Bennington & Art in Embassies

Bennington recently entered a partnership with Art in Embassies, a government organization that facilitates artist exchange programs around the world. Bennington’s project is to design an “outdoor, site-responsive sculpture for the permanent art collection at the new U.S. Embassy in Oslo, Norway”. Students involved in the project are participating in a year-long curriculum titled, Art in the Public Realm, lead by faculty Jon Isherwood and Susan Sgorbati ’72, MFA ’86.* To learn more about the project and the progress the group has made, take a look at the 2014 OSLO page on the Art in Embassies website. 

*Side Note: Susan was just named the new Director of CAPA (Elizabeth Coleman Center for the Advancement of Public Action), beginning on July 1, 2015. Congratulations to Susan!

anonim sorulan:

What are y'all taking this term?

These are the classes that the Monday morning shift is most excited about:

Varney — Shhh! The Social Construction of Silence — In this class, students will be looking at silence, what it is, and what it’s role is in many levels of social relations.  

Doug — Unique Prints — Last term Doug experimented with some sculptural printing, so he is excited to use this class as a platform to further explore new styles of printmaking.

Jacqui — Whose Opera?— “It’s crazy, but in a really good way.” In this class, students will be working in groups to create their own operas.

Genelle — Chemistry Tutorial — Genelle will working with a professor to continue research that she started over Field Work Term. They will be looking at gold molecules that they have found have anti-tumor properties.

Jeremy — Latin Poets in Translation — Jeremy has read fragments of these texts before, but is excited to be able to read the full works.

Nila — Feminist Perspectives and Practices in Contemporary Art — This class will be focusing on how feminist theory has evolved in relation to the art world and the important history that has been denied. 

anonim sorulan:

Is there an accepted students day at bennington?

This year is the first year in over a decade that we are having an accepted students day! It is on April 12th. There will be tours, faculty workshops, a parent Q&A, lunch, and student round table discussions. We are super excited and think it will be an awesome day! If you were already admitted (early action or early decisions), an invitation was emailed to you. For normal decision applicants, an invitation will be sent out upon acceptance.

~Varney ‘17


We are back on an extremely snowy and cold campus after our seven week Field Work Term internships. This winter I was in Portland, Oregon working with the Nike Foundation. When I was thinking about what I wanted to do for Field Work Term this fall I knew I wanted to get a new angle on the work I’ve already done in Kenya. Most of my experience with NGOs (non-govermental organizations) and CBOs (community-based organizations) has been on the ground work, which I absolutely love, and last year for FWT I worked for an NGO called the Africa Yoga Project, for which I worked remotely from home. I was in contact with National Geographic, USAID, and the Nike Foundation throughout the fall. I wish I could have done all three, but when it came time to decide I chose the Nike Foundation. I think what made the decision for me is that the Foundation solely focuses on adolescent girls and girls and women’s issues are of particular interest to me.

My friend Sam and I had spent the fall “manifesting” Portland as our FWT 2015 destination. It was mostly a joke, but also it worked so now I’m a believer in the power of manifestation. She worked for a local author in Portland and we lived together in an adorable airbnb and were frequently visited by our host’s adorable (but also kind of gross) pug, Stubbs. We quickly fell into the routine of an old married couple and loved it.

I really didn’t know what to expect going into my time at Nike. I had never worked in that type of environment (the foundation in on the Nike World Headquarters campus). All the buildings on the campus are named after famous athletes. The foundation is in the Mike Schmidt building (don’t worry I also had to google him). Every day, as I walked into my office I was greeted by a plaque with a Mike Schmidt quote that read: “Any time you think you have the game conquered, the game will turn around and punch you right in the nose”. It was hard not to laugh/cry at this coming from the nurturing Bennington environment. I expected to do most of my learning by observing while at the Foundation. I knew I was pretty out of my league and didn’t feel super confident in what I had to offer. However, I quickly realized that I would be contributing much more and in much more meaningful ways than I had anticipated.

