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in the past, when i actually studied league, i had confusion on the role of top lane (ex. the supp's job is to protect the carries, in the early game the jungler's job is to help snowball the carries, the adc's main job is being efficient at taking towers fast, ect.) is there any knowledge that you can bestow upon me to help me understand the top lane's general role?

Literally our only job is to prevent the other top laner from snowballing, our role is a self referencing catch 22

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if anyone is selling any signed bts photo cards i’ll be interested 

As of this moment, I would like to sit on the fence and simply observe how all this is resolved, because while I may not believe the allegations against Mark, I also cannot completely disprove them. I will acknowledge those tweets sent by Mark that probably started this whole fiasco, but I’d like to put my two cents in. I don’t believe these tweets were made with malicious intent, even I, who doesn’t have snapchat, knows the site is known for it’s abundance of pornography and tiddies (being able to follow and receive snaps from pornstars ect.). I believe the tweet about was not originally made to consciously manipulate the young, naive girls in his fanbase, and yet it was also an unintended invitation for nudes from fans seeking attention and perhaps praise. I don’t think his intent was to manipulate anyone, it was merely a joke that was poorly presented and easily misinterpreted and misconstrued.

Now, before we go piling the blame all on Mark, we need to remember this girl (if her story is in fact true) consciously and willingly sent pictures. There was no pressuring for them, she sent them of her own accord to, like other naive fans, seek attention and probably praise. What I don’t understand is why she’d like to have that classified as sexual assault. I think it’s a little extreme considering he never redistributed or specifically asked for those pictures.

Also, if you’re in doubt of just how willingly she took and sent the pictures, here are quotes where she openly admits to wanting to send them.

*clears throat* And I quote; "I was enraptured by him and desperate to continue my hold of his attention […]"

And then; “I was confused, heartbroken, but determined to gain his approval again. I waited patiently for him to snapchat again, sending my own photos every now and then, desperate, but I never got a reply.”

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so I’ve got nothing to do, so i decided to do ships. :)

what you have to do:

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Since puberty, I knew I wasn’t like others. I didn’t have this feeling of wanting to sleep with a guy, talk about sex, or even make a sex joke. Just never appealed to me the way it does others. Late bloomer would never come close to explaining these feelings since I went through puberty in the third grade. (I blame genetics, both my parents were the same way). As others went through what I had already accomplished, I realized I differed from other kids. While the other fourth and fifth graders were talking about sex and puberty, I fell outside, not interested in what they were talking about, how it was done and what happens to the body while everything was going on. I started thinking I was alone, strange, sick and not normal because of this. I got frustrated with it because while everyone else was out there, gaining what they were missing (finding out they are bi, gay, trans, ect.) and I was sitting there just trying to figure out what I was. By the time I was in sixth grade, I was in therapy (not because of the whole feeling different and frustration thing, but because of loneliness) and I explained it to the therapist and she just said it would come in time

I didn’t believe her.

I looked around online, looking to see if anyone else felt this way or I truly needed help. What I came across was a lot of asexual communities. AVEN helped the most in actually telling me what asexuality was. Finding this out a few months into the sixth grade made me feel better. It made it easier for me to think things through. I held off till eighth grade before telling anyone because I didn’t feel it was right to give myself a label that early in case anything could have changed. Nothing did, but yet I stayed quiet. I had my first boyfriend in grade eight, but I don’t know if you would have call it a real relationship. He never talked to me and I never really talked to him. He avoided me after a while and I got mad. I didn’t feel the attraction to him like other girls to other guys. There was nothing there so I ended it.

Other kids started coming out and I moved towns to where pretty much everyone had everything figured out. I met a lot of loving people of all sexualities in a Catholic school. It was grade ten, and I decided that summer to tell my parents who I was. My dad simply said it was normal for teens not to feel anything and it will come in time. I told him how I thought this was a life time thing and, honestly, he didn’t care if it was or wasn’t. As long as I was happy and he didn’t have to worry about teen pregnancy, it was all good. A week later, I told my mom and brother. My mom worried at first because she thought it meant that I could end up marring someone she doesn’t like or becoming the opposite gender. (I honestly think I could be gender-fluid and she would worry where it goes. On the flip side, I can dress like male characters and she will cheer me on, so she lets me get away with more things than my friends.) Once I explained it to her, she thought it was great, but also said that it happens in all women before they lose their virginity. I was going to tell her how it is asexuality is something you are born with, but my brother interrupted me, saying I was a ****ing moron and that asexuality meant something completely different. That was a herd conversation, but it could have been worst.

