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Is there any way for me to get paid online? pls help I need money

I know this site called i-say it doesn’t pay you cash, but it pays you with rewards (for example, gift cards) you can gain 200$ fast, you just need to sign up and then confirm your email address and do a survey for them. After that you will get rewards! it’s super easy and I gain 150-300$ a week!

NOTE : Only USA and CANADA are open the program!

Tragic: 47 Percent Of Americans Don't Have Just $400 Available For Emergencies (VIDEO)

Tragic: 47 Percent Of Americans Don’t Have Just $400 Available For Emergencies (VIDEO)

If you are one of the people who exposes themselves to the barrage of misinformation on Fox News, you might believe that there are no truly poor people in the United States. Here’s some of their propaganda: Let’s for a moment forget (because Fox News certainly does) that these numbers apply to people who have homes – and that more…

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i am…………. distraught

As I did with DAO buttons, here goes KOTOR ones, unwatermarked, in the source whole resolution (I don’t know how much tumblr is going to shrink that)

Enjoy and use happily.

  Elmer Bischoff - Man and Lavender Sky, 1958. Oil on canvas, 47.5 x 59.7 in. (120.6 x 151.7 cm). Private Collection

Get to know me

Name: Kira

Birthday: October 12th

Gender: -

Sexual orientation: Pan

Height: Just under 5’ 2"

Favorite color: Black

Time and date: 9:47 PM, June 2nd

Average hours of sleep: Five to six.

Lucky number: I do not have one.

Last thing I googled: I cannot
remember? I think it was Lace Market.

First word that comes to my mind:
Moitie, because that’s what I was looking for on Lace Market. Lol

How many blankets I sleep under: 3

One place that makes me happy: A warm bath filled with bubbles and rose oil.

What I’m wearing right now: A black nightgown.

Favorite fictional character: I have too many.

Favorite book: The Ocean at the End of the Lane.

Last movie I saw at the cinema: Maleficent. Oh my glob it has been a year and this answer still has not changed.

Last book I read: Wildwood

Favorite drink: Rose tea
Favorite food: -

Dream vacation: I think I would enjoy touring through a few places in Europe while visiting cafes and museums.

Dream wedding: -

Dream pet: My little Claudia.

Dream job: Running a Victorian tea house, of course~

I am not tagging anyone for this one. I was bored~

hellackool asked:

1, 44, 47

1. do you want a bf or gf?
I have a lover
44.Have you ever had your heart broken?
not reeeeally not romantically
47.Have you ever found it hard to tell someone you like them?
yes every time I’ve ever liked someone I can’t tell if I’m really obvious or if people have no idea because I’m so weird when I like someone