Punching in a Dream: Sasusaku

Sasuke and Naruto are a mess.

They’ve always been a mess, really, but as Sakura finds them in their battered states, bleeding and bruised and broken, even she can’t hold back a gasp.

So she heals, and Sasuke apologizes, and she is positively furious. Putting her under a genjutsu because she isn’t a part of this, claiming that she isn’t a part of anything—Sakura is livid.

But it’s always been him—always always always him—and the immutable softness in his eyes causes hers to close and tears to drip.

She is happy. She is furious. Her scars are beyond any healing.

But they are together, finally together at last, and she can feel their bodies stitch back. Wounds are closing.

She sighs, and her hands stop glowing. “Sasuke-kun, can you stand up?”

Sasuke nods, and pulls himself up.

Her hand curls.


Her fist catches the edge of his shoulder, and she watches as his body flings into a boulder. The stone ripples underneath his body.

Naruto and Kakashi do not speak.

She is over there in an instant. And she may not have his speed or anything close to his power with the Rinnengan, but dammit, Haruno Sakura is furious and complete and more than enough.

Sasuke looks up at her. She isn’t going to read his eyes; today she skims over their depths. “What is this about?”

Her arms shake.

"You know—you should always know—that I love you. It’s no secret: Sakura loved Sasuke, Sakura loves Sasuke, Sakura will love Sasuke."

He watches her, and she swallows.

"But you hurt me like that again, you fuck with anybody like that again, and I swear…

I will destroy you.”

She pulls his body off of the stone and her hands glow green again. Naruto and Kakashi remain silent, and she doesn’t care if her tears are dripping onto his face.

She should hate him.

She should punch him with a fist full of chakra, should watch him struggle without her aid, should make him eat his words.

She can.

But Uchiha Sasuke has always been it for her. He has saved her life more times than attempted to end it. He has shown her true strength. He has been her obstacle to better her.

She knows, right now at least, they are not healthy. But even scars can fade.

Uchiha Sasuke is it for her.

And this, she has always known.

This, she can accept.

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"That was a low move, even for you." Seiji growled, before grinning at her.

"But if you must know my dear wife, whatever we were doing were things you will get punished for staring at, which was what got you into this whole trouble in the first place wasn’t it?"

Chia turned red at the memory of walking in on both her husband and Kaga. For all the punishment that she had suffered, she should have walked in only when they were taking their pants off. That would have made everything a whole lot more worth while.

"You naughty wife. What are you thinking of in that dirty little brain of yours now?"

"Plotting my revenge of course while thinking of all the evil things you have done to me."

It was their day off today and they had headed to the mall to do a little last minute Christmas shopping. After all the embarrassment that Seiji had caused her yesterday, Chia was already starting to plot her own little revenge, even though she couldn’t deny that she was excited to see what else Seiji had in mind for her.

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