A few days ago, I was playing minecraft with my mom and we were talking about sexuality and my asexuality came up. My mom simply said “I am proud that you found who you are and are comfortable. It is better than going through your life confused.” And that showed me she actually understands me. Hopefully others I tell about my asexuality will be just as understanding and let me be the butterfly I am.

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Anon from earlier with the serious binding issue (throwing up, pain, ect), thank you so much, Ren. I went to an urgent care and they were very trans friendly and mostly treated me like a man. My awesome partner was by my side, and they helped a lot. I'm very sick, but ok for tonight and seeing my regular doc tomorrow for more tests.

Ren says:

Awesome. I’m glad you got care ASAP (trans-friendly care too, that rocks!) and that you’re keeping yourself as safe as you can - sending you tons of get-well vibes! <3


Iron Artist : Critical Head Shot

Good morning everyone,

I’ve finally finished the rest of my commissions. So I’m opening more. Yeah!

I draw more then ponies, i just happen to draw them A LOT

Flat rate is 12 USD for simple OC, with a simple head item.

Flat Rate is 15 USD for the detailed OC

How does this work?

*Iron artist commissions are done as quickly as possible. I’m hoping to knock them out in 3-5 a week. (HOPEFULLY) They are only done in flat sales, not bidding, snipping ect. Ect.

*Please note: I have two full times jobs, doing art is my hobby job.

Rules for ordering

1. You must be over 16 years of age, or have your parents consent to buy from me. I can’t stress this enough PLEASE!

2. You can claim up to TWO slots per round.

3. There will be no couple slots sorry.

4. Five slots will be opened at a time and the others will remain closed until I have finished the first five.

5. All payment must be sent with in 24 hours, however I know life happens, bills kids ect get in the way sometimes. If you have an issue PLEASE, PLEASE talk to me! I am nice! I swear!

6. The above being said, no I will NOT hold a slot for you, sorry.

7. Yes, you can buy for friends! I love that!

8. I reserve all rights to not do a commission for whatever reason. Be it payment, issue with the pony you send me, or past issue with you.

9. I’ll pm you once you’ve claimed a slot.

10. To contact me please PM me on tumblr OR email reveta1 [at] hotmail [dot] com

10.5. If you email me poke me on tumblr!

To order please fill out the form


Contact info:

OC you would like drawn:

Extra information:

Tipping happily accepted. 


OPEN SLOTS : until filled






CLOSED SLOTS : please wait for them to be opened.

6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

11. 12. 13. 14. 15.


No, that’s not just an attention grabbing headline. It’s my honest-to-God opinion.

There may be horror “purists” out there who want to deny it, or even some who may find the entire culture surrounding it to be juvenile, but there’s no hiding the fact that creepypasta has evolved to become a major part of the horror community.

Now, let it be known, I’m not just talking about Jeff The Killer and Slender Man. There are a myriad of stories floating around out there that I feel qualify as creepypasta. I’ll be blogging a series of posts in the upcoming days that will cover specific rules a story must follow to be considered a creepypasta tale (as opposed to Gothic, Cosmic, ect.).

Keep in mind, these opinions are just that: OPINIONS

You might have different views on the topic.

I’m always open to hear your thoughts as well. If you want to tweet me @vincentvenacava feel free to do so.

Or drop me a line on Facebook and let me know what you think.

Slenderman by DamienWorm

theyoungestzerogmechanic said: i met you at a concert i got dragged to and we kinda makeout backstage and you’re kinda the drummer of the band i dissed earlier au

eh heheh. <3 girls moving too fast, ect.

fic sort of mirrored my concert experience, without me hating it.

Cora hated concerts. They were loud. People were pushy and rude. And, in this particular hellhole, the idiots on the second floor were so drunk and obnoxious they kept spilling drinks onto the people below. Luckily, she had managed to elbow her way back into the wings far away from the balcony, but, as much as she wanted to bail, she couldn’t. Erica was her ride (a calculated move, she saw now), taxis were outrageously expensive, and, no matter how frustrated she was, it just wasn’t in her to ditch a friend.

