[Various bands] Seen on Twitter 2012-05-01
  • Yomiuriland (an amusement park):Day 3 of Golden Week! Looks like today is going to be a great weather for being outside. There are a few clouds scattered in the sky over Yomiuriland, so it's nice and cool! We hope to see you smile today and we'll be waiting for you at the park!
  • Ryouga (BORN):[reply to Yomiuriland] It seems like it's going to rain tomorrow... I'm doing a show so I can't go, but I hope I can go soon when my schedule will be free!
  • Riuki (VelBet):Good morning. Today is a song-writing day(。-_-。)
  • Ryouga:Hey, won't you go with me to Yomiuriland?
  • Ryouga:I want to go on the White Canyoooon. Yomiuriland isn't replying to my tweets. Oh well, I don't care, I wasn't looking for a reply anyway.
  • Tsuzuku (MEJIBRAY):It's been a while so I wanna do bungee jump and ride the Crazy Hyuu/Stoon.
  • Ryouga:Couldn't you have said it sooner? When are you going? Riuki's coming with us too.
  • Riuki:Fine, but I'm not going on the scary rides(。-_-。)
  • Tsuzuku:I love Yomiuriland! Let's go the three of us! During Golden Week maybe?
  • Ken (AND):Let's do bungee jump!
  • Ryouga:[reply to Riuki] Alright, well, follow Yomiuriland's Twitter account. Let's retweet them once in a while and promote the amusement park!!
  • Ryouga:[reply to Tsuzuku] Follow Yomiuriland's account! We gotta promote them.
  • Ryouga:[reply to Ken] Let's do it. Hey, Yomiuriland has an account so you should follow it.
  • Tsuzuku:Leave it to me.
  • Ryouga:(*≧∀≦)ノ
  • Ryohei (VelBet):I went to Yomiuriland with Riuki once before! That time, he didn't want to ride the White Canyon with me(;o;)
  • Ryouga:But the White Canyon is so awesome. Follow Yomiuriland's Twitter. Ok?
  • Riuki:Let's promote them. But first the three of us have to try to match our schedules(。-_-。)
  • Ruki (the GazettE):No problem here, huh?(´Д` )
  • Ryouga:Hey, Ruki-kun... Do you like scary rides? I want to go to Yomiuriland!
  • Ruki:Scary rides... that means...?
  • Ryohei:[reply to Ryouga] That flying sensation is amazing(`_´)ゞ And then, Bandit [another roller coaster]!
  • Ryouga:That's right! Scary rides are the greatest, most dangerous form of amusement in the world, dropping down from high places and doing loops(≧∀≦)!!!
  • Ruki:Dropping down from high places...? Doing full loops at high-speed, and being turned upside-down...? I absolutely hate it(^_−)−☆
  • Ryouga:...?! Well, then... There's the Merry-go-round or the Coffee Cups or... Next time I'll bring you lots of pamphlets about the amusement park. We'll select the rides that look alright for you(⌒‐⌒)
  • Ryouga:I will NOT go anywhere close to a Haunted Mansion.
  • Riuki:I'll drag you there with me.(。-_-。)
  • Ryouga:I refuse to go there. I just can't.
  • Rui (SCREW):Everyone knows it's a lot of fun to be able to beat your own fears☆ Let's go together next time(^_^)
  • Riuki:It's okay, I'll carry you on my back(。-_-。)
  • Riuki:[reply to Rui] Well said, sempai!! Let's drag Ryouga in there together(^-^)/
  • Tsuzuku:Yomiuriland's Haunted Mansion, isn't it the one with lots of papier mache-like stuff?
  • Ryouga:Stop it, for real. My heart's going to flatline.
  • Ruki:Coffee Cups!? Real men shut their mouths and go in the Haunted Mansion(♯`∧´) By the way, seems like Reita can't handle the Haunted Mansion too!
  • Rui:[reply to Ryouga] Riuki and I will both hold one of your arms and drag you there(^_^)/
  • Riuki:[reply to Tsuzuku] For sure, wasn't there like a torii too?(・・?) My memory's a little foggy...
  • Riuki:[reply to Ruki] I agree with you!!
  • Ryouga:But the Haunted Mansion is way too scary, there's no way I can keep my mouth shut in there! Well then, Ruki-kun is going to walk in front, and me and Reita will be right behind you. I'll search for an amusement park with a real scary Haunted Mansion, so please wait a bit!
  • Riuki:This is a great idea so that Ryouga won't be able to escape!! Just in case we should also tie his arms together(^-^)/
  • Ryouga:Riuki-chan, I can't, I can't, I really can't.
  • Ryouga:I don't have many fears, so I'll just bite my tongue.
  • Koichi (MEJIBRAY):The scariest thing in that amusement park is the bungee jump.
  • Tsuzuku:Good memory, isn't it?
  • Kifumi (BORN):I love scary rides! As for the Haunted Mansion, I just can't unless I'm going through it while singing!
  • Ruki:(^-^)
  • Ryouga:Riuki-chan, I'm looking for a super scary Haunted Mansion. Ruki-kun will be leading the way, next is Riuki-chan. I'll be at the back.
  • Ruki:Before that, when are we going out for lunch?
  • Riuki:Gotcha!! But I think Ryou-chan should be leading the way since you like scary rides!!
  • Tsuzuku:Please don't forget about me.
  • Ryouga:I won't be scared with so many people with me. I'll be right in the middle.
  • Tsuzuku:If you get scared, we'll hold hands together!
  • Ryouga:Cause we're MEJIB-BORN.
  • Tsuzuku:I want to do a MEJIB-BORN gig soon.
  • Ryouga:Wait a minute, I'm gonna reserve the outdoor stage at Yomiuriland. We're gonna rock this place.
  • Tsuzuku:When the SE starts, we'll come on stage riding Bandit. Gotcha.
  • Ryouga:That's right. Let's do a 2-days on Saturday and Sunday.
  • MiA (MEJIBRAY):I gotta remember the MEJIB-BORN songs(∩`ω)⊃≡⊃♡
[BORN/ベルベット] Seen on Twitter 2012/08/10
  • Ryouga [BORN]:Riuriuuuu
  • Riuki [VelBet]:What is it, Ryou-chan?
  • (*note* It's hard to translate the nuance in their speech here but they're kinda talking like babies)
  • Ryouga:Noooothiiiiing
  • Riuki:Whaaaat is it?
  • Ryouga:I saaaid it was noooothiiiing.
  • Riuki:And I saaaaid what is it so what is it?♪( ´▽`)
  • Ryouga:Well, hmm... come... to the oneman, ok?
  • Riuki:( ̄ー ̄)b
  • Ryouga:*huffs*