I’m so confused, I don’t know if I should be sad, angry or scared. Why the fuck did you do that, Tumblr? My edits looks all blurry and messy and I’m so mad at this.

  • staff:*changes the layout*
  • me:I understand. You found paradise in America. You had a good trade, you made a good living. The police protected you and there were courts of law. So you didn't need a friend like me. Now you come and say "Don Corleone, give me justice." But you don't ask with respect. You don't offer friendship. You don't even think to call me "Godfather." You come into my house on the day my daughter is to be married and you ask me to do murder - for money.

what the hell were they thinking?? i don’t see any possible benefit to the new layout? Yeah, gifs are bigger, also ugly as shit? it’s obvious this fucks up literally everything posted on this site ever?