this has been re-written so many times it ain’t even funny but hi ho i love you. thanks for following me and, as always, if you aren’t here, it’s down to my own forgetful nature !ily seriously. without further bullshit, in no order at all:

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thank you to EVERYONE for making my roleplaying experience that much better with your presence !!

anonymous said:

I gotta admit, Dad's is my guilty pleasure for sure. You are one of my all time favorite and in my opinion, most talented musicians. For some reason I still dig Dads music regardless of whether or not they are assholes. But you without a doubt make more meaningful music. I connect with songs you've written more than any other music I think I can honestly say. And for that I deeply thank you. It helps to have something to relate to. Thank you.

hey like what you like my homie i got lots of love for you thanks for the kindness.

i don’t fuck with music in that style but hey it’s a big world and i have lots of other shit to listen to.

appreciate your ears and appreciate you being chill about me hating on shit you dig.

anonymous said:

Sup, some home boys dont like blacks this seems to be more true up north where homeboys are fighting blacks in jail and in the streets. What is your opinion on race quarrels?

honestly, I got no personal problem with blacks or any other race. Prison politics are prison politics, leave it in there. If you’re a homie you wouldn’t be asking be about politics out here. and if you’re a cop, good try. And as for the streets. It changes homie, I’ve been a lot of places and seen a lot of politics change. Gangs in Utah aint like gangs in Cali, and gangs in Colorado aint like gangs in Florida. Same goes for cali. The funk i seen between blacks and browns in the 559 wasn’t like the unity i seen in the 510 or the 415. I got black homies from my hood. They’re locked down and on the streets. How do i look calling fools niggers while I’m kicking it with my black patnas a few days later. Some might see it like that but i don’t. Its way to fuckin hypocritical .

anonymous said:

for some reason I've always remembered that the first thing of yours I ever read was chapter 7 of the ttoyl cause it showed up in the kellic tag and since then I've read like everything you've written and am completely hooked on your fics ily

you’re fabulous homie. much love <3

These self hating ass niggas need to be blessed with some black tumblr in they life

yea im talking about you homie where the black girls on your blog at though?

would like to take a short second to appreciate some great best friends keeping me absolutely sane these last few rough months ive had. thank you personally and entirely to the trio crew upsettings , mmfkellen , and sluttysighs / the one and only winedrunklovers / the one who keeps me from losing my c00l @ sk00l chriscclfer / newpoliticks for always keepin her cute kitty cat ears open for listening / and gabby gab who’s url i can never remember but who’s always there for heart to hearts all the way from london. have the greatest support system anyone could ask for, and i honestly am not sure i deserve having such gems as homies. thank you all so very much for sticking with me lately. means more than a gal could know. :~)


the struggle (x)

what was your favorite ride at universal

can you believe harry walked up to louis with the biggest smile on his face, put his hand on his shoulder, pulled him back to WHISPER in his ear ‘you were mine’??


and then you know what was even worse?


look at louis’ face - look at his reaction - and then look at harry