I never formally posted about this here, but hey hi I wrote a book!! 

I’ve been working on this project since early May 2014 & it’s been such a great, rewarding experience. If you would have told young Connor that he would write a book, he would probably laugh in your face & say “yeah right” followed by some other snarky comment. 

This memoir highlights my upbringing in a town of only 4500 people and the journey to my current life in the busy city of Los Angeles. I’ve had many ups & downs in my life thus far (many internal struggles dealing with acceptance of the person I am). I hope my words resonate with anyone in this digital day & age struggling with self-worth, purpose, direction, sexuality, friendship, relationships, etc. I’m very young & have so much more to learn, but this is how I see the big world around me right now.   

I hope the dozens of images, taken by yours truly, guide your eye & keep your attention throughout my untold stories. The minimalism makes me so happy, I gasp nearly every time I look at the pages because I’m a nerd like that haha 

I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for each & every one of you reading this, so thank you - this wouldn’t have been possible without your constant love & support. I hope your enjoy reading my words & hearing my story xx

Preorder your copy of my book here: aworkinprogressbyconnor.com

why is it tht sex workers are always expected to answer an endless stream of questions about their profession no matter how invasive or inappropriate or repetitive like can u imagine being asked how u became a cashier and then when u didnt have a satisfactory answer being berated for being stuck up like

This one isn’t really white women-specific, but I’m going to include it because I’ve seen a lot of white feminists pull this shit and frankly it’s garbage.
Like, this is literally what you’re saying: “I believe women have agency and can make decisions about their lives except for when it has to do with sex work, at which point I will assume that either someone is exploiting them or else they are self-hating gender traitors only interested in the male gaze.”
So just to clarify, you think that women can make choices except when it’s a choice you disagree with, at which point you’re pretty sure she’s being coerced. You also think that sex workers need to be “rescued,” even if they’re happy with what they do. You would rather see women further marginalized by anti-prostitution laws than find ways to keep sex workers safe.
Again, explain to me how this is a pro-woman stance?