The main act hadn’t even come out yet. But that was fine. Because Erica owed her big time now. She had begged Cora to come with for days, as Boyd had begged off and no amount of Erica’s brash brand of “persuasion” could convince him to change his mind. Some new all-girl band with an amazing new sound and wow—maybe she’d need to reconsider her view on concerts because… that redhead? Standing by the drum set? Could be worth the stress and then some.

It took a few minutes of courage-building to approach, and another five of flirting to test the waters, but Lydia—who had introduced herself right away—was the one who dragged Cora backstage with a knowing smirk (“Trust me, we are allowed,” she’d said) and kissed her like she had a strict timeline to follow.

"God," Cora breathed, fingers curling into Lydia’s hair, lips parting for shallow breaths as Lydia kissed along her neck. "You are the best part of my night."

"Oh yeah?" Lydia murmured, sharp teeth on taut tendons. "Not here for the band?"

"No. Hell no," she said, moaning sadly when Lydia pulled off of her with an amused expression. "I don’t even know who’s playing. My friend dragged me here against my will… and I don’t have high hopes."

Lydia laughed, drawing Cora in for another kiss—but it was sweeter, slower then before, like a drawn-out tease. “We’ll see,” she said, then she was stepping back out of Cora’s arms. “Find me after the show, if you’re still interested.”

And then she was gone, disappearing underneath a curtain. Cora slumped against the wall, barely propped up against the whirlwind of heat in her bones. She didn’t hook up randomly, but god, was it worth it.

Erica was the one who found her, finally, dragging her back into the thick of the pit. “Where the hell have you been?” she yelled. The lights began dimming and Erica’s next slew of questions were lost in the scream of the crowd, the sound of a guitar being plucked, a snare being teased.

Cora mimed the universe code for later and tried not to think about Lydia, her lips, and her cryptic message.

Then, the curtains whipped back, and Cora’s heart dropped. Because Lydia was—fucking sitting at the drums. With drumsticks. And yelling into the mic, “Beacon Hills, how fucking are you? God, I’ve missed this town. Haven’t you, Allison?”

The crowd surged forward, voices rising, and Allison, the gorgeous brunette on the mic, smiled and bounced like she could barely contain her energy. “It’s good to be back, Lyds!”

"I’ll say," Lydia said, thumping the bass slowly, "So we don’t normally dedicate songs—"

The crowd screamed, louder.

"—but tonight’s a special night. After a year of touring, coming home—well, this one is for the hometown hotties. We love you!"


Lydia had Cora on her back, thigh slowly rolling into her. “Did I let you down?”

Cora grabbed her by the hip and tucked her closer, panting at the electricity skipping along her spine. “Not. At. All.”

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Hi, I'm white and I don't mean to be offensive in any way, but I'm just trying to understand, why would you want a white skin? Even most of the white people try to get a colour on it. Sorry if I said something disrespectful just now, I really didn't mean to.

Because anyone who isn’t white will know that white skin is considered beautiful because it is pale. I know white people want a tan, but that is probably because the tan will be temporary. The tan will fade after a few months and you will be white again. As a whole, in countries where white skin isn’t the norm, dark skin isn’t nice. I’m half INDIAN, and in India there are plenty of whitening creams and products to claim to get you to have whiter skin. Same goes for countries like Thailand, Japan, Brazil, China, ect. Western beauty standards are attractive, but anything that is not western isn’t attractive.
There’s a lot of stigma faced with dark skin, even if it is at a subconscious level. For example, when British people move abroad, they are called expats, but when an indian for example, moves to England, they are an immigrant. Goes to show how subconscious the thing on skin colour is. Although I don’t use whitening creams, when I take photos for example, I use a filter normally that makes me look pale because I think I look nicer with pale skin than dark skin and sometimes I feel my natural skin is dirty. We are lead to believe weather beauty is beautiful therefore we are no longer comfortable in our own skin.

