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I have a sinking feeling about the reason why some fans of DP don't like the idea that he's Pan/omni. It isn't that they want him straight, it's that they think getting in touch with his feminine side to be weak. So they say that it's just a joke that he like's dresses, flirting with some guys ect. 'Because he's too much of a badass to like girly things, so it has to do with something with his mentality.' That's all kinds of wrong right there.

I agree totally

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Exo reactions to their baby's first (step,tooth,standing up,crawl ect.) Wish i found this blog sooner😍 -Bella

I am going to do first step because that is cute. I am just glad you love this blog!

Xiumin: I feel like the proudest father in the world

Luhan: My lovely Luhan Jr, I am so proud of you


Suho: Oh this is so beautiful. You can do another step. Fighting!

*remembers a story* You know this reminds me of this one time I was a baby…*talks as if the baby understand him*

Lay: *completely amazed by what happened* OMG THIS IS THE GREAT MOMENT OF MY ENTIRE LIFE! I shall remember this moment forever.

Baekhyun: COME TO DADDY! 

Baby: *walks the other way and falls*

Baekhyun: Haha that is what you get for going the other way…oh god don’t cry

Chen: Now do another one. Come on. I know you can do it.

Baby: *stands there*

Chen: *some time passes* I still love you

Chanyeol: *laughs at how cute it was*

D.O.: That means you are one step closer into taking over the world.

Tao: *self-explanatory*

Kai: I will reward you if you do another step.

Baby: * does another step*

Kai: Here come a shower of kisses

Sehun: *misses the baby’s first step and hears you screaming with joy and gets confused*

You: She just took her first step. Too bad you missed it.

Sehun: Well at least I will get to see the second step

- Admin J

Can I pick yall's brains

I’m trying to develop some new OCs and a new world (fantasy and magic based, can’t decide if I want it truly modern or traditional fantasy with modern elements) but I want to set up my magic system before anything else. I’m trying to decide if the magic should

-be able to be learned through knowledge and schooling. Go to college to study magic. Only for the truly wealthy to learn.
-be able to learn it through school and traditional teachings of magic passed down by families like family recipes. Some families specialize in necromancy, others in light magic, ect. Spells passed down by generations.
-born with the ability to use it.
-does the power of magic depend on one’s physical aptitude and ability. Do you need to be physically fit to use powerful magic
-if your mental state is corrupt, does your magic change.
-if theyre depressed or anxious, is the magic weakened or darker/more dangerous
-if their mood changes suddenly, does their magic
-can magic be drawn from other sources i.e. light, darkness, twilight (gotta work quick), blood, emotions, fear, death, life itself, ect.
-can small items be enchanted like stickers, cards, paper, fabric, ect.


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Star wars





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Apparently white people in Seattle riot over stupid shit almost every year on May 1st, but this year they want to say it's in the name of cop brutality towards black people in America.

I’ve been looking into it and it’s literally a bunch of white dudes rioting and starting shit with cops. Residents in Seattle, Washington literally expect these riots to happen too, like it’s some kind of embarrassing holiday for them they don’t want to happen. There are peaceful protestors, but the fact that the white people are trying to justify their annual riots in the name of Freddie Gray, Eric Garner, ect., and other problems faced by the black community is fucked up.

No national gaurd was sent in on the rioters either. The police were literally trying to calm the white people in the riot with riot gear on bikes ….no armored trucks/heavy duty weapons(except smoke & tear gas), no city evacuation, little news coverage, but they wanted to dress up and ride bikes??

Here’s the short difference between the riotes. Black people are targeted, killed, framed, and avoid the cops. We don’t run up on cops, they come to us. Black people are provoked by cops/racist people. We actually live in fear of cops. They don’t go all nilly dilly shooting Billy, they go Bang Bang when they see James, you feel?

The rioters in Seattle actually confused the cops in videos, because the cops actually care for them! Cops let you smoke mad weed, and you still don’t know how to chill…The Seattle rioters are NOT with us, and are NOT with Baltimore/Ferguson or the Black cause anywhere else.

The protestors on the other hand did the right thing and should keep going strong! ✊

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Hey how do I become famous?

Ahhhhhh, I’ve been expecting you, and as for the question, I’ll tell you what I know.

  1. Updating: Updating is super important, whether you’re like me (who tries to update everyday), or others (Who update every week to a month.) Regardless, you need to make your updates count. People like to know what to expect.
  2. Reputation: Never try to be represented as a jerk. Be humble, never treat anything you get as if you deserve it cause being a well-known blog is an honor, a privilege. No one wants to be associated with someone who treats them bad.
  3. Social: It’d be best to make friends. Some people are super cool, and will stick with you for a long time. If you have friends, you’ll have a mutual tumblr relationship (Fanart, mentions, cameos, ect.)
  4. Fanart: Now the big part, fanart. Yep, some of us aren’t blessed with a chance to be noticed right off the back, so fanart is very nice for both sides. Draw fanart for all blogs: Famous, blogs starting off, art blogs, ect. It’s very good on both sides because the feeling that someone took time to draw your character is an absolute honor, and also you get a small feature, maybe even gain a pal.