On my first day my supervisor pulled me into a meeting where our team was discussing potential partners in India. We heard a presentation about several organizations and key issues, then discussed which groups and projects could be potential partners for Nike. I was immediately asked for my opinion and had a vote when it came down to deciding on organizations. This day and meeting really set the tone for the rest of my time at the Foundation. My main project was to do research and write a paper/brief on girls doing domestic work in developing countries. I spent most of my time working on this and also got to sit in on and participate in many meetings. My final product was a 25 page research paper and a presentation on my findings. It was incredible to leave my Field Work Term having completed something significant and tangible for both myself and the organization I was working for. I also made so many connections with people who have lots of experience in the field who will be excellent connections for me in the future as I move forward.

anonim sorulan:

anyone gluten free?

Yes! I am gluten free and a vegetarian and can still eat in the dining hall, so there’s hope! The dining hall is good about marking food and is conscious of cross-contamination (there’s a separate toaster for GF people, etc). There’s a grain bar with gluten free grains like rice noodles and quinoa. I frequently make stir fry with vegetables and tofu using the wok station. There are a lot of gluten free people here, so you will not be alone!

—Varney ‘17

Our upcoming online course for alumni, Learning Japanese Culture & Aesthetics Through Ikebana, is starting on February 17th! Time is surely running out and there is still room for more alumni to participate. 

To learn more and review the syllabus check out the Japanese Aesthetics website. If you have any questions regarding the online class please do not hesitate to email the alumni relations office at alumnirelations@bennington.edu. 


The Bear (2014)
my animation project from the fall term

anonim sorulan:

Do you have to do the common app essay to apply to bennington or do they give you your own prompt

The common app general essay prompts are the same for all the schools you apply to through the common app. According to the common app website, they are as follows:

  • Some students have a background or story that is so central to their identity that they believe their application would be incomplete without it. If this sounds like you, then please share your story.   
  • Recount an incident or time when you experienced failure.  How did it affect you, and what lessons did you learn?
  • Reflect on a time when you challenged a belief or idea.  What prompted you to act? Would you make the same decision again?
  • Describe a place or environment where you are perfectly content.  What do you do or experience there, and why is it meaningful to you?
  • Discuss an accomplishment or event, formal or informal, that marked your transition from childhood to adulthood within your culture, community, or family.

From there, Bennington has specific supplement prompts. Hope this helps!

—Varney ‘17

VAPA Finals!

Sam is currently stressing out about the printmaking show tonight: Resolving Fields. He made a book using woodblock figures. Good luck Sam!

Hans has cast gourds which he will be inserting into a wire mesh frame covered with moss and lit with cool lights from Home Depot. Rock on, Hans!

Courtney is recreating her childhood neighborhood using slipcast houses and astroturf. Way to go, Courtney!

Ryan has created pieces for her Ikebana class, which she will be installing in psych services. The pieces are egg-shaped, but not eggs. They are supposed to represent the womb and comfort. They will be in psych services because Ryan wants people to experience the pieces when they are alone and in a contemplative mood. She talked about how through creating work in the Ikebana class, students are exploring the limitations and rules of Ikebana, and in some cases pushing and stretching the rules. These pieces are supposed to mirror the internal, the physical world, and a higher power. She begins installing her pieces today and hopes to be done by Friday. Very cool!

Nare is working on her architecture final which involves designing designing microunit housing for a neighborhood in the East Village in NYC. The class will present their ideas in New York this Sunday. Yay Nare!

As two students who do not frequent VAPA, we are very impressed!!

—Varney ‘17 and Alex ‘16

anonim sorulan:

What is the area around campus like? Do you find Bennington to be a nice town? When you get off campus for fun, what do you do? How far away is the nearest city with more to offer than Bennington?

Bennington does have a small downtown with restaurants, grocery stores, a movie theater, coffee shops, etc. I like to go to South Street Cafe or go out for a meal with friends when I need an escape from campus. But, most of the time when I leave campus it is to take advantage of all the nearby hiking! We are right near the Long Trail/ Appalachian Trail and there are a few mountains around too that have hiking trails. 

Apart from Bennington, Albany is the closest big(ish) city/town. It has a mall, a Chipotle, a Trader Joe’s… All the essentials. I also like to go to Manchester, which has a nice bookstore and a cute Vermonty feel. There are plenty of options for campus escapes!

—Varney ‘17


Eichmann’s Box // Max Avery Epstein 2014 // I made this film about my trip to Israel in the Summer of 2014. Footage derived from a variety of sources. //