Cassie, As you know I love your books. I have a question about shadowhunters with “extra” angel blood. Jace and James Herondales had golden eyes because of angel blood. However, Clary had green eyes even though she had “extra” angel blood as well. Why Clary’s eyes were not golden? — deepestzombiesoul

James does not have golden eyes because of angel blood, he has them (we think) because of warlock/demon blood from his mother. Golden eyes mean there is magic in that person’s bloodline, not necessarily angel magic. I wrote a little about this a few weeks ago, but questions about eye color keep coming. I get it — eye color can be symbolic — but looking for hard and fast rules about it seems to lead to sorrow and confusion!

Magnus knew James Herondale and knew where the color of his eyes came from so why didn’t he recognize Jace when he came to his party?

Magnus knew James had some magic in his bloodline and therefore the golden eyes. The golden eyes say “magic in your bloodline” not “Herondale.” We have no idea if how many other Shadowhunters who were not Herondales, have had golden eyes. Mark Blackthorn has one golden eye because, magic, for instance.

Magnus might have wondered if Michael Wayland had messed around with a lady who had some faerie blood, or gotten hold of some angel blood or whatever; that would have been the accurate deduction to make, not “he must be a Herondale.”

James gets treated badly for his eyes because people know why he has them. They know about Tessa. If it wasn’t his eyes, they’d tried to find something else to bully him about.

And this earlier post is relevant to your question, too:

hi cassie! i love emeraude and alberto and i think they are perfect, but i would like to ask you: if gold eyes mean magic in the blood, why clarissa doesn’t have it, but jace yes?

Well, (having just seen Avengers Two last night) how come experimenting on Pietro and Wanda the same way ended up with Pietro being fast, but Wanda having mind control powers? Why didn’t they have the same powers? Probably because they were different people.

Why can’t Jace invent runes? Why do Lucie and James have different powers? They’re different people. Also usually how it breaks down is that the girls have the more significant power and the boys have the gold-tinted eyes.

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