Wow toddler Karai beat up alot of peeps in that first gif

When I saw that second gif of little Karai receiving her first katana i literally cried she’s so cuteeeeee! 

These are the opening scenes of the ep and Shredders flashbacks of his bae

Besides to catch the turtles and Splinter, the Shredder makes a deal with the Kraang so they can unmutate Karai and in return Shredder has to help the Kraang take over the world. It is hinted by TigerClaw that the Kraang will betray the alliance because they are extremely dangerous but i guess we will see :)

Finally watched 'Invasion' online...

Don’t worry I will not post my reaction or anything about the episode until next week. But, OH MY GOD THAT WAS SO INTENSE!! If you do decide to watch the episode online, I should warn you…prepare to have your feels messed with!! All right, Turtle fans, I’m gonna go lie down before I have a heart attack…

y’know one thing that really resonates with me in this finale was not the destruction of the lair, the turtle mech, or even Leo getting beaten down by the Shredder. But the fact that Raph actually took the time to add a frowny face to his message to Mikey while he was being chased by Kraang Prime.

ladyslysilver said:

Are you gonna cosplay at the Comic Convention you're going to? And are you going alone or with friends? (I attend a lot of Cons so I thought I could give you some info on how to stay safe and stuff! :3)

yeah I am cosplaying :D as SHREDDER from the Ninja Turtles, and I am going with my grandpa, me and him have gone to ALL the comic cons so far (well its rose city comic con, and this is the third year of it so we’ve gone twice :P) here is the cosplay btw