Fics exploring Blaine's Filipino background

What started out as hunt for one particular fic ended up being a whole collection. I only included ones where his Filipino background is the main focus of the story. Feel free to send me any others so I can add it to the list. Enjoy!

Début: Allow Me to Introduce by satora_chan

Unconditional by luckyjak

What Kurt Knows by luckyjak

Beneath the Surface by flaming_muse

The Pan-Asian Association by missgoalie75

Pamilya by rhymeswithmonth

A Long Road Ahead by smithie-speaks

Race Relations by foramomentonly

Passing by Azara-Rayne18

Wonderbread by rhymeswithlava

Boxes by dreamingkate

A Mother’s Wrath by dreamingkate

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I’m committed to learning everything I can about drums and am always open to following my whim when it comes to what inspires me. I don’t tend to glorify what I do in some immaterial way, I feel like that puts you on some sort of pedestal where you’re more entitled to play drums than others who haven’t experienced that intangible sensation. I’ve just followed my muse since the moment I started playing and I don’t feel like the well is running dry, I predict I’ll be obsessed with music till the day I die.

Using this weekend as a way to get my head back in the metaphorical game was the best idea I’ve had in a really long time. I’ve done enough boxing — both with Miss Adi, and on my own — to sustain me until the next weekend. Hopefully, I’ll be refreshed and ready to go by the time the first bell rings tomorrow morning.


  • シ my muse walks in on your naked



Ido was heading back to his room for the night, only to suddenly find a male on his bed naked as he blinked some. Normally if he was going to be seeing someone like that, it’d be at a hotel, a gay bar, or their place, and thus left the bluenette utterly confused as he saw his master walk past him.

"Uhm. Master, why is there a strange boy in my room?"

"Oh, that’s Mikado. I owe him a little favor, but I’m too busy so can you deal with it instead? I don’t think you’d mind, or am I mistaken?" Izaya said with a grin.

"No master. I’ll get on it," Ido said, stepping into his room and closing the door behind him as he grinned at the younger male.


"So, you’re name’s Mikado, what a rather unique name for a male," Ido said, going over to his bed as he tugged off his scarf, tossing it aside as he worked on unbuttoning his shirt, licking hip lips lightly.

"So tell me, why are you naked and in my bed?"