They were perfect.
He was the sun.
She was the moon.
They couldn’t imagine life without each other.

Time changed them.
He realized he didn’t need her to exist.
She couldn’t shine without him at her side.
They had to go on without each other.

They could no longer see themselves as a “they”.
He continued to blaze brighter than anyone she had ever known.
She was left in the darkness.
They were at the end of their story.

They weren’t what she wanted.
He forgot about the way his skin looked bathed in her light.
She longed to feel his warmth again.
They weren’t on the same page.

They learned to adapt.
He shed his gaze on her every now and then.
She found that she wasn’t broken without him.
They found their happy ending.

okay but hear me out: homestuck crossover with welcome to night vale

where Dave is the radio announcer who speaks in a casual monotone about the weirdest things, who gets so lost in his own ramblings he forgets what his original topic was about, and who badly raps his way through the sponsor ads

and Karkat is the newcomer scientist perpetually pulling on his own hair in eternal frustration becuase THAT’S NOT HOW THE LAWS OF PHYSICS FUCKING WORK!! and YOU ALL HAVE THE SURVIVAL INSTINCTS OF FUCKING LEMMINGS HOW DID YOU EVEN SURVIVE TO THIS DAY??, but who ends up really genuinely grumpily invested in this town and all the goddamn weirdos living in it

Karkat keeps calling the station to make public safety announcements RANTS and Dave interrupts with silly soundbites every time he swears, then every few seconds, and then it all degenerates into a symphony of explosions and fart noises with Karkat’s enraged screaming as the background. beautiful.

So I posed a question to myself, “Dave, how can you make Dwarf Fortress more engaging to the viewers?” I thought about it a whole bunch. Some of it is just having competent art, good sound quality, tight editing, and stonesense running alongside the main window.

Some of it is just being clear and excited about what’s going on.

But also, Dwarf Fortress is actually a character drama. Dwarves have lives, friends, preferences and feelings. So if we can make the characters real and important to people, then that’s going to help too.

So I think the experiment here is, ‘What happens if I make the starting dwarves of my embark the characters of the Yogscast?’ Zoey does this with her games to great effect, as has Hannah and Kim. So I think my real playthrough that I am starting today? It’s going to be a bit hacked to give me dwarves that model Lewis, Simon, Duncan, Kim, Hannah, Strippin, Lying and maybe even me.

So all of the times that people come after Kemetics about being disrespectful and offensive about our religion, I have learned that there are now two things I consider to be offensive or taboo across the board for Kemeticism.

The first is the same thing I listed last time someone asked- and that is worshiping the poop. We don’t worship a/pep, we don’t honor or venerate a/pep and to do so is bad news. So I still consider this offensive or at the very least a very bad and stupid idea that often will grate on my nerves.

The second, which I have more or less rediscovered this evening, is perpetuating bad heka through imagery. In this case specifically, showing deities as being mortally harmed, maimed, injured, etc. I knew this influenced me back when I was making game art for Mehen (I made sure to not draw lines on the back of the snake, since it’s assumed that the lines equated to the snake being hacked apart, and I didn’t want that), but I didn’t realize how much of a distaste I had for it until this evening.

So yes. For everyone’s burning question of “what sends those offensive Kemetics over the edge?” that would be my answer- venerating a/pep and showing gods being fucked over in imagery.

Quite the, uh, enlightening evening for me.


(In response to askbirdetta sending in a response to the meme)

Now well rested and healed from his hospital venture, Midbus has lately taken to walking Birdetta home as it gets colder each night. Hard to be in nay danger when a huge frost beast walks you home.

Course cold weather encourages warm hugs and warm hugs encourage tender moments.

There lips slipped obviously. *nods*