I am finished with my life size Castiel out of Perler beads. It took 50 hours over the course of 10 days and 30,000 perler beads.

Now, I am leaving it up to you guys to link this to EVERYTHING. Tumblr, twitter, Instagram, etc. Use the hash tag #LifeSizeCas and let’s see if we can’t get Misha to see it!


Voilà! The marker drawing is done!

This is an auction piece I’m selling to get money for my big medical bill I mentioned a few post ago. It’s an unique 19x24 inches (poster size ) copic+prismacolor marker drawing.

How it works : You have until tomorrow evening ( 9 P.M Eastern Time) to submit your bid for this artwork. ( shipping is provided by me.) During the entirety of the day, I’m gonna write post letting people know of the highest bid for the moment. At 9, The highest bidder will get the artwork : 3 

The bidding start at 40$

The bid can be made via ask or by replying to this post.

If you can’t participate , kindly spread this and reblog this post around! 

Thank you kindly!