A sincere congratulations to Sean-Patrick O”Brien ’14 for being named a Core Apprentice fellow for the prestigious Playwrights’ Center in Minneapolis, MN!

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WOnderin' about work study.1- When do we apply for jobs? We be gettin' something in the mail in the summer? 2- What are jobs you all have enjoyed? What would you suggest applying for?

Let me tell you~

Federal Work Study (FWS) eligible students are (nearly always) guaranteed a job on campus, and jobs exist in almost every department. Students work in the dining hall and student center, as assistants to professors, as studio or lab monitors, in the bookstore, in the library… Some jobs are more typically given to underclassmen, as other jobs require special skills and some establishment as a student here.

My first job on campus was in the bookstore, and it was both fun and a nice break from classwork; it was precious having a space to only worry about stocking shelves and running a register. Since then, I’ve worked right here in *ADMISSIONS* which is much more intellectually demanding and insanely rewarding. 

As for the hiring process: it seems to change every year, so I can’t say anything for sure. But, usually campus jobs for incoming freshman are either assigned or figured out in the first week or two of school. Information will surely be coming your way over the summer. If you’re connected, check back on the Facebook group down the line. If you have a specific worry, give Student Life (802-440-4330) or Financial Aid (802-440-4325) a call. 

Get ready to make money!!!

(But mostly, pay money)

Sam ‘16

Take a moment to read this article that summarizes the issues discussed during last weekend’s Incarceration in America Conference in CAPA. This conference was the third installment in a series of Incarceration in America Conferences that addresses the current state of the criminal justice system in this country. 

Last weekend, panelists from throughout the Northeast came back to Bennington to discuss mental health in the prison system. 

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what opportunities are there for involvement with the local community?

There are quite a few opportunities for involvement in the local community. Some are more obvious and incorporated into Bennington and others you’d have to seek out on your own. The three biggest opportunities that the College offers for involvement with the community are Dream, Ganas, and Quantum Leap. Dream is a mentorship program that matches Bennington students with local youth. The children come to campus once a week to spend time with their mentors. Ganas is a student-run organization that works with undocumented Latino immigrants. Volunteer opportunities include ESL tutoring, medical interpretation, and organizing community events. Quantum Leap is a program at the local public high school that was started by two Bennington faculty members. The program is meant for students who are struggling in school and is meant to help them catch up and get ahead at the beginning of their high school career. There is an academic class called The Sababa Project that works directly with this classroom, however it is also possible to volunteer in the classroom on your own. These are the programs I know about that already exist on campus and I’m sure there are others! I also imagine it would be pretty easy to find other opportunities in town with places like the Vermont Arts Exchange. Our very own Glennis ‘15 is a volunteer fire fighter in town, so if you’re daring and committed that could be a great opportunity!

I think it’s very important to try to get into town and interact with the local community during your time here at Bennington. It can be easy to get wrapped up in our little world here and forget that there’s a wider community around us and that’s why I think it’s so important to find a consistent point of interaction with the town whether it be volunteering or just going to the local coffee shop once a week. 

~Varney ‘17

Extraterrestrial Ben.
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Vermont Open Studio Weekend is coming up on May 23rd and 24th! Travel all over Vermont to see work by Bennington alumni and faculty. Rosie Schulick ’08, Amy Oxford ’82, Fiona Cooper Fenwick ’80, Fran Bull ’60, and ceramics faculty Aysha Peltz will all be opening their studios for visitors this memorial weekend so be sure to pay them a visit and take a look at their work! 

Also if you are going to be in the area, be sure to stop by Jackie Sedlock’s ’96 studio in Pownal, VT!

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What's the average range of cost for financing your field work term?

Field Work Term could potentially be free if you live at home and your parents don’t mind you mooching. It could also potentially be very expensive if you travel to an exotic country and live in a five-star hotel and only order room service for seven weeks. However, usually it’s possible to find a balance between these two extremes. It’s really difficult to say what the average cost of FWT is because it can really vary, so I’m going to break it down so you can get an idea of how expensive or cheap it could potentially be. Here are the things that you have to consider and how they can be made cheaper:

–Housing. You could live at home, with an alumni, or with another student’s parents for free or for very cheap. You can also sometimes work out a deal with your employer for housing. This is a great way to lessen the cost of housing. It’s also fairly easy to find housing in most areas through Airbnb.

–Food. If you don’t eat out much, eating over FWT can be pretty inexpensive. Trader Joe’s was my go-to this winter!

–Travel. This can really vary obviously. Plane tickets to exotic places can be expensive, however living in these countries is oftentimes cheaper than in the states, so it can balance out.  

–Fun. You will probably want to have some of this on your FWT, but fun can be expensive. There are also cheap ways to have fun though and this can be a fun challenge in a new city!

So, the bottom line is that cost of FWT can really vary, but there are ways to lessen expenses (like getting a grant or living with an alum). It’s also possible to get a paid FWT! These are harder to find, but are really helpful in financing FWT. Hope this helps! If you have specific questions feel free to email me at varneyg@bennington.edu.

~Varney ‘17

“First, I love commencements. They are personal and communal, an end and a beginning, more inclusive than anything religious, more full of hope than anything about history – altogether, they may be the most moving ceremonies on earth.” -  Gloria, anticipating her speech at Bennington

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comes to Bennington!

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Sam ‘16


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1st Town Hall (Bum Dah DAH!)

In a mad dash of lightning organization, the Student Assembly successfully held the first Town Hall of the term, bringing together members of the Bennington Community to discuss the issue of community health and Well being at the college. 

With 117 participants, discussion ranged from issues such as the proposed crisis hotline to transportation issues in reaching physical therapists in Bennington town.

A great success! Thank you to all who came out to lend their voices and a special thank you to all who helped bring the event together.

Sincerely, John