Phineas and Ferb teaser clip feat. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost

Korra’s creators guest to talk Book Four and the past and future of the franchise. Plus new on Agent Carter, a Big TV show and more.

Mike and I sat down with some nice folks over at IGN this week to discuss Book 4––which premieres online tomorrow, Friday Oct 3. Or possibly tonight at midnight, as it seems some of the streaming outlets tend to release it on the early side. Check out the video podcast in the link above. Hope you enjoy the premiere!

I don’t want to spill beans on when that happens and how, but what you pointed out, we definitely deal with. Again, we didn’t want to just be like nothing happened just because it’s an animated world. Like oh, now we’re all back together and everything’s the same as it was. We try to treat these characters like they’re real people, even if it’s a fantastical world. We definitely deal with the years apart.
—  Bryan Konietzko, responding to being asked how Korra will reintegrate with the group after so much change, X