stop saying that people who are upset about the significantly lower amount of attention given to Pakistan are simply “following the wrong people”. stop telling these people that “it isnt a competition”. no one tried to compete, people here have been getting bombed and shot and harmed for as long as we can all remember and it’s natural to be upset that after it has happened for the hundredth time, there is STILL not enough attention given, in social media or otherwise, to problems in muslim countries. stop invalidating people from muslim countries, stop invalidating pakistanis in particular.

They had organic coffee beans but not organic espresso beans. I was like, REALLY?!

white woman, in Boulder, complaining to her barista

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        the mun is speaking so quiet down pls ( jk don't hurt me )

so how many of you were told that your lunch money would be taken away from you if you don’t follow me? i’m serious - like 736 people tolerate me?? bless your h eart. anyways ~ thANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!! * cues the epic edm song and dances w/ you all * you’re all the best informees ( yes it’s a word, i googled it just to quadruple check ) any girl could e ver have. * showers you all in warm hugs bc its hella cold * now on to the naming of the people for the list. !!( no particular order )

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so .. i know i missed a few other people and i apologize ;; i love each and every single one of my followers. thank you all so very much again and yeah. happy holidays and i hope you all get what you want for christmas bc it’s that one time of the year to be spoiled — no birthdays don’t couNT OKAY SHEESH.


Morrigan’s Winter Palace Outfit Appreciation

If people can reblog those ridiculously long “best of tumblr” posts, I can write longish text posts without a read more. The “best of tumblr” posts are just 10 poor quality screencaps of other people’s posts and nothing original. They are also a lot longer and show up a lot more frequently than my text posts. 

The Tauriel critical ‘meta’ out there is getting even more hysterical like “she was EMOTIONAL and IN PAIN about Kili dying she DESERVED BETTER”

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so I've been thinking about Chas and the whole 'can't die' thing and like... idk but I'm kinda feeling like the reason he can't die is he tried to kill himself at some point and was cursed to live as a form of punishment. but idk, i think i'm just trying too hard to make myself sad.


why would you