That Man|LeviHan Mix|Attack on Titan| LISTEN

1. Caro Emerald -That Man| 2. Hittin’ On All Sixes - The Legend of Korra OST| 3. Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better - Annie Get Your Gun| 4. A Little Party Never Killed Nobody - Fergie| 5. This World Will RememberUs - Bonnie And Clyde Broadway| 6. Young And Beautiful Jazz Version - Lana Del Ray| 7. As Long As You’re Mine - Wicked| 8. Reason Or Rhyme - The Bryan Ferry Orchestra| 9. Hearts A Mess - Gotye

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My parents should honestly start going on google and joining the “Police fanlisting” or maybe tell people they’re Police Stans based on their past and current behavior

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Brendan and Taylor offer a heartfelt thank you to the audience who came out to join us during the cross Canada screening tour, and everyone who supported us along the way.

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Bad, strong Girls|snk girls Mix|Attack on Titan| LISTEN

1. M.I.A - Bad Girls| 2. Alicia Keys - Girl on Fire| 3. Beyonce - Run the World| 4. Marina&The Diamonds - Girls| 5. Lana Del Ray - This Is What Makes Us Girls| 6. Valora - Extreme| 7. Anouk - Nobody’s Wife| 8. Lorde - Royals| 9. Bat For Lashes - Horse and I| 10. Iron&Wine - Woman King

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