OKAY BUT cartinelli and stucky au where they are all youtubers and for a month they have a “battle of the same sex couples” and just do challenges and videos together and the subscribers comment below which couple is the cutest

like imagine

  • Peggy and Steve doing the make-up challenge on Angie and Bucky in separate rooms
  • Boyfriend/Girlfriend Tag
  • Chubby Bunny in which it shows them all staring at each other while they put marshmellows in their mouth and Bucky won’t stop saying things like “I can hold a lot in my mouth”
  • Truth or Dare and loser has to eat saltines straight from the can
  • Smoothie Challenge in which they make it for their datemates
  • Language Challenge with Peggy doing French, Steve doing Gaelic, Bucky doing Russia/Romanian, and Angie doing Italian and the other has to try and understand what the other is saying
  • Doing a lot of VS videos
  • ect ect

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I want to learn Spanish but I want to speak like a Dominican or boricua and all the Spanish sites make me sound like a spaniard or so I'm told. I just want to talk to my ppl but I don't want to talk like an outsider. I doubt it but just in case is there sites or apps or blogs or anything that can help with that?

There’s no way to sound like a Dominican or Puerto Rican because although certain places have accents, not everyone there speaks the same way. Why not try to immerse yourself in the culture? Watch Dominican & Puerto Rican TV, read books ect? That way you can pick up words used there and work on accents. But honestly I wouldn’t stress it too much. Work on learning the language first and then work on accents.

Does anyone have any tips?

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I would like your opinion on something. I'm a while girl and I only find white men sexually attractive (and a few Korean men). I never found a black man, hispanic man, ect sexually attractive. Does that make me racist like Tumblr likes to claim???


Everyone is entitled to personal preferences. 

it is that time again! welcome to the june challenge of the dean winchester graphic challenge! 


to begin:

  • reblog this post only if you want to participate. likes do not count as an entry!
  • reblogs will be counted until june 1st.
  • you can follow the official blog and track the tag if you wish, but it’s not required to participate. this will ensure that you get updates about the challenge, see the other participants work, ect.
  • to join the challenge you need to have at least one example of your work on your blog already.

what next?

  • after the reblogging period is over i will pair everyone who entered up with a partner of equal skill level.
  • you will get an ask telling you your graphic partner’s url, a prompt, and a deadline to post your graphic.
  • make your graphic based on the prompt; use your imagination and have fun! you can include other characters from the show too, as long as dean is included.
  • post your graphic before june 30th. if you can’t get your graphic designed by then or have an outlying circumstance that prevents you, send me a message and we will work it out.
  • tag your edit with “deangraphicschallenge” and “your partner’s url” in the first five tags.
  • late submissions will not be accepted unless you message me with the circumstance. posting the graphic on time is part of the challenge!
  • if your graphic doesn’t show up in the tag make sure to send the graphic challenge blog a message with the link to your work.

what happens to the graphic?

  • all posts will be reblogged to the official challenge blog [probably attached with me freaking out in the tags over how good it is let’s be honest here.]
  • once you’ve posted your graphic and see it on the challenge blog, you’re done! good job!
  • also this is a challenge to expand our skills and have fun. there are no winners or losers.

got all of that? good! then get reblogging, and feel free to send me an ask if you have any questions.

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What are your political views?

I don’t want to get into them a whole ton because that always starts arguments, but very liberal democrat I.e. pro choice, equal marriage, higher wages, gender equality, race/sexuality/gender to be taught in schools, gun control, ect

I have something incredibly important to say to this fandom.

I know that there’s some drama going around in the fandom again, and I refuse to just sit back while it all escalates.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, ideas, emotions, dreams.. ect. Keeping that in mind, there are over 7 million people here. Obviously it is impossible for us all to share the same interests or agree on everything. That’s just how the world works.

Now. If somebody has their own creative outlet or interest within the fandom (fanfiction, pairings, fanart, princessplier, darkipliers, RP, , ect..) and they want to post about it, and share what they have to offer, do NOT tear them down.

