I was excited to work with Emily. I mean, Emily…she’s such a good actress and she’s a musician, she’s a listener, she’s a performer, everything she says is so honest. And um, it was nice because you wouldn’t normally pair those two up, I think, so it made it interesting. But um…and we were high fiving for every take, and it was a good bonding moment for the two of us. That stuff sitting on the porch, listening to her tell a story and give that speech, I didn’t have to do anything I just had to listen to her. She was so good in that. I think she was kind of like, at that point with everything that had happened in the story with everybody losing each other…at that point I think she’s sort of like this little flame of hope at the end of some long tunnel, and then ya know it gets taken away. Like everything on this show. I don’t know, it was nice to work with her, I had a really nice time (with her).
—  Norman on the episode (Still) with Emily/Beth at Fan Expo Canada 2014

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What you can dois submit something to be put on on the page. We need a lot of submissions in order for this to work, it would really help us if you would create something and submit it. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it’s positive and encourages strength and recovery. If you don’t want to submit anything, please reblog this. Everything helps.

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