Okay! I need your help!!!!

I had said I was going to make an animation, and mark had said “yes please!” Though I haven’t gotten around to it because my computer died~

I currently have $400 from commissions and donations! Though I still need $500 more to get my own computer! So to give incentive to donations, I want to make that animation but I can’t start it until I get that computer.

For those that donate:

  • $10-$20 gets you a sketch or speed paint of whatever you want
  • $30-$40 you will be placed in the animation - though nothing crazy and detailed, something like someone in a background or reacting to something!
  • $60 gets you in the animation - moving/dancing/ect - so will be dancing with markiplier and others!

The animation will be me finding markiplier and he teaches me the way of dancing in tight pants. The animation will be to this song and the people already planned to be in this animation:

  • markiplier
  • wade /lordminion777
  • bob
  • danny sexbang
  • arin hanson

Donation link:


If you can’t donate then please reblog! EVERYONE THAT DONATES WILL ALSO BE THANKED AT THE END OF THE VIDEO!!!! Thank you to those who have already donated their money to help me, I could never thank you guys enough! Thank you and have a great day!

Hiya, and welcome to Rae and Raw’s Supernatural Gif Battle Round Two! 
As voted by you cuties the round will be about the cutie giant Sam Winchester ♥ 

  • Reblog this post only if you want to participate. [You can signal boost this post if you want but it would be appreciated if you either tag it or comment on it with ‘signal boost’ attached so we know you’re not entering the challenge.]
  • Likes do not count as an entry!
  • Reblogs will be counted until October 15th.
  • You can follow the official blog and track the tag if you wish, but it’s not required to participate. This will ensure that you get updates about the challenge, see the other participants work, ect.
  • To join the challenge you need to have example of your work on your blog already.
  • After the reblogging period is over we will pair everyone who entered up with a partner of equal skill level.
  • You will get an ask telling you your gif partner’s url, a prompt, and a deadline to post your gif.
  • Make your gif based on the prompt given to you.
  • Post your gif before October 29th. If you can’t get your gif ready by then or have an outlying circumstance that prevents you, send me or rae a message and we’ll work it out.
  • Tag your edit with “gifbattlechallenge” and “your partner’s url” in the first five tags.
  • If your gif doesn’t show up in the tag make sure to send a message of your work to the main blog.
  • All posts will be reblogged to the official challenge blog.
  • Once you’ve posted your gif and see it on the challenge blog, you’re done! Good job!
  • Also this is a challenge to expand our skills and have fun. There are no winners or losers.

So yeah, that’s all. Go nuts, feel free to send me or rae an ask if you have any questions!

[ ! ] PRISM: Activity Check #1

October 1st - October 8th.

Greetings to our members and welcome to Prism’s first Activity Check. If you are an active member of our Galleria, please make sure to reblog this post before the 8th of October, 2014. Failure to comply before the given date will result in your removal from the list and your spot being vacated once more.

  • Members who are taking a break (hiatus) from visiting the Galleria are not required to pay heed.
  • Unfortunately, we will be postponing the event “24 Hours in Seoul” until the Activity Check is over with.
  • The Galleria’s main page will be undergoing minor construction this week/weekend (new layout, graphics, rules, ect), so please bear with us!

See also: Red Carpet Treatment.

Hey guys, need help finding a Sherlolly story! Molly loses her memory and Sherlock uses the opportunity to right his wrongs of the past, like go for coffee with her ect. Anyone know the name of the story??

Once you’re 13, you can’t pretend to be something you’re not and demand the same respect as transgenders/lgbtq people when you’re literally running around barking like bitches or acting like anime kids hopped up on mountain dew.

You were never a wolf/cat/ect.., you are a human of human anatomy and if this makes you angry or makes you cry, you might need to seek professional assistance because it’s not mentally okay to lie that hard to yourself to the point of making yourself think it is okay.

Also Tumblr, I get you try to encourage openness and “You can be what you want!” but you literally can’t. This is the real world, Trans people have actual problems and you bitches are fucking shit up for people with actual issues outside of wanting to be a goddamn dragon.

