My name is Jenna. I’m 21 years old.

I’ve been following this page for a very long time and the inspiration I get from all of the beautiful ladies on here is unbelievable. I posted on here a while back now, when I was a UK size 12 and aged 18/19. Since then, my body has been through so many things and it has altered so much. For the past few years, my body has been a war zone, but I am finally embracing my curves and my larger frame. I went from a UK 12, to a UK 22 and I’ve finally found comfort being a UK 16. 

A body doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. I have stretch marks, I have scars, I have imperfections, but I’ve finally accepted that they’re not negative things. They’re normal, and natural.

Every woman is beautiful. Every body is beautiful. It’s taken me a very long time but I now know that.

Current measurements: 47-36-49

desci-47 today you really pissed me off. Like I don’t know if you feel empowered by the fact that Jalen is your friend now or some shit but you need to get your shit together. don’t forget that just a couple a weeks again your were crying rivers trying to get some attention so don’t turn back around and act like you are all high and mighty. It’s not a good look girl. I’m not trying to attack you but if you want respect that’s not how you go about it.