Everyone has things they enjoy. Things they like to write about, or draw, or create, or dream about. We are all entitled to that. As long as nobody is harmed, do not try and tear somebody down when it comes to something they enjoy.

And definitely DO NOT tear somebody down for the way that they are feeling. You do not get to decide whether or not the way someone is feeling is valid. And that is because people’s feelings are ALWAYS valid. They are feeling them, aren’t they? Sure, you may not agree with the reasoning behind it, but that doesn’t matter. That is how they feel, end of story.

If you do not like somebody, and you don’t enjoy their blog, don’t go to it. Don’t follow it, don’t creep on it, don’t send hate to it. Go somewhere else. That isn’t even me being rude. Just. If you don’t enjoy something, why would you spend valuable time on it when you could be something that you DO like. Your own outlet or sub community and what not. Go find something worth while, we all deserve that.

Please, please, DO NOT send somebody hate. You have no idea about anything going on in their life. You have literally NO IDEA how your words could impact them. Yeah sure, maybe they’ll see your point and magically convert to your way of thinking. Yeah sure, they might just get mad. Yeah sure they might just brush it off and ignore it like its nothing. OR. Or it could be the thing that keeps them up all night crying. It could be the thing that makes them delete their tumblr and lose the only outlet they have. It could be the thing that leads to people no longer being with us. Sorry for the sad truth but it needs to be said. Any of those things could be the outcome. Do you REALLY think it wise to take that chance to see which it is?

We are all human beings. We all have our own things to offer this world. We are supposed to be encouraging individuality and chasing your dreams and helping others and creating a better community and a better world. How can we do that when we can’t even accept and support each other?

And to everyone dealing with hate/drama, especially you my dear, markiplier-is-pwetty
, just remember something. You are beautiful and wonderful completely as you are. I mean look at you! You’re a living breathing person. The only one in the world who has lived the life you had. The only one in the world who experienced everything you have in the way you have that has led you to being the person you are today, with your own thought processes and emotions and individual characteristics all put together in the once in a lifetime order that is YOU. There will never be another you. So don’t ever let someone tell you to stop being that because you are so UNIQUE and you have so goddamn much to offer this world and you don’t have to change for ANYONE.

As I watch one Night Elf tear into another Night Elf about how he can’t be a monk because the Pandaren only recently joined the Alliance, it makes me wonder. Do people really think that in all the years of history there is in WoW, no one would have considered the idea of punching and kicking with direction as a fighting style.

Like, no where along the who knows how many thousands years of history, no one realized that when you hit certain places on the body, it’s worse than other places. So they’d start looking into it, and training, and generally becoming better at it.

I mean, I’m sure the Pandaren may be especially great at it, with so much of their culture centered around different applications that monks use. Pressure points to relieve stress, control emotions, ect. But I can’t begin to think no one else would have created a similar fighting style before meeting them.

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Many faces of mark and jack from innocent to devious sleepy to awake, hairy, shaved, ect.[drunk is always a good one] If its not too much to ask plz and thnx.

Ok I shall see what I can do :)

Undertaker and Vincent

Although I get that some people believe the possibility that Undertaker may be Vincent’s father (by either the family tree and the shinigami Sascha’s comment about their lineage, ect. There’s several comments and theories), I personally think they might simply -not- have been blood related.

Undertaker doesn’t need to have been Claudia’s lover and Vincent’s father to care for both of them. He might have loved Claudia - well, it’s a big possibility - and if that was so, seeing and knowing her child would be more than enough for Undertaker to care for him.

Imagine a scenario: Undertaker knew Claudia since she was young. She grew up, and he might or not have developped feelings for her. He’s a Shinigami, she’s a living human. She married and had a son. Seeing the offspring of someone you love - you truly love - creates a bond too.. Then Claudia eventually died young, and Undertaker still kept around Vincent, even joining his circle. 

