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BASICALLY, The Squire’s Tales is a YA fantasy retelling of the Arthurian legends, beginning right before Merlin’s leaving and ending with Arthur’s death, written by Gerald Morris. They feature an EXTREMELY vast cast of characters, most of which are minor characters of the original legends. The point of view characters are either minor characters or invented ones, in the cases of Terence, Piers, and Sarah. (I think Dinadan is “real”). Terence is the central character of the whole thing, the invented squire of Sir Gawain. 

There are ten of them and they are GENIUS. I have yet to find another set of books that are just as plain-old-stinking enjoyable as these are. The characters are magnificent and charming and painfully human. Male and female alike, the entire human spectrum is covered by his absolutely gorgeous characters, they carry the whole series. Even the joke characters are given mountains of characterization (read: Sir Griflet). The books are short; there are ten, but the longest isn’t much more than 300, maybe 400 pages. Like Harry Potter, they start off lower on the age scale and mature as the audience matured and the whole thing takes place over TWENTY YEARS.  If you are a fan of Arthurian mythology, READ THESE BOOKS. You will never find a more charming or quite so fascinating retelling, especially as Morris gives most of his attention to the “little” stories of the originals.  If you just like books, READ THESE BOOKS. YOu will LITERALLY LAUGH UNTIL YOU ARE CRYING, and later on you will cry and cry and cry, and the stories chosen to retell are immortal and so human…these books are my Harry Potter, my One True Fandom. Every emotion that is invoked by the name of that series is also invoked in this. But the readership is small and deserves to be so much larger.  HERE YOU GO, LINKS TO BUY ALL OF THEM IN ORDER AS CHEAP AS POSSIBLE The Squire’s Tale || The Squire, His Knight, And His Lady || The Savage Damsel And The Dwarf || Parsifal’s Page || The Ballad Of Sir Dinadan || The Princess, The Crone, And The Dung Cart Knight || The Lioness And Her Knight || The Quest Of The Fair Unknown || The Squire’s Quest || The Legend Of The King THOSE LINKS WILL EVENTUALLY GO DEAD BUT USE THEM IF YOU LIKE WHILE YOU CAN AND THAT IS THE ORDER THEY GO IN. 

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*that little writing symbol I can't copy* draw yourself

Send me a ✍ and a character and I’ll draw the character horribly on MS Paint.

Oh~? Hmm, nice. I like the way you think, love B^) alright here ya go

(Also if you wanna see something where I actually drew myself, I did so HERE back in like December or January though my hair’s different now I should do a new one. >w< )

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your muse summary is freaking hilarious, I am legit crying right now



If you’re looking for the time of your life and incredible musical style, look of Leslie and the LY’s. I am freaking out at how hilariously beautiful this music is.

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Love thy sister was, yes weird but freaking hilariously too! I am sure it happens more often than people realise. You made it fine, I lol so I had to stop and drop u a note to thank u for the story. :-) Haji

Thanks. It was weird but it was fun to write.

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once you get this you have to say 5 things you like about yourself publicly then send this to your 10 favorite followers

Oh thanks!!! K amma gonna try
K…emmm give a sec….emmm yeah here we go
1. I can draw/paint and shiet like that

2. I like my humor style ‘cos yeah am freaking hilarious okay? Okay

3. I think I haven’t said this yet, well, I love i can beatbox

4. How easily I can make friends

5. I’m usually very intuitive, and its really fun

K there ya go now yo got to know me a lil more :)