My newest language of study is...


The way I think about it is that language learners are like the neuroscientists and native speakers are like regular people. Regular people our brains every single day with no problems, but do we know how our brains work? No, we don’t, at least, not to a great extent.

Neuroscientists, however, study the brain and how it functions. They know all about the synapses and the chemicals that are the reasons why and how our brains work the way they do, but you don’t need to study your brain to use it, just like native speakers don’t really have to study their L1 to use it. Language learners are the neuroscientists. They study the language and the parts that make it function as it does.

Now I want to make like a neuroscientist and study my own language so that I can teach it better to others.

And by the way, thank you to everyone who gave me tips and suggestions when I was freaking out about being an English teacher here in Spain. You all gave me some great ideas that I will be using.