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You can't just say "Possible Snake return" because MGS4 is listed there and ignore everything else like Chrono Trigger, Danganronpa, Soul Calibur, Idolmaster ect.

I can do whatever I want, BUDDY

My pairing predictions and reasons.

I believe that Naruhina and SasuSaku will be canon pairings at the end of the series, here is why: 

So far in Naruto, all canon pairings are designed so that the two people in the relationship are practically opposite in terms of personality, so the relationship is balanced. For example:

  • MinaKushi- Minato is quite reserved and sensible. On the other hand, Kushina is loud and impulsive like Naruto. Their relationship works because Minato’s reserved nature calms Kushina down, and Kushina’s loud personality brings out Minato’s confidence. This sounds very similar to NaruHina.
  • HashiMito- Hashirama is very loud and fairly unprofessional when it comes to being hokage (by acting like a dork ect…), however from what we know, Mito was very calm and responsible, so she would have been the one to make sure he did his paperwork ect… (A lot like Tobirama) 
  • Tsunade and Dan- Tsunade has an angry temper and is very hot headed, while Dan is calm and collected, and would have been the one to calm her down ect…

This is why, due to their differences, I believe that NaruHina and SasuSaku will be canon, as they fit the pattern. Naruto brings out Hinata’s confidence. Hinata would calm Naruto down. Sakura would bring out Sasuke’s kindness and heal the mentally emotional wounds from his life so far, while Sasuke always seems to bring out the strength in Sakura.

The same can be said for pairings like Shikamaru and Temari, or Ino and Sai/Choji (Both pairings would work)

Thank you for reading :)

Hi Bamon Shippers,

I just wanted to properly introduce myself- I’m Jade, 23 years old and mother of a daughter. I tried so hard not ship Bamon since I seem to only ship doomed ships and all I get is an immense amount of heartache, but fingers crossed Bamon isn’t doomed!

I do follow back everyone who follows, jfc. 

And I would love to write some drabbles or at least attempt to write some drabbles for Bamon. So if anyone has any prompts I would be grateful if you could send me one. 

Also, when posting drabbles ect what tags do you all use? 

Thank you all for being so welcoming. 

((One more day till moving))

( Hi everyone, sorry I’ve been so quiet lately I haven’t even been using my personal blog. But tomorrow is it, last day and I’m moving out. I’d like to say I’m excited but really I’m super tired and stressed. It’s been a non-stop and hectic few weeks. I bough a newer car on craigslist because mine had way to many problems and wouldn’t make it to Las Vegas. Managed to sell my old one, finished my last day of work the same day. Most of that’s happened in the past 3 days, plus packing, scanning documents, organizing things, washing laundry, driving around to pick stuff up, Ect.

Then last night to make things interesting I dropped my phone and shattered the whole screen to where it was unreadable. I spent that night stoping at every cell store on the way home from where I was (the only place I did find who sold screen kits was bestbuy.. But you had to buy the kit then the geek squad had to install it, for $150.) I got up this morning, stopped at the mall on my way to the bank, got my screen fixed in 15 mins for $50, and bought an otterbox. It was a bit of an inconvenience but I got it taken care of.

I’m in bed and my eyes are closed for half of this so I really should finish this up.. I’ll update you all right before I leave then once I get there.. Then I can draw more rainy!



Here are some twin fliers I made for my work, and I can officially talk about it, haha.

I work for Sew Fyi in Los Angeles. We’re a modern, spacious sewing studio open to public! We offer classes at any skill level and our members have full 24/7 access to our studios.

We have several industrial machines (straight, coverstitch, overlock, blind stitch, ect.) and several home machines for use. The studio is fully stocked with notions for members and students to use.

If you sign up for our newsletter, you’ll receive a one day pass free!

Our regular pass prices…
1 Day - $50
1 Week - $120
1 Month - $195

But that’s not all! If you use my personal code (TUBASEWS) you’ll get 20% off any purchase! And if you sign up in groups of 3+, you’ll also receive a deeper membership discount. :)

I’ve been here two days and I’m very much in love with this studio. If you’re a FIDM student too, COME OVER! We have snacks and the machines here are properly tension’d, not like the school machines… this is pretty much what my personal heaven looks like.

anonymous said:

who the fuck is liz? is she part of the luke girl drama?


Liz is Liz Hemmings, Luke’s mummy (aka band mom, tour mom, Queen Liz, Maternal 5sos…ect.) 

She’s kinda the best like ever. Thats all you need to know really. Just go follower her on twitter. 

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xxtwistedlynx said:

You know what I just realized I needed stories of? Hannah and Rythian. I feel like their characters would just mesh well, idk. I would write something- no, maybe I'll do something later. Anyways! Thoughts on the two as friends, lovers, ect? Headcanons?

I haven’t thought much about it. I think they’d be really chill bros, though. I can see them strollin’, having a nice chat, and also bashing in baddies together. Not sure if I could see them as a couple, but if they were we could call the ship Enderowl (pretty sure the real ship name’s rythmadia shush) so that’s a plus.

9am PST is:
(+1) 10am MST
(+2) 11am CST
(+3) 12pm EST (US)
(+8) 5pm BST,GMT,&IST
(+9) 6pm CEST
(+14) 11pm ICT(Bangkok, ect)
(+16.5) 1:30am (24th) CST (AU)
(+17) 2am (24th) EST (AU)

Here’s a list of timezone conversions for the charity livestream Mark, Bob, and Wade are doing tomorrow. For most people it will be on the 23rd of August, but it’s listed if it won’t be. I hope this will help with any confusion that might happen.

Feel free to add other timezones or correct them if they’re wrong, or inbox me and i’ll add to/fix the list.

(keep in mind that Mark tends to go live around an hour or so before the actual stream as a sort of ‘pre-show’)