Through Claudia, Undertaker might have cared for Vincent as a son, but not actually being his father. They don’t need to be blood related for Undertaker to have a strong bond to Vincent and deeply caring for him because he’s Claudia’s child. 

my thoughts anyway

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What exactly is CC cream for? What is the difference between CC and BB cream? Is one better for darker skin than the other?

 a bb cream stands for “blemish balm” and is essentially a rly thin and light cream that provides the most minimal coverage you can get without going bare faced (in theory but i’ve tried ones that cover better than my full coverage so like..?) also some offer skin care benefits and light sun protection its basically a moisturizer with a little coverage

a cc cream stands for “color correcting” so its similar to a color correcting concealer  they’re generally advertized to correct sallow skin, redness, ect. coverage can vary depending on the product but i do know that a lot of ppl use it like a primer and its more targeted to individual issues

hmm not really? idk i guess it would depend on the line tho! bb creams are more common making it a little easier to find in deeper shades but they’re both kinda white washed products if they’re being sold in a non-translucent shade :/

iman sells a cc cream and a bb cream

blackup cc cream

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this is a weird question but i was wondering how do you start off in a rainbowcy? like is there a set amount of money, can you have jobs ect. i can't find the rules anywhere! thanks xx

It’s basically like any normal legacy except it’s colorful, so I just follow normal legacy rules. You can play how ever you want. There are tons of challenges people have adapted to be rainbowcy’s lol

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I'm a little more than half way done with my first art journal, and I am going to get more stuff for it like paper ect. Do you know of some other good brands/materials? xx

yay!! congrats and dont forget to tag us in your journal post!!! i bet its amazing!

maybe some sticker papers, oslo papers, construction papers/colored papers, you can buy some magazines too for like little cutouts and stuff. washi tapes too!! i cant really recommend some brands because any brand i guess will do with those materials? just make sure that its of good quality and like you can feel the paper material to make sure and stuff oh and also you can buy those little post it notes you can put something in it and post it in your journal too (i do this quite often hehe) either way, goodluck b! xo

- bagelkid

How u gonna constantly preach about how it’s bad to eat meat when u still eat fish, crabs ect. Isn’t it the same thing????? Like I rly don’t get how u can preach about ppl killing one animal while you’re eating another

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[whispers] oliver taking barry out on his motorcycle since barry told him he'd never ridden on one. cue barry holding on for dear life while they race around the city in the dead of night, barry holding onto oliver's jacket so tightly he might actually rip the sleeves right off, pressing his face into oliver's shoulder to shield his eyes from the harsh rush of the wind, half laughing/shrieking because he may have superspeed but motorcycles are TERRIFYING.


(okay so i hope you like this i’m gonna scream and lie doWN FOR A WHILE THIS IS IN CREDIBLE,, unknown timeline as always!!! hope u enjoy this ficlet ILY)


Barry never thought in his wildest dreams that he’d be agreeing to ride a motorcycle.

“You’ve never ridden a motorcyle before?” Oliver had questioned him, months ago mind you. Of course Barry just smiled and shook his head, popping the ‘p’ as he shrugged, “Nope.”

Barry had thought that was that, and they moved on from that discussion. He never would have expected to open the door and see Oliver standing there holding two helmets – one that Barry recognises as Oliver’s motorcycle helmet and another one, a shiny red helmet, obviously never worn. The elder just smiles as Barry lets him in slightly dazed.

Keep reading

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I need some advice. :( I get so worried and worked up about a lot of thing. I worry about everything, even things that aren't happening, like what is coming up ect. I worry about work, I second guess everything and I stress over the littlest things. Like my family, having no friends ect. I need to know what to do? It doesn't happen all the time tho. Like not everyday. I really love you maja. I hope you get better soon. Xxx

I guess you have to learn to take each day as it comes. Each hour. Each minute. One thing at a time. Be as mindful and “in the moment” as you can be. And maybe remember the phrase “it is what it is” which hopefully allows you to remember that not everything is in your control x