That’s all I have to say, these rules helped me get where I am now. I hope these rules help any of you out there. :D 


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are you a trashy vampire? well this net is for you!


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Favourite shops on etsy? Thankyou :) xx

Just a bit of a disclaimer, I haven’t really bought that much off of etsy, I have tons of shops that I have favorite-ed though so that’s the list. I’ll star any shops I’ve actually purchased from. Also really sorry but I just got home and I am admittedly lazy so there’s no real order. It’s a mix of clothing, jewelry, accessories, candles, ect

So here we go!


















** moonspells

Sleepover Saturday

send me 

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  • descriptions of your crushes (SERIOUSLY OK)
  • cheesy jokes/puns/pickup lines
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  • unpopular opinions
  • top 5 of anything
  • how you found out bout Taylor
  • your fav songs by tay


Ok folks. Marvel Crossover time. If the Boys + Kayo/Jeff had the infinity stones. Who would get what?

I reckon this:

Jeff would have the complete Infinity Gauntlet, but break its power into the Gauntlet and the gems, entrusting his kids with equal but different portions of the power. (like the Thunderbirds, Powerful but different and specialized).

Scott - Time Gem (speed up/slow down and reverse/accelerate aging. Time travel)

John - Mind Gem (Universal Consciousness, telepathy+Telekinses)

Virgil - Power Gem (Controls all power in the universe)

Gordon - Reality Gem (warp universe’s natural laws)

Alan - Space Gem (Free movement, dimensional manipulation, wormhole creation ect)

Kayo/Tintin - Soul Gem (Steals/controls/reads souls of living/dead)

I was really stuck with John and Gordon’s stones. It seems universally accepted that Gordon was told he couldn’t walk again after his Hydrofoil accident, he made himself walk again through sheer determination, so that could be a ‘warping natural laws’ kind of thing. And given John’s position as the eyes and ears of IR, he could suit that role too. But at the same time, John’s like the one controlling all the operations and Gordon - exactly how well was he able to recover from the incident? Could be siphoning the stone’s power and using Telekinesis to make his legs move?

Hehe. Thats just me talking crap. Still, loved to hear thoughts.


Seeking purple berry sims for the Lace Rainbowcy gen. 1 bachelorette challenge! Any gender, any supernaural type or lack of. Young adults, though, please :)

A little about the girl they’ll be fighting for. Gossamer Lace is a while fairy berry sim, she’s good, family oriented, athletic, disciplined, and a green thumb. Her favorite color is white (obvs) and she enjoys pop music and salmon.

I will be taking seven sims for this bachelorette challenge, send me an ask/fanmail/ect to reserve a spot!

1. siiimmers
2. simsplyirresistible - Winterberry Shine
3. going-simmingly
4. legendofsim
5. simlishspeakingworld
6. tosimornottosim
7. bellesgrotto 

Alright so basically I’m updating my commission page bc of changes of style, coloring, ect. 
So money wise, I will take half of the cost of the commission before drawing and then the other half once its done. (I’m using paypal just a heads up) Some prices on there are in-between certain numbers because the price will range depending on complexity/shade/other.

As seen above, the prices are also listed here:
✧ Sketches: 5$
✧ Color Lineart/No shade: 10$  
✧ Full Shade: 20$
✧ No Lines: 25 (the price can be debatable since theres the option of shading or not.)
Extra things:
✧ Full body: + 4$
✧ Backgrounds: 3-5$ (complexity wise)
✧ Adding extra people: + 3$ per extra person
✧ Bust: 2$
Alright so next up are things I am willing to draw.
✧OC’s (send a good ref picture !)
✧Fandom related characters/other
✧ Friends/you/other
And here’s a list of stuff I won’t draw.
✧Gore related (I can do some blood but I cannot draw full out gore.)
✧Furries (Ive tried its hard for me)

Thats pretty much it !! If you have any other questions or would like to commission me feel free to message me and we can chat! 

if you’d rather email me, you can email me here:

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((Soon I’ll be changing my name))
As some of you may know I just came back from more or less a year of being inactive and as I have some I the same interests (Just funny things, Activism, Nature/Photography, Fallout boy, Panic, Mcr..ect) I have many more I would like to have on my dash. So like or reblog if you post any of the following or anything in the previous brackets;
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hi um im looking for friends

if you are also looking for friends and:

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Hey! I know this isn't a question but... I'm white person who lives in a place where the majority of people are white but I have/had tons of friends who are of different Race/ethnicity and I'm over the moon excited for Shadowhunters because it will be the 1st truly racially diverse tv I will ever see. And honestly I don't see the big deal over casting actors/actresses who are Hispanic, black, ect, it's not like they're rewriting the book or changing plot lines (Thanks!).

I don’t get why people have to be so negative. Their race has nothing to do with their characters in the books. People are acting like Isabelle and Simon HAD TO BE WHITE. Being white literally has nothing to do with their characters so I don’t understand the fandom’s logic. I think it’s important for white fans to see this representation, as well. 

The fandom’s racist reaction to the Simon & Isabelle casting is exactly why we need a racially diverse cast.