People coming into the drama late are not realizing that the Dolce Vita is NOT the cause or the source of the drama.

The reason why the Dolce Vita was made, was in response to THIS drawing of Maggie in a transparent, but pretty censored dress.

People were harassing Michelle over THIS drawing. They were adamant about it being taken down, that she was a pedophile, ect. 

There’s ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with it. It’s just a throwback to greek/renaissance art, with Maggie as the subject.

But the backlash was so strong, that she created the Dolce Vita as a big screw you to the people that were trying to actively sabotage her over this image. Once her deviantART was suspended, she posted the Dolce Vita on the main website- because shes literally tired of all the fandoms BS. And guess what? it’s passable BECAUSE THE AVA’S DEMON COMIC IS RATED M

Minors are NOT supposed to be reading it.  Which means If you are a minor, it is at your own viewers discretion to be here.

It doesn’t matter if you view her actions as childish or not- she has a right to post it where she wants considering that it’s HER website, the website is rated M, and the fact that people on a daily basis are attempting to ruin her life over fictional characters anyway, REGARDLESS of the images existence.

They’ve already hacked the main website and killed it(which was down for a solid month or two), chased Michelle off tumblr, and now had Michelle suspended from DeviantART.

WAKE UP. There hasn’t been a single update in a LONG time that people haven’t been ferocious about about.

They are trying to ruin her career. NOW the fandom is silencing her freedom to even draw her own OC’S. IT’S GOING TOO FAR.

 Michelle has every right to be absolutely livid. And I don’t blame her.


Goodmorning!!! 2nd set of selfies today for #transdayofvisibility and I thought I’d take a picture of the bullies at my school.

The guys behind me in the pictures have been parking next to me for months now, and yelling some pretty crappy names (faggot,sissy,fucker,ect.) at me for being gay/trans and usually I say fuck you to them but today I felt like they deserved some attention because it seems like they crave it.

Please don’t be afraid to be who you are because this happens to me everyday and you can’t let it effect you any further than you hearing it!
Be sure to post your selfies in the tags and make some friends because everyone I’ve talked to today has been hella rad ;^D

hey amorphoussquare can you explain to me why after emotionally manipulating me to the point where i was completely dependent on you, making me feel like complete shit when i cut you out of my life, and using attention seeking tactics such as saying you were killing yourself just to get a response out of me (when it was obvious you had no real intentions of doing so), why after ALL OF THAT which happened MONTHS AGO, you fucking bought me something from my wishlist (your name was on the bill which was printed 3/23) and THEN when i had my friend message you on facebook about it (since im blocked, it was a message i typed out and she sent stating it was from me) saying how its creepy and you need to stop and ect, you blocked her? can you just explain this to me? since you cant do it privately maybe this will give you the attention you’re obviously looking for from me. 

The sign’s Insta Bio


*too cool to have a bio*


*uses bolded font* *spells out their name*

*“hipster” emojis such as the coffee, and the nail polish hand*

*link to their photography account*


“There’s “hell” in hello, “good” in goodbye, “lie” in believe, “over” in lover, “end” in friend, “ex” in “next”, & “if” in life.”

“You know my name but not my story.”




*inside joke*


*emojis everywhere*

*using weird font*

*their favorite song*


its all about me

i am the QUEEN

(un)follow for (un)follow

make that button green *arrow emoji pointing to the follow button*


*sports team name*

*organized chaos of emojis*

One Direction / 5sos / Justin Bieber /ect. IS MY LIFE

*link to a different social media account*


lol ur not *insert famous white boy name here*

i’m Brooke! My heart was stolen by Justin!!!!!

*insert high school name here* class of ‘17


16 years young! i love emily, maddie, and chloe!

Love God #blessed

“When you’re not happy with your life, always think that someone is happy because YOU EXIST!”

taken ;)


Courtney. Sagittarius. Country girl. Loves starbucks. God comes first. 17 years old. I love Blake Shelton. Lol!!!


i LOVE the hunger games XD

stuff about me: i love food, I’m random!!!! lol, and CATS ARE LIFE!!!1!1!1


i love life! courtney and natalie are my girls! *high school/sports team name*

*all of their social media links*


“I’m not like normal girls…”

I love art, photography, and i’m a total music nerd!!!!

