Because it’s Tuesday… Richard Burton famously gave Bulgari jewelry to Elizabeth Taylor on multiple occasions, but sometimes for no other reason than “it was Tuesday.” So we’re continuing the tradition with Tuesday gifts of Bulgari.

Now on view in  The Art of Bulgari: La Dolce Vita & Beyond

Brooch, ca. 1969. Platinum with turquoise and diamonds. Collection of Jennifer Tilly © 2013 Zale Richard Rubins

The term cabochon derives its meaning from the Middle French word for head (caboche) and refers to a gemstone that is shaped and polished, as opposed to faceted. This technique results in a smooth surface, rather than the geometric surface commonly associated with fine jewelry.

A stunning example of this technique can be seen in Elizabeth Taylor’s famed sapphire sautoir, now on view in The Art of Bulgari: La Dolce Vita & Beyond.

Sautoir (detail), 1969. Platinum with sapphires and diamonds. Formerly in the collection of Elizabeth Taylor

最近、BBCで”Too Many Immigrants?”(移民が多すぎる?)と題したとても面白いドキュメンタリーが放送されました(2話完結)。 ロンドンを舞台に移民5組と移民反対派の市民5組を引き合わせて1週間お互いの生活や仕事の様子を見せ合って話し合い、最終的に移民は英国にメリットをもたらすかそれぞれが判断を下す、というもの。

1. 「移民が仕事を奪った」と考える建設業のイギリス人若者と10年前にポーランドからやってきて土方から這い上がり今は大工業を経営するポーランド人
2. 強固に移民反対派の元裁判所書記官イギリス人とフィリピンから介護分野の高技能移民としてやってきたフィリピン人
3. 過去2年間無職の若者イギリス人とカフェ店員フランス人
4. 「移民が自分たちの住むコミュニティーを崩壊させた」と考える年金暮らしの老夫婦イギリス人と外国人向け語学学校を経営するパキスタン人夫婦
5. 「現代の移民は英国社会に溶け込もうと努力していない」と考えるインド系イギリス人(移民2世)と8人の子どもを抱える元難民のソマリア人

「移民が無料の国民医療制度(NHS)にタダ乗りしているのではないか?」という質問に対し、「1人の移民にかかる医療費は平均的なイギリス人より少ない。 移民は働きに来ているので若いし、一般的なイギリス人より健康的な生活をしている。 国の医療予算を圧迫しているのは高齢化」と語る専門家。

とーっても面白かったです。 YouTubeに両エピソード載っているので、ぜひ誰か訳してください〜(英国在住者はBBC iPlayerでも見られます)。

Happy birthday to you ladolcevita

Whoa, i was doing my night skincare routine and suddenly got email from tumblr that said happy 6 birthday! I was like.. Ooh its been 6 years since i started this “online diary” and then yeah.. Time flies..
A lot of changes in my life since then..
I read again my previous post it was about me and my first job with first salary.. And now im in my 3rd job already..

So many things going on, and currently i am in my biggest struggle i have ever been in my life..

Break up.

With the one who i ever imagine be my husband..
Be my soulmate..
Be my partner in life..
Be a dad of children..
Be with me forever..

This is crazy, i even still not believe that this is the end.

Its true that i still struggling with my life with my feeling with the fact that i deal it..

So i learn to control my self..
Learn to hear the voice from your brain..
Learn to calm down yourself..
Learn to see things differently..
Learn to be patient..
Learn to have faith..

I havent check list everything thats why i still learning..

This is my new stage of life..

Goodbye to the past. Get excited to the new one!

Once again! Happy birthday ladolcevita!