are strong and can through them. ^^ Otherwise your blog is very cute and there’s a lot of pink things and you are an A+ gift giver. I saw the package you sent to Soojin and wow 10/10 it was very thoughtful. You are very kind and considerate to others even when you don’t feel super appreciated and I think that that’s very impressive. You are a very good person and deserve good things to happen to you. ^^



thank you asdfja;l i dont know what to say you’re making me blush ; A ; thank you for your kind words ♥ i think you’re very strong as well and i love your personality! our major isn’t easy and im awed by how dedicated and smart you are. it’s inspiring to me c: 

good things deserve to happen to you too and you’re an amazing person that i am fortunate enough to have met c: