Can the Disembodied Voice of Matthew McConaughey in a Video Sell Solar for NRG Home?

Last week I constructively critiqued Sunrun’s latest solar video marketing efforts. This week, I caught a new video from NRG Home, NRG’s residential solar division. Like Sunrun, NRG also animated its solar message, but there was a big bump to its production values: The voice over talent was none other than Academy Award winning actor, Matthew McCon

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CreationCon Chicago 2009 - Misha Collins

Recently the publicist for the CW said you know, they were talking to somebody and they were like, “Yeah, we want to interview Misha about fanfic.” And she’s like, “He doesn’t know anything about fanfic” or slash fic or whatever. And the person is like, “No, as a matter of fact, he does…” “He studies it.” As if I’ve got piles of books. I draw the blinds closed and then I read all these.. books. I Google, just to let you know. [x]