"And no, that doesn’t mean that Beyonce Knowles is the single face of feminism, or that she stands in any more sufficiently than any of feminism’s other flawed messengers, past or present. But she’s sending a signal, and the fact that that signal is coming from inside the house, the entertainment industry—hell, the fact that Beyoncé herself is arguably the most powerful person in that house—means something that we should all be paying attention to." — WAM!mer Rebecca Traister, "Beyonce’s VMA Performance Was the Feminist Moment I’ve Been Waiting For"

"You want to meet some folks for dinner you never met before in person on our vacation? Okay"

That was Lauren’s response when I suggested meeting Johnny and Rebecca Patience during our trip to Ireland.

I first came upon Johnny and Rebecca through their blogs (his/hers) when I was researching medium format film photography. It was clear they were both exceedingly talented but also kind with their time helping other photographers. I started following them on twitter (his/hers) and they followed me back and we started to connect.

When we met for dinner at a restaurant in Cork a few weeks ago it was like sitting down with old friends even though we hadn’t met in person previously. While there was so much familiarity it was great to exchange stories, laughs and dreams.

Sometimes it the opposite happens, you finally meet someone in real life that doesn’t resemble to their online persona. It’s such a bummer.

I’m so grateful that my new friends Johnny and Rebecca are as kind in person as they are online.

I took this quick snap that wasn’t very good by any technical measure which is slightly embarrassing given the company — but a warm reminder of a wonderful evening.

ps: oh and by the way today is Rebecca’s birthday. Happy birthday Rebecca! 


aidan waite in every episode → it takes two to make a thing go wrong

"Even a monster can possess that most dominant of human emotions…fear."