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Do you think Levi just wants FOREVER friends like it always seems like all his friends leave him in some way. So he doesn't want to loose Eren or anyone else. This is just my theory

I mean levi lost Farlan and Isabel his closest friends and after that probably took time to get stable again and probably befriended some others like his squad with petra ect ect which he also lost so he probably wants one person he can just keep forever without having a constant fear of losing them. i heard it was officialized that Eren and levi had a strong bond which could mean Levis desperate to keep eren alive as well probably

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Does it make you any less of a man for wanting to be called a good boy, baby boy, ect by your partner?

Not at all. I love being called those things.
You’re a man. There exists nothing that can erase that fact.


hey my first character psd here and i’m actually very proud of it. of course stating the obvious that it’s based off of thg series and made for those types of rpgs. however you can always use it for a war/apocalypse/ect. type rpg as well. please don’t steal this graphic and claim it’s yours and so on. give credit where it’s due! please like/reblog if you’re using!

download here

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Reasons why Eunhyuk is your bias?? Just curious what made you love him :33 And btw, I love your blog :333

ok so im not really the type of person to immediately like someone based on looks, for me personality>looks like i wont really even find someone attractive unless i get to know them and their personality but obv with hyukjae it was different bc i saw suju mvs before any variety ect. the first suju vid i watched was sorry sorry and at that time i was so stunned and amazed by it since ive never been exposed to kpop before and i didnt really look at the individually but together as a group so yeah and then after that i saw mr simple and immediately noticed hyukjae. after that i would watch random subbed clips here and there on youtube then i got into the fandom biggies like mystery 6, adonis camp, full house, ectectect and all throughout i would keep an eye on hyukjae and stuff and got to know him (and suju of course) better. it was during a part in full house, where they go to the spa and into the sauna and this was back when hyukjae still had glasses and would wear them on broadcasts;;;;; and he left the sauna with his glasses all fogged up

and that was pretty much knew he was my ~bias~ (since at that time i had learned about that word being used in kpop and what it meant and stuff). i loved his humor, his dorkiness and just general attitude and idk for some reason that specific part pretty much sealed the deal with him and i found him incredibly endearing and charming 

before i had a page made private for people to read since i had been asked questions before about why hes my bias and such but idk after a while i felt like it was embarrassing to keep open ahah;; i try to explain why but like i mention in my rant its hard to explain. you cant just sum up feelings into words especially when there aren’t words in any language to describe it and especially when you cant even fathom any of your own reasoning?? idk its hard to describe but thats just a small piece from the extent of why hes my bias but thats the only part i can verbally express (or type). i wrote that a while ago so yes i technically could add to it with little things; but really everyday my love admiration for him grows and theres just always something new to adore about him


Things the WWE did right tonight:

1. The Diva’s match


3. Kofi’s cool non-eliminating move

4.The first ten minutes of the rumble including Bray Wyatt’s rampage and Wyatt vs Wyatt vs Wyatt

Things the WWE did not do right tonight:



1. Back loading the entire rumble but not even really, cause Big Show at 29 oh wait no one cares

2. Eliminating DB without giving us a new favorite to cheer for (insert: ambrose, ziggler, ryback, sami zyan, ect.)

3. Dean Ambrose did not come out between 12-15 where we were just sitting on our hands

4. Continuing to push a poorly pushed Reigns who’s not being allowed to just do him and play to his strengths, This is a funny ass dude! Have you seeeeen Countdown Vince? Why do you have a guy with that wit reciting nursery rhymes?

5. “Hey you guys like Reigns right?”

6. Dolph at #30 is basically pointless, I’m starting to think WWE doesn’t actually know what an underdog is. he should’ve been #1.

7. Speaking of #1, the miz???? and then R Truth??? what????

8. Speaking of The Miz! They teased a story and then forgot about it. Here were your options: Mizdow eliminates miz, or miz gets eliminated and Damien Sandow comes out instead. 

9. Speaking of forgetting things, Wyatt had 10 minutes of glory, it was great, then he took a 30 minute nap, got knocked out and gently carried out of the ring.


11. Repeat after me: Big Show is not intimidating anymore. 

12. And most importantly: Shoved Reigns in our faces so hard and in the wrong way (see above) that they’ve set him up to be booed and hated for a long time. Which isn’t fair to Reigns, who is incredible in all fairness and who i ROOTED FOR last year. Because last year he was booked as this silent powerhouse who was almost amazed by his own dominance and couldn’t help but grin even though he was supposed to be intimidating. Give me THAT Roman Reigns again.