You can be otherkin, whatever, but the moment you force this onto others as a point of argument makes you a shitty garbage pile. Be what you want, but don’t fucking embarrass others and yourself by making others deal with you.

i will acknowledge that, that snuff-bomb person is not steve and you should not accuse them of being him or call them a rapist or a pedophile ect. sorry i made the mistake of thinking it was them, but i had removed all accusations from my blog that same day.

but they are supporting one, so call them out and inform them they are wrong for doing so.

anonymous said:

Do you have any tips for drawing people? Like arms, legs, torsos, ect. And please don't say "just practice ya fukn idiot lol git gud" Because that doesnt really help anyone.

actually, it does help

its how you practice that gets you results, friend

and the best practice you can do is practicing from ~reference~

draw from pictures of people and animals and buildings and you keep doing that so many times it starts to look like the real deal

but if you really need specifics, ask me one by one and ill try to help the best i can (for example, send me an ask like “how do you draw heads?”. one at a time.)

What if Steve and Bucky’s apartment was turned into a museum after the war and on the front of the building it said "Home to Captain Steve Rogers and Sargent James Buchanan Barnes American Hero’s" and it had everything from all their childhood like Steve’s sketches, photos of them, their clothes, ect.

That would have been pretty cool.



We wanted to make a second network after a very successful first one! We made so many friends that we thought it would be rad to make some more :)) 

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Increase your chances by-
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What you'll get for being in the network-
  • New Friends
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  • html help
  • basically anything you want 

We’re picking on October 10th :)) 

shinyfroufroufurfrou said:

Okay okay how about, if you can taxidermy any animal (Head dress, pelt rug, stuff whateverthetermisusedbecauseI'mignorant ect.) what animal would it be?

ANY animal?

Dinosaur. Any dinosaur.

anonymous said:

This is kinda not very serious but I like a kid and he seems cool, but he is friends with a lot of really gorgeous girls who are really skinny, and sporty(ect...) and I know the saying nothing ventured nothing gained but I don't know how to strike up a conversation and befriend him. it's like every time I think about approaching he has 4 pretty girls hanging out with him and flirting and idk I always sike myself out. Any suggestions? Btw you are an A+ person and blogger. stay excellent!

mmm if he goes to ur school maybe try to drop smth infront of him so he has to pick it up and then start a convo (old school but pretty much always works) if hes In your class maybe ask him about the homework? and thank you so much omg xxx

stuff i should have figured out by now but my brain just refuses to learn this stuff

  • how to spell wednesday
  • getting “decrease” and “increase” mixed up
  • how many days are in a year
  • difference between “effect” and “affect”
  • grammar stuff (antecedents, clauses, conjunctions, ect.)
  • FRACTIONS anything relating to fractions
  • just math in general

komamurahs said:

I'm actually curious, what personifications would you like to see / have yet to see? I've been tempted into making a personification lately, but I'm not sure what ones have been really...taken I suppose? ( I'm not sure if they COULD be taken, since everyone has their own interpretations but I'm new to the whole personification scenario. )

you are right: they can’t all technically be taken because everyone will write them their own way! to be honest i don’t follow too many atm, since the “craze" sees to have died down.

i haven’t seen any for: innocence, paranoia, loathing, obsession, cunning, cleverness, bravery, sacrifice, ect.

askthebloodypainter said:

Sir, may I ask your music taste?

Why of course! It’s a lovely mix of Trashy pop/rock bands (ie Fallout boy, The Summer Set, and Mariana Trench) Nerdcore (ie. Mc Frontalot, AdamWarock, Shaffer the Darklord) Hiphop (ie. B.O.B and Nicki Manaj,)  and a special sect of Rap (ie. Hopsin and SwizZz, Techn9ne, Krizz Kaliko, and Twista ect…) Sprinkle a little bit of Hairspray, Devils carnival, and Teen Beach Movie on top and would have the utter TRASH that is my “Work and Play” Spotify play list.

So naturally on a rest day I spent a good hour or so looking up races to run.

I found a few…

I’ve been wanting to do a color run for so long now, but they’re always so expensive. $45 a person? Well there’s 5 of us… Jesus…

BUT I’ve finally found one that will be $40 TOTAL for our family!!!!!! Yesssss. And hubs even said he’d do it with us. So double yesssssssss! The whole ‘kids 12 and under free” thing is awesome. More races should be that way.

And I also found one that’s a pumpkin run IN a pumpkin patch. How very fall like is that? Free pumpkins, apple cider, hay rides, ect! I’m pumped! It even comes with a long sleeved tech tee with pumpkins on it!!! :)

Watch on intendedformatureaudiences.tumblr.com

GUYS GUYS GUYS LOOK It’s the first episode of In Earnest! That super exciting project I’m working on that I was telling you guys about!! Watch! Subscribe! Ect! 

Think the Lizzie bennett diaries, but with The Importance of Being Earnest.