Hayami Saori's Freestyle - Episode #191 (excerpt)
  • Hayami Saori's Freestyle - Episode #191 (excerpt)
  • Hayami Saori

Hayami Saori recently talked about THAT scene from “Inou Battle” on her radio show, so I wanted to post about it here.


This is a letter from Byoushin - thanks for your mail!

“Hayami, nice to meet you - oh wait, I think I’ve sent you a letter before.”

You have, haven’t you!

“I recently watched episode 7 of "Inou Battle”.

Thanks for watching!

“Episode 7 was so important to your character, Hatoko. That scene, where all of the emotions she had been suppressing for so long suddenly came pouring out left a huge impression on me. I thought it was amazing that you were able to express Hatoko’s feelings so well, even in midst of a non-stop, rapid-fire monologue that stretched on for over two minutes.”

Thanks for saying so! I’m really glad to hear it!

“It was so amazing that if I had been in the studio during the recording of that scene, I probably would have burst out in applause afterwards, regardless of the recording work still taking place!”

Thanks again!!

“And then, after the broadcast I saw ‘Hayami’ listed as a trending topic on Twitter!”

Wow, really!?

“I’d love to hear your thoughts on that scene, from your first impression when you saw that monologue in the script or original novel, to how you felt after it had been recorded.”

Thanks for your mail.

That’s right! I might have mentioned it in passing before, but now that scene has finally been broadcast!

In a way, I almost felt that the intensity of that scene and that monologue might have made it more stressful for the people watching it, than it was on me for reading it, so I’m really happy to hear this sort of positive feedback. Thank you.

When I read this scene in the original novels - and if you haven’t already read the novels, I do recommend checking them out as well - I thought it was amazing the way Hatoko’s words just spilled out all over the page. I remember feeling so inspired when I first read that scene.

When I got the script for this episode, there were some lines included that made me think 'is this real or am I dreaming?’ [laughing], so I was really relieved when everything had been successfully recorded.

Hatoko’s personality is normally so soft and gentle, but I feel that this episode revealed that when it comes to the things that are most important to her, she has an inner strength as well.

Really, though…. a monologue like that, with so many difficult words…. I’m still kind of amazed by it! But reading all of the positive impressions sent in by viewers has really let me know that people understood what we were trying to get across - thank you very much for all of your messages.

There are plenty more exciting developments in store on “Inou Battle” - episode 7 ended on quite a cliff-hanger, didn’t it? - I hope you’ll keep watching and enjoy the rest of the show!


内田真礼 @ 沼倉愛美&内田真礼の探検!碓氷峠鉄道文化むら ~その3~

09:30 ~ 09:47  

「カメラマンが・・・来ない ε٩(๑> ₃ <)۶з」

(」・ω・)」ま!(/・ω・)/や! (」・ω・)」ま!(/・ω・)/や!
(」・ω・)」ま!(/・ω・)/や! (」・ω・)」ま!(/・ω・)/や!
(」・ω・)」ま!(/・ω・)/や! (」・ω・)」ま!(/・ω・)/や!
(」・ω・)」ま!(/・ω・)/や! (」・ω・)」ま!(/・ω・)/や!

[Translation] A seiyuu's map for the future - Mimori Suzuko

This interview was taken sometime in 2011 and it asks the seiyuu what were their hopes or life like in the past and also the things they hope to do in the future and their aims.

A quick introduction on Mimori Suzuko or more affectionately known as Mimorin. Mimorin was born on 28/6/1986. She’s a voice actor from Tokyo who was previously active in stage plays. Some of her notable roles include Himiko from BTOOOM!, Sumeragi Shion from GJ-Bu, Rurumo from Majimoji Rurumo, Sonoda Umi from Love Live! and Myuseru Foaran from Outbreak Company. As of late she’s released 4 singles and 1 album.

Now on to the interview~

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