Jesus is my savior!


Little PSA?

I don’t know but i felt the need to make this to get some stuff off my chest. I really wish people would drop the whole boner thing for Luke now. Like he’s a boy he has a penis, we all know what a penis does… It’s a natural thing that happens and there’s nothing wrong with that. Therefore it really shouldn’t be made a big deal to him or the other boys. Same goes for Calum, Ashton and Michael. There is no need to personally, through a DM or tweet or Instagram comment/ect. to ask the boys about it. Ashton said it was headphones… Personally i find that a little hard to believe based on other pictures but that’s besides the point, he shouldn’t have it explain it as it “being headphones” whether it was or not. They are boys and that stuff happens i don’t know why people feel the need to like talk to them and confront them about something so personal like that. How would you feel if someone walked up to you and said “hey you better have a deep vagina because that’ll be better for me.” You’d be disgusted and horrified. It’s one thing to make a post about it but to directly involve them and ask them about it. No. So idk is this a rant? A PSA announcement? I don’t know but all i know is i want the boys happy and i can guarantee you blatantly asking them about their dicks won’t really make them “happy.”

The Autistic Girl Who found her voice through typing- Do you know what happened to her?

Her name is Carly.

Remember that viral video of the autistic girl who was nonverbal but once she accessed a computer she shocked the world (the “experts” anyway) with how clear and real her thoughts were?

She had developed OCD problems due to abusive ABA therapy. She started to talk about how she felt that such abusive programs had caused her OCD. Then somehow she was subjected to Electroconvulsive therapy, a highly controversial and outdated technique that was not appropriate to treat an OCD if it was brought on by external causes like ABA. ECT is usually only used in the worst of biological cases of mental health disorders because it’s for rebooting the brain. Now she can barely type. It is claimed this therapy was her idea. 


Mourn the Dead. Fight Like Hell For the Living.

stoprighttheremywaywardson asked:

Hey, I love the NHI story but I don't really know who most of the characters are (I'm a fan of the show obviously but I've never been any good at remembering writers ect.) I was wondering if there is an explanation of all the characters anywhere that could explain who all the people are/ how they contribute to the NHI saga?

It took me a week to organise all my notes, but the “about” page has been updated:


If anyone has a better phrasing or wants to write a longer bio or include someone else, don’t hesitate to tell me what to write.

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Do you know why Jonghyun's nickname was bling bling Jonghyun when Shinee debuted? I have never really understood that haha :D

apparently it was given to mean that him / his voice “shines”, like gold or gemstones shining, ect.

Calling A Dragon

First things first lets start with my usual warning. This is how I would do things, things that work for me in my practice. Change what you need to, ignore what you need to, your practice is yours not mine. 

Now then. You guys requested so you get it, this is how I would call out to a dragon to work with without having any other dragons to call to or ect. 

This got rather long so its now under a cut. Please ask any questions you have. I tried to be pretty decent with this one but may have missed some things or idk what.

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Synesthesia Art

I have some spare canvases right now and am really in the mood to paint some synesthesia art!
Want a custom painting of the colors I see inside my head?

Small canvases are 5” X 7” and cost $40.00 - I can paint names, numbers, seasons, simply emotions (joy, anger, fear), days of the week, moths of the year, etc.

Large canvases are 8” X 10” and cost $80.00. These are better-suited for songs and music, as well as more complex emotions (the feeling of being alone in the woods, what it’s like to receive good news, ect.)

If you want one, let me know! Only two openings for each size canvas!

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To the person who said 'who cares if you're muslim and lesbian' is probably the dumbest person alive rn.. You can't be both, how can you class your self a 'muslim' if you don't even know anything about the religion WOW

why can’t you be both? Being a homosexual is indeed a sin, I know, but so is backbiting, sex before marriage, eating pork, drinking.. ect. I’m not lesbian for a fact but it annoys me when people say you can’t be lesbian and Muslim because to be honest, someone’s sexuality shouldn’t concern you neither does it preordain whether you’re Muslim or not. You are certainly God to define who is and who isn’t a Muslim and last time I checked what distinguishes a Muslim from a non Muslim is prayer. Focus